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    What a handsome pup!!!! Of my 3 huskies, Kodiak acts like he is always hungry, and he also gets 1 cup twice per day. I do give him veggies as treats twice a day but he would eat an entire bag if I let him. So I would not be fooled, if hes a good weight then I think its fine.
  2. Great pic! Welcome to the forum!
  3. Jay


    Welcome to the pack!
  4. Vote for your favorite husky of the month for December. Voting will continue through Sunday, December 23rd 1. Koda 2. Loki 3. Nikko Kodiak and Yukon 4. Skyla and Blaze 5. Tuff, Aspen and Thor
  5. December's Husky of the Month Topic will be Holiday Huskies. To enter, post a pic of your husky with your best holiday theme. You can enter one pic per dog or a group shot of multiple dogs. Entries will be accepted through Sunday December 2nd.
  6. Jay

    Secret Santa 2018

    Hello everyone, For our new members, in the past we have held a secret Santa gift exchange, and we will try to do that again this year. Below I will outline how it works. Participation is encouraged, but only commit to it if you really plan on buying a gift. In the past we had required members who have had a certain amount of posts, but I will not make that requirement. Last year we had good luck with everyone getting something I believe. So here is how it will work: Add your name in the comments below if you are interested. I will accept names through November 10, 2018. When adding your name indicate what regions you want to exchange with. The options are: UK Only US Only North America Only (US, Canada, Mexico) Anywhere (if you want to participate and have a preference message me) Around the first of November, I will randomly match people up, and send a message to everyone asking for your shipping address Once I have the list, I will post a separate topic asking for likes/dislikes, such as if you prefer gifts for yourself or your dogs, if your dog has a special diet or allergies (i.e. grain free, no rawhide) Around mid-November I will send another message of the name and address of the person who you will be buying for. Try and have your item(s) sent by early December, especially if you are shipping overseas. What I have done in the past is purchase them from an online store and have it gift-wrapped and sent directly to the person. However you can do it however you prefer. Just don't announce who you have or what you purchased. When you get your Secret Santa gift, DONT open until December 24th. The spending limit is $15 USD (or approximately £10) (or feel free to make your own gifts if you are so inclined) If you have any questions please let me know.
  7. Hello and welcome, stunning pup you have!
  8. Your R-Kelly comment cracked me up 😂 Anyway, I have not had this happen to me, but just consistent training, maybe enroll in some training classes. I recommend that for every husky owner, especially new ones!
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  10. This month's topic was Broken Huskies. Congratulations to our winner... Floki! @kellydh
  11. Omg that pic is priceless! Love the tongue sticking out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Hello and welcome!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] well done!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Welcome to the pack!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. This month's topic was Broken Huskies! Please vote for your favorites. You can vote for as many as you want. Voting will continue through Friday November 23rd. 1. Alpha 2. Floki 3. Ice 4. Luna 5. Nikko 6. Theia 7. Timba
  16. One more week to get your entries in!
  17. I will keep the voting open until tomorrow. Get your votes in!!!
  18. You mentioned that she is sick, what are her symptoms? If it is just onion residue I would not be too concerned, just keep a close eye on her. If she is still vomiting or has the runs more than a day then I would take her into the vet for a checkup.
  19. Jay


    So sorry for your loss RIP Charlie :(
  20. I’ve used this same one but it wasn’t for Yukon’s epilepsy it was for sores they were on his paws. I had read that zinc would help with the healing and I think it did Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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