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  1. The CBD biscuits haven't stopped his seizures, but they have definitely made a difference. He is having them less frequently and they aren't as severe as they were before. He is also ph phenobarbital and a couple other meds as well.
  2. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these unprecedented times. It's been a long time since i have posted on here, so I wanted to see how everyone is doing. Work for me has been absolutely crazy, I have taken on a new role, but I love it. I had been working from home from mid March until Mid June, and even now I only have to go in 2-3 days a week so that has been nice. The pack has adjusted well to having me home every day, getting extra walks and attention. I have the best furry co-workers even though one of them stole my sandwich! Nikko, Yukon and Kodiak are doin
  3. Stay safe my friends! Things are basically on lockdown here too, working from home and it looks like it will get worse before it gets better.
  4. I stopped using the Purina Neurocare because I noticed no difference, and they charged $45 for an 11lb bag, and stopped giving rebates. I am still using the CBD biscuits and Yukon's seizures are less frequent and less severe. He still has them but its more that he drools and stares into space for a half hour rather than the grand mal ones that he used to have weekly.
  5. Jay


    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  6. Welcome! Congrats on your decision to be owned by a husky
  7. Yes they did end up being just fat cells and not attached to anything so it’s nothing to worry about. I was just wondering if I should be proactive in having it removed in case it gets bigger or bothers him. But it sounds like it’s best not to mess with it
  8. Test came back for Nikko and he’s all clear. It was just small fatty tissue. They said if it gets bigger or bothers him they can remove it but it’s fine for now. However if I want they can just remove it now. so question - should I have it removed? They said it would be pretty simple because it’s small but he would be put under and about 2 weeks of rest. My worry is if it gets bigger it will be more involved and he will be older and it would be riskier to go under anesthesia
  9. Went to the vets today and they do think its just a fatty lump, but they did put a needle in it and are sending to the lab to just make sure that's all it is, and should know more in 3- 5 days. Nikko was a real trooper and did very well!
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