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  1. The deadline is coming up this weekend and no entries yet. I will try and get it going with Nikko
  2. Congrats to Alinah! The winner of September's Husky of the Month competition @ARMANI & ALINAH
  3. I have experience with epileptic pups as my youngest has had seizures since he was 1 1/2 years old. The first time he had a seizure the vet put him on medications after he had 3 within a few days. Now, he is on several meds and CBD oil and a special neurocare food. He was maxed out on meds, and I wasn't seeing an improvement, but I have seen a dramatic improvement since CBD oil was started. With your pup, I would be concerned that if he does have epilepsy it has never been controlled by meds. If they have ruled out any poison and his bloodwork is fine, I would get a thyroid test as well. Mine had one and it was normal, but it was something that the vet said could be the cause. It just wasn't the case with mine. Another option would be an MRI, which was suggested to me when Yukons seizures kept getting worse, however I opted against it because it would put him under more stress and regardless of the results I would not change his treatment. I would just talk more with the vet and see what they think about putting him on meds to control them.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  5. My three are all different heights. Yukon is the little one, but they all pretty much stopped growing around 9-12 months of age
  6. Jay

    New Here

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  7. We still need a few more votes before I end the comp!
  8. Welcome back! Sorry your loss Congrats on the new addition!
  9. We need more votes! Today it is supposed to end but I won't end the competition without more voting.
  10. Make sure to get your vote in! Voting ends in a few days and we dont have any
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. This month's competition topic will be Spooky Siberians! To enter, post a pic of your husky in their scariest, spookiest poses! You can enter an individual pic of each dog, or a group pic. You can be creative, if your husky tolerates a costume, or any scary spooky pic you can come up with. Entries will be accepted through Sunday September 23rd.
  13. This month's topic was Autumn Huskies. Please vote for your favorites. Voting will continue through Sunday September 9th. Good luck! 1. Alinah 2. Armani 3. Blaze 4. Nikko, Yukon and Kodiak 5. Skyla

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