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  1. Hi baby 1019 I'm a big believer in giving a puppy a good start in life and I think that a good dog food is essential all my 3 pups are on royal cairns medium puppy food there gust coming up to 6 months old and there still fed 3 times a day weaning them down to 2 meals a day they love the food and look very healthy on it and are on 300g a day plus treats when training.
  2. 😂 thankfully not I'd just tipped the bag into a tub were we keep it so only a few biscuits left in there but it was so funny watching them all trying to get into the bag I didn't have my phone with me at the time they all were trying to get in. By the way there all bitches and at 5 months.
  3. Who hate the biscuits 🤣🤣 then time to sleep it all off.
  4. Hi and welcome what lovely pups when we got our 1st husky called kiera our boarder collie didn't get on with her and just tolerated her all her life but sadly we lost the collie aged 15 years kiera is now 10 and we got 3 husky pups and the bonding with them all are fantastic hope cassie gets on with them but time is the key.
  5. Just weighed our 3 ice is 12kg storm and kaya are both 13.6kg even thought kaya looks like she is a lot bigger we feed them 3 times a day on royal cairn @ 100g per sitting plus treats when training
  6. Hi this is one off my husky pups kaya she is now 4 months old we got her from the same breeder as our other two witch are also 4 months but kaya I 6 days older than the other two ice the black and white one and storm the gray and white we also have a 10 year old called kiera we love them all and each one as different characters the pups are such a hand full at the moment but arnt all pups and we do love huskys kiera was brought up with jess our beloved border collie the last pic is our latest photo hope you like them.
  7. Lol our lass but a elf outfit on our husky onece and I went mad y would you dress up a dog especially huskys and other dogs with winter coats. Eres a pic off my 4 on the beach it was cold and no coats .
  8. I'm a welder I used to work anyway from home every week on all the high risers in london and other new metal frame buildings I know work 6 mins from home on a farm doing maintenance.
  9. Kered

    Hi all

    We must be mad we got our selfs another pup called kaya she is red and white along story but we just couldn't say no she is 6 days older than ice and storm hope you like her. We got a good pack now with 4 😂😂
  10. Just when you think you're pups are playing outside whilst you're getting ready for work think again our older husky kiera must have opened the door for them.so let's see how many training pads we can destroy in 20 mins also decided to see what's under the grass. Lol
  11. As mentioned before never ever use any other product that is not intended for dog use never use human products or any cleaning aids Kirea is 9 now I think she as been washed only once when she decided to roll in fox poo she loves rolling in muddy puddles I just rub her down then let it just fall off. If you feel you need to bathe you pup or husky get a shampoo designed for them.
  12. Hi all I thought it was just kiera because we had a feeling she was bottle fed and a pup until now so must be a husky thing storm was after my beer dont worry she only licked the top but so funny😋😋
  13. Hi it's never too early to introduce you're pup to other dogs as she is only 8 weeks old I do t think she should be on a lead as normally pups should be around 12 weeks old before letting them down outside unless in you're garden I would have you're friend come around to you and let them get to know each other slowly as it would be on you're pups territory but I would carry you're pup until you're vet says it's safe for them to go down usually a week after there second injection I'm kooky as we have 2 pups just 8 1/2 weeks old but do have another husky aged 9 and thay bonded straight away. 👍👍
  14. Nice pics it's so funny how they seem to get comfortable in the most awkward positions 🤣🤣
  15. How strange the markings are exactly like our new pup called ice and she started with brown ish eyes then change to a stunning ice blue.
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