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  1. The chewing is a real thing My boy was around 13/14 months old when he did this - he also gave us a matching settee arm - and we are retired and here all day long. He got into the lounge overnight when we were asleep. Be very afraid of a bored husky. Luckily the destructive stage does not seem to last very long. You seem to have done your homework and I am sure you will find you make a good companion to this fantastic breed of dog. Just be aware of one fact - no matter how smart you are .......... your dog will outsmart you sooner rather than later.
  2. So did I - unfortunately they don't work with my boys. The thing I foundmost useful takes time - but if I am walking Marley and he pulls (all the time) then I just stop and stay still until he either comes back to me or sits - then we walk a couple of steps and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. Sometimes I will mix it up by walking in the opposite direction - but it amounts to the same thing - pull me and you dont go anywhere. Eventually he will walk (almost) without pulling.
  3. Hopefully at the next moult you should see an improvement
  4. Really all you can do it take her to a vet to get it checked over. Leg spasms could be the result of a pinch nerve in the spine - if so its best not to leave it longer than necessary - she is obviously in some discomfort.
  5. In the spirit of openness - I am a raw feeder. I am also a qualified raw dog food nutrition specialist. Had a quick look at the food you mentioned and would make the following comments Zinc Sulphate tends to be very hard on the stomach causing unnecessary stomach upset. (I have a 'thing' about zinc - so it is the first thing I look for - it gives a fairly accurate indication of the actual quality of the food versus what the manufacturers claim) I note that the manufacturers use zinc sulphate. From Zinc deficiency in sled dogs:- The various types of zinc are as fol
  6. You don't really give much information - can you put a picture up? What do you feed your dog, what is your dogs age? What has changed since 'before' when the coat was ok? Have you checked with a vet?
  7. OK. Your first job is to get her tested at the vets to make sure there is no infection. If she was dirty when you picked her up it does not bode well for the conditions the pup was kept in. Once she has the all clear from the vet then we will know there is no underlying condition causing the runs and poor condition. At that age it is vital she is getting all the nutrition from the food she eats - and she cannot when she has the runs. A puppy can die easily at that age from an infection. In the meantime - and if she were an adult I would recommend this first - https://ww
  8. You dont say which country you are in. Can you get hold of Vicks rub - the sort used on your chest when you have a cold? If so this spread on the things your pup is chewing on should stop the habit. Does not hurt the dog - but they don't usually like the strong smell and stay away. It saved my wooden chair legs, and wooden table. How old is the pup - if she is old enough (12 weeks is more than old enough) then some raw lambs ribs are perfect - my boys are still addicted to them and they are 5 and 6 years old now. The ribs MUST be raw. Not only will the ribs be good
  9. If you are really concerned why not get a genetics test done?
  10. Emma, can you make your dog some bone broth? Dogs will usually have bone broth even when they wont have anything else. The advantage of bone broth is that it contains the minerals and vitamins below. If you want to try changing your dog to raw when you have got him sorted I can help - I am a raw dog food nutrition specialist. To start with if you want to go down the commercial raw route then I can let you know what to look for - but if you eventually want to try feeding him from scratch there are lots of articles I can let you have to read up on - then help you to provide a
  11. I have had dogs for over 40 years - never needed to use a grinder on any of them. If they are walked enough the nails wear down naturally.
  12. My old Utonagan (related breed) used to howl - which made Marley howl in unison - but since Lunar went over the bridge Marley has never howled - neither does his adoptive brother Mikey (both huskies).
  13. So sorry for your loss ................... Lunar will be waiting on the other side of the rainbow bridge - he will show her around.
  14. Welcome to the forum Eddy - my you are gorgeous - a real heartbreaker
  15. Antlers are bone - VERY strong bone - I would not advise you giving them to your dog if you want him to retain his teeth intact. However for getting rid of puppy teeth when he is teething - they would be excellent. For a puppy of that age (and most ages) the only thing I would recommend are lamb's ribs.
  16. Thank you for your detailed post above and may I also thank you for trying to help this poor dog. Can you make bone broth for her? Many times when dogs will not eat dry food (kibble) they will eat it when it has bone broth and the meat added. You just need marrow bones, - you can also add chicken feet etc for the chondritin. Add 2-3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and top it off with water - ensuring the bones are covered with about 2" of the water - bring to a boil and then simmer on low heat for 24-48 hours (if you have a slow cooker this makes it very easy as you
  17. Wish I could help you - but I am raw feeder. However nearly all food packs state a higher amount of food than is necessary - some amounts are required in order to reach the AAFCO minimum requirements - kibble is not the best food on the planet - although I acknowledge that some kibbles are very much better than others. Most of the websites for raw feeding also advise amounts that are at least 1/3rd too much - they advised that for my dog's weight to feed 1 1/2 lbs of meat a day - my boys get around 800g- 1,000 grams a day - and both could do with losing a couple of po
  18. Maybe you should consider getting your boy tested for allergies - its far better to tackle them when you know what they are. Or to see if they are allergies
  19. One of my boys occasionally get a discolouration around the mouth - for him it is an allergy - in his case a food allergy. He does suffer with food allergies - and I have learned that when I see a reddish-brown discolouration around his mouth then I need to change his food again. Usually if I do this the discolouration disappears within about 2 weeks. As he is raw fed I have complete control over every single component of his diet so it is easy for me to eliminate whatever I work out is causing the problem at that time.
  20. Huskies are very high energy (and high maintenance) two x 1 hour walks a day minimum, Never, ever to be allowed off lead - unless in a very dog secure park (i.e. at least 6ft fencing) - as should your own garden fencing be - otherwise the dog will go. They hate not to be with their pack - are really not good on their own so only get one if your new dog is going to be spending the vast majority of its time in the home with you. They are definitely not the sort of dog who will happily live in the yard all day - neither will they protect your property (or yourselves) ......
  21. I am a raw feeder - so bear this in mind with my comments please. Also I am a raw food nutrition specialist (so may be slightly biased) If Mac will only eat one type of kibble (and I commend you for giving him one of the better makes) - and that only if it has things like bone broth, real chicken, beef and vegetables with it - i.e. 'real food' nutrition - it appears as if he is telling you he would rather not eat kibble. He is clearly going for the stuff that has the least preparation, and the most nutrition. Even my raw fed boys are addicted to bone broth (with
  22. Its a lottery - based on millions of tiny proteins on a gnome housing hundreds of thousands of tiny proteins. The only suggestion I can give is ................... wait and see. If you really wanted some idea you would have to speak to a genetisist - and as far as I know even they could only give you an approximation.
  23. wolfpup

    Loose stool

    It may be the change of food, change of circumstances, a bug, anything. My old boy had the runs for the first three years of his life - nothing would seem to work and he was on meds etc - eventually I changed him over to a raw diet and within a couple of days his poo was normal and he was taken off his meds and never went back on them. Ask your vet for a stool sample bottle and get him tested for bugs (thinking salmonella etc - you do not know what he might have picked up) If there is no bacterial reason then you know it is the food that is not suiting him. You co
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