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  1. Do you have time for a new one? Do you have space? Do your other furbabies need another playmate (don't answer that - of course they do) - at the end of the day only you know the answer to your question. For some (not many) one is enough - I thought it was - but it isn't and have just had my homecheck for another one - don't know how we did - but Marley my husky passed with flying colours - so am hopeful
  2. Is there an upper limit??????? Providing you can care for them, feed them, and give them what they need - have a hundred!
  3. My husky has long fur (woolly) but has the characteristic black and white colouration. I checked back on my photos and Marley did not develop the curly tail until he was around 5-6 months old - not one picture before that showed him with his tail curled. My boy also has brown eyes. I've seen many huskies with big ears - the dogs usually grow into them. Each dog is different - as are we - we are a composite of our genetics - you saw your furbaby as a puppy with his siblings and his parents - don't let other's who probably dont know the breed sufficiently well make you doubt - i.e. do they own huskies? Have they seen the vast range in colours from black, red, agouti, white, blue eyed, bi-eyed, brown eyed? Are they experienced dog breed judges? 95% of people cannot tell a husky from a Malamute. At the end of the day does it really matter what other people think? There is a senior member on here who also has a pure white husky. Love your gorgeous white husky furbaby and foget those doubting Thomas'
  4. My heart goes out to you and Luna - wishing her the will to keep fighting, and a speedy recovery. Fingers and paws crossed for her.
  5. If the incision site is still red then there is at least a small amount of infection there - do you have any calendula officinalis (pot marigold flowers) if you have the flowers steep them in hot water compressing the flowers occasionally, then bathe the area with the water (once cooled) several times a day. Better still if you have calendula tincture apply it several times a day - the wound should have healed sufficiently for the tincture not to sting. I would certainly take back to the vet.
  6. wolfpup


    Oh my God - sorry to hear about your neighbour - but what a nice way to go out walking with your dog.
  7. wolfpup


    He has an oldish cat - Socks - our 14 year old long suffering soul that has spent his life with up to three dogs at a time. Marley is now much more like his old self, is learning to walk(fairly) nicly on lead - and has at last been trusted on a 30ft lead - and I am amazed at how calm he is on it - even when mildly attacked (again) by a staffie last Thursday - he just stood there - dodged the snaps that got too close to his face - but didn't try to move away - neither did he cower down - just stood there and let the idiotic dog get on with it - whilst the pathetic owner said "he's only playing" - yeah right - with fangs bared so hard his nose was pushed upwards ! Needless to say the dog was off lead ! There is a possibility of a new playmate arriving soon - but we are not telling Marley yet
  8. This is what my wooly husky looked like at 12 weeks
  9. With Marley as a very young pup the only thing he would take was hot dog sausages. Then he turned his nose up at them. The only thing I could get him interested in was dehydrated liver. Worth a try?
  10. Special diet ???
  11. That's why I make my dog treats - I know exactly what is in them - good quality meat - grass fed beef and lamb. No pesticides, no chemicals, no gmo, no additives.
  12. Sounds as if he might have been taken from his mother & siblings too early to learn bite inhibition, before you got him. My Marley also had the same problem, but I got him at around 12 weeks old so was easier to retrain. Whenever he used to nip I yelped like a sibling would and turned my back on him and walked away/stopped play time etc. I also used 'time out' i.e. removed him from the room. If these simple things do not work you might have to look into a behavourist - others on here will be able to give you more suggestions.
  13. I have a husky and a cat - and will soon be taking on another, adult, husky. I got my first husky as a 12 week old pup and luckily they are quite friendly (now). We are having to buy loads more child gates - one for every door. We cut out one bar in the gate so the cat can get through at speed if necessary, but the dog cannot. The cat has recently taken to coming downstairs during the day which is slightly concerning (used to stay upstairs during the day and only come down in the evening). We are also in the process of creating a dog-proof section just outside the lounge door so the cat can go out in the garden and the dogs wont be able to get to him. Whilst my dog and cat get on well together I worry that with the new dog's influence Marley just might re-discover his prey drive. Hopefully with the correct training the new member of the family can learn to tolerate the cat as unfortunately the cat has lived with up to three dogs at a time for all the time its been with us (over 12 years) and looks upon dogs as his friends. He is not a 'runner' normally so hopefully will not trigger the prey drive instinct in the new dog - but only time will tell. Obviously you will never be able to let your guard down - nor will I. However I am convinced it is possible with suitable protections put in place. It is good that you will be there all the time - is it possible that you could divide the house into two areas - upstairs for cats and downstairs for dogs? I know others here have that system. Good luck and I hope you find a way round it all - it just might happen that the dog you foster will tolerate the cats.
  14. Have you been into your local shop to ask if they remember them and what they were called/maker's name etc??
  15. Never seen one like it - but Marley would love it!
  16. The thing that makes me curious is the fact you say all your dogs love it - and want to lick it. Do you know what is is made of? i.e. what type of crysals they are?
  17. Welcome to the formum
  18. I suggest a vet visit. There are many things that can cause this - but it might be an allergy. Hope these might give you some indication https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/dog-allergies-the-ultimate-guide/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/when-treating-allergies-makes-your-dog-worse/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/5-signs-your-dog-has-food-allergies/ My dog has food allergies (9 of them) - this lead to leaky gut - which can cause all sorts of problems. Ask you vet for a blood test for food allergies, yeast, etc
  19. Today is a massive landmark for Marley - he reached 200 days without a seizure. This despite the following: 100 Bleeding Ulcers Salmonella poisoning 9 different food allergies we did not know about Devastating loss of his big brother Strange workmen both outside and inside the house for weeks at a time From starting around every 27 days as a pup he had a cluster of five in 7 weeks at the begining of 2018 (from Jan 7th to Beginning March 2018). Since then he has had 3, at 106 days, 108 days and now his landmark 200 days seizure free. WELL DONE MARLEY !
  20. As most of you know Marley has 9 different food allergies - confirmed by blood testing. These are all IGE allergies, (the most severe) which can lead to anaphylaxis & even death: marley hurt NW Lab results - Allervet (2). It appears as if Marley might have inhereted some of these allergies from his mother (don't know as he was a rescue), but others were almost certainly because he was in contact with them (he was kibble fed before I got him) and others whilst he was with me. He is high positive for soya and potatoes - these are the two that would trigger another anaphylaxis event if he ever comes across them again - he is so allergic to them that I have had to eliminate meats that would have been fed these two foods during their lifetime (pork, chicken, duck, turkey - even eggs, and all forms of farmed fish). Normal, intesively raised, beef would also be on this list as they are finished on soya - but our local butcher's beef is grass fed and finished on Barley. I cannot buy meat at the supermarket as they do not know how the meat was raised - Morrisons certainly confirmed that their beef is from intestively raised cattle, not grass fed. The others on his list might cause anaphylaxis - or might not - but I obviously cannot take the risk. His allergies caused the bleeding ulcers and is the reason why he got salmonnella - both now gone thankfully - however it also caused his leaky gut - which could take me years to repair properly - and whilst it is still 'leaky' it can cause more allergies to arise. I came across this article which I hope may be of interest to some whose dogs may be showing signs of allergy or sensitivity, hot spots, patchy baldness, itchy skin, ears, bum, paws etc. It might be worth filing away for future reference. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/dog-allergies-the-ultimate-guide/
  21. Block his number from your phone - if he then calls you on another phone tell him you will report him for harrasment.
  22. You cannot feed chicken alone - its far too high in Omega 6 to Omega 3 28:1 - high omega 6 causes inflammation. Also your pup needs a variety of foods, not only to provide the different vitamins and minerals, but keeping any dog on only one food for any length of time raises the incidence of food intolerances in the future as they lose the enzymes needed to digest the different foodstuffs Beef, Lamb, Chicken and pork does not contain the vitamins C, D, E & K - these are found in fresh sardines and herrings - fed whole - not filleted. Organ meats are the dogs vitamins - vitamin C is found in liver and kidney in mammals but not in the muscle meat. Chicken is also high in PUFA's (Poly unsaturated fatty acids) so you need to add either fish (fresh whole) or phytoplankton (spirulina or chorella) which are only moderate in PUFAs and will help to balance it out. It also contain tons of vitamins and minerals in its own right. I got my dog at 12 weeks and changed him to raw immediately I got him. My old dog had the runs for the first three years of his life until I finally managed to transition him to raw feeding. As long as your dog gets everything (vits & mins) at least once a week he should do fine. Hope this might be of some help to you - showing which meats contain which vits & minerals: CHICKEN PORK BEEF LAMB EGG SARDINES HERRINGS SALMON A A A A A A B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B1 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B3 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B5 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B6 B9 B9 B9 B9 B9 B9 B9 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 B12 C C C LIVER KIDNEY D D D D E E E K K K CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM CALCIUM COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER COPPER IODINE IODINE IODINE IODINE IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON IRON MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MAGNESIUM MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE MANGANESE PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS PHOSPHORUS POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM POTASSIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM SELENIUM ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC ZINC
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