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  1. I am sorry but we dont seem to have any experience with anything like this - hope is good news when you see the vet (i.e. nothing to be concerned about) - please keep us updated.
  2. A Lady like Duchess would expect a glass bowl at least (in the absence of a silver bowl) She certainly looks like she is making herself at home - although I would be trying to find her escape-routes ............. as they get older they tend to come back less and less. Welcome to the forum.
  3. I splurted my morning coffee onto my keyboard when this came up !!! I think Blu would get on great with Marley - here is a shot of him as a pup He had had his first bath the day before. You can tell he was laughing - and extremely pleased with himself. What is it with huskies and mud?
  4. One of my boys regularly skips a day of feeding - the other would eat twice that amount if he could. 23 kilos sounds a little high to me for such a young dog - is he a really big boned boy? One of my boys is 3" taller, longer and much much stronger than my other boy - and weighs around 5 kilos more, - so there is quite a bit of leeway. It is difficult to guage with no photo. Providing he is not vomitting or appearing to be ill I would not worry too much. YOu do not say what you are feeding him,is it possible to try something new?
  5. Is there any dietary/medical reason you do not feed him other meats or fish? (I have a food allergic husky that is on a restricted diet). Whole sardine or herring would balance out the fats in chicken and ruminants, and help replenish the vitamins/DHA/EPA and provide all 10 essential amino acids (essential because the dog cannot manufacture these himself so must be gotten from food) etc - some of which mainly come from things like brain and eyes Supplements are good (my dogs are on quite a few obviously) - but can not take the place of a balanced diet. I am afraid I have never heard
  6. Hi Huskiemama, I am sure I misunderstood your post, is chicken feet the only thing you feed your dog, because that is how I read it.
  7. At that age the father would not see him as a threat if the mother is coming into/out of season - so go for it. The breeder will know her dogs (parents) temperament about meeting growing pups that are coming back for visits.
  8. When you think Blu is ready - message me - I can probably help. I changed Marley over to raw the day after I got him at 12 weeks - he has food allergies/epileptic etc (no vet meds) - and the only reason he is still alive is because he was raw fed. Paw licking could not only be food allergies - but possibly environmental allergies. However a home cooked balanced diet is the second best thing you can give your pup - keep it up.
  9. I must admit I am against neutering for almost any reason - except in cases like this. I must agree with the above - your boy needs this op.
  10. There are a few reasons why puppies bite - one being that they were taken from their siblings and mum too early - One of my boys was taken from his mum and siblings at around 6 weeks old (he was 12 weeks when I got him and his 4th owner)- and I had a real problem teaching him not to nip me. I started to yelp loudly (like a hurt puppy) every time he did, and walked away from him the way his siblings would have done, stopping any play or fuss that was going on at the time. It took LOTS of patience, repetion and time, but by the time he was 12 months old he had stopped nipping and mouthi
  11. Exactly what advice are you looking for?
  12. We feed our dogs everything from raw food to dehydrated frozen raw food to home cooked food to wet (tinned) food to top quality kibble type food etc. Different people have different ideas as to what constitues a good diet for their dogs depending on their budget, desire to give the best nutrition possible for that budget, time available to prepare the food, or convenience to the owner. Convenience to the owner usually translates to higher vet bills as the dog gets older - not always, but quite often. What do you WANT to feed your dog? How important does nutrition and food
  13. Sky is beautiful Welcome to the forum
  14. I finally managed to get an appointment with our vet - been trying on and off for 6 months but as it was not urgent they would not see him - seeing urgent cases only. Around 6 months ago I noticed that Marley's eyes were not as clear as they were when he was a pup, they were clouding over. They were not bothering him, not weeping or anything so I just kept an eye on it. Today I finally got him to the vet. The vet came out to him and we chatted for a bit - then he tried to take Marley inside, as soon as Marley twigged I was not coming in - all hell let loose. Bucking, jumpi
  15. I got Mikey at 3 1/2 years old - he had the standard snow nose as Ethan Grey's photos above from the day he came to us, Marley my other boy started off with a black nose but over the years (6 years old now) is developing a snow nose so common in huskies and other breeds. My old boy Lunar started off with a black nose but as he got older his nose turned pink all over (he was a Utonagan - related breed) - never showed the snow nose pattern. When I asked the vet about at the time it he said it was a genetic disorder.
  16. OK I have one cat that thinks all dogs are his friend (he has lived with 5 dogs whilst he has been with us) - and two huskies. One I got as an adult - and who will kill our cat on sight (two failed attempts so far) - the other I got at 12 weeks old and he and my cat groom each other, play with each other, he will even stand back if the cat wants to eat his food. If you want a husky and you have a cat - get a young husky - between 10-12 weeks old preferably (both mine are rescues - as is the cat) An adult cat will easily handle a puppy - even one that is twice his size and
  17. Sorry I cannot help then - but there are several Facebook groups for feeding a home cooked diet, plus try Dogs Naturally Magazine (USA/Canada based) - whilst a raw feeding site - it does have some articles on home cooked. However please be aware that cooking the meat does destroy some of the nutrients - and particularly the enzymes needed by the body to digest that food - the same is true of ANY commercial kibble/tinned food - hence the large amount of added vitamins & minerals on the back of the pack/can. Having said that a well balanced home cooked meal will contain more
  18. It would help if you let us know whether you have decided to feed raw or home cooked, if you intend to mix the food with kibble / dog biscuits etc. I am a raw feeder and will only be able to help you with raw feeding. Also you do not say which country you are in - therefore what food is available easily etc.
  19. Neighbourhood Watch Network is supporting Sussex's Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, who, in partnership with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC), has created an online survey designed to understand the public’s perception of dog theft, enforcement, and the prosecution of offenders. The survey includes a question seeking views on whether dogs should be treated in law merely as property when they are stolen. Having a common understanding of how the public feels about this issue will help inform discussions that PCCs and NWN will have n
  20. We are husky owners - not sharpei owners and only have experiences with this breed - but none of us are vets unfortunately - however for me - as an individual only -- I would suggest you getting the spine checked out. normally a humped spine is because of pain in that region - but ONLY a vet - and scans will be able to help you I think.
  21. I envy you the pool, however if she decides to jump in this - could she easily get out herself?
  22. A bored husky is something to be feared - when Marley was a pup he ate the arm off my sofa - then gave me a matching one off an armchair. This phase usually starts around the time their adult teeth are coming through - and ends round about the time their adult teeth are fully through. Isn't Australia into summer now? I would be a little concerned about the heat - unless they have a paddling pool with cool water in so they can splash around - that together with a nice cold floor to lie on. A pup cannot control their body heat as well as an adult dog - and when their double
  23. Its great to know there is another husky nut in Lancashire. I have two rescues, Marley, 6yo (someone showed him the Film Marley & Me when he was a pup - and he has taken that Marley as a role model) A loveable air-head (avatar piccy). Mikey is the relative newcomer joined us early last year when he was coming up to 3.5 / 4yo - had an unfortunate past and we are still dealing with it - one step forward and two back some days - but we are getting there, at least he hasn't bitten me for nearly 4 months. Never been bored a day since we got a husky
  24. Sorry for the loss of your friend
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