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  1. I've never seen a dog that wont eat sardines in spring water - mine have never gotten fed up of them
  2. I agree with BB&S - a vet visit is called for. Marley was 3 when he suddenly developed food allergies - 9 to be precise. A simple blood test could rule out food allergies. Does your dog have to be kenneled when you are out at work? Does she have boredom busting toys for when she is alone? - she could have separation anxiety. There could be dozens of reasons why she is doing this - but I would try and rule out food allergies and environmental allergies first, mites secondly, - both could be found out by a vet visit. Hope you get it sorted for her sake.
  3. I personally would not feed Royal Canin - its not the best by a long shot (despite its clever marketing). I dont feed kibble anyway so am not the one to advise you (I feed raw) - but there are people on here who may be able to advise you a better quality kibble type food if that is what you want to feed your beautiful Winter. We all have different ideas about feeding - and we all respect each other's choices.
  4. Marley was taken from his mum too early - I think it was around 6 weeks - I got him at 12 weeks old and was his 4th owner by then. He had problems with biting. I used to yelp loudly and turn away from him (just as his siblings would have done). He was still nipping at around 12-14 months old, but he eventually got the message that it was inappropriate. I had the advantage of having a much older dog (13) who whilst older was still playful - but would not tolerate too much nipping. Marley is not a 'red' - the red colouration around his throat comes from Lunar's saliva - he spent that long with his mouth around Marley's throat whenever Marley went beyond what Lunar would tolerate. Between the two of us we got Marley to understand that teeth were for eating with - not biting to get your own way. The is the two of them now They still have play fights - but only two serious short lived scraps in three years. You have your work cut out for you - but patience, training, love - and more patience will win out. You may just work out that I have a different suite in the last photo - Marley ate the old one. Huskies are a challenging breed - but the most rewarding - I will never have any other dog from now on - even hubby agrees our next dog will be a rescued husky.
  5. Marley is exactly the same - goes nuts whenever he sees another dog - all playful - never agressive - on his own or with our other dog. Lunar on the other hand when he is walked on his own chooses to avoid other dogs whether he is on lead or off lead (he is a Utonagan not a husky - and can be trusted off lead) When he is walked with Marley however - he is all "You wanna piece of me - just try it". Marley is 25 kilos and Lunar 36 kilos so walking two dogs together is a nightmare - I walk seperately but hubby gives them the first walk around 4a.m. when there is far less likelyhood of meeting another dog (or cat)
  6. Very handsome dog - want to tell us something about him??
  7. Lunar does this quite a lot and has been doing so for a couple of years - at least once a day - otherwise just fine. Never does it at the vets though - and the vet has tried to make him cough. Lunar always ends up sort of wretching - never brings anything up - then just stops and goes about doing what he was doing. He is usually on the settee resting when this starts (its leather so should not be an allergy)
  8. Does not work for me either
  9. I also think wooly - although Marley is more so. Its a personal thing - but I prefer woolies - even if their coat is a nightmare to groom sometimes.
  10. Please don't beat yourself up about this - accidents happen - and you cannot spend your life trying to think of every single thing / eventuallity that might cause your furbabies harm - you'll drive yourself mad with the stress. You can only do your best - and if they get themselves into trouble despite your best efforts - then accept it - and hope that they learn from the experience.
  11. Welcome to the forum. "Its been quite a ride" YEP! You got a husky alright!
  12. Its also healthier than ANY dog specific wet food on the planet
  13. The pdf on ZRD will give you a good grounding. If your vet doesn't know much about it - go to a different vet. Try to find a holistic vet near you - there will be a register for you to check on line. In the meantime try a zinc based cream on the sores - if they heal over you will know, without a shadow of a doubt - that she is deficient in zinc. Dogsnaturallymagazine has a search facility for past posts on ZRD
  14. Can you get your dog to a homeopathic vet? They will be able to treat her for vaccinosis (reaction to the vaccination) - and detox her then repair the damage the vaccination has done by getting rid of the chemicals in the vaccination - (but it will not affect the vaccination itself). https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/dog-vaccinations-detox/ https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/annual-dog-vaccines-are-they-necessary/ There are LOADS of studies done now that show a dog is covered for up to 7 years by the puppy vaccinations. Next time any jabs are due ask for a titer test instead - this will show which diseases your dog is already immune to and which ones are needed (if any).
  15. Welcome to the forum Like quite a few on here I feed raw - and one of my dogs is still a food Diva. They normally get two different meats and one fish per meal. One thing to try your fussy pup on is sardines in spring water (or olive oil - not sunflower oil - its too inflammatory) I found that Marley will eat most things providing he has a tin of sardines in water mixed in with the other meats. Sardines also contain every vitamin and mineral there is - even vitamin C. Raw herrings also contain everything and most dogs love raw fish ............. but saying that after Marley being on a 2 week white fish only diet (ordered by the vet) - he wont touch white fish now, but will stil have sardines - its how I get his meds into him.
  16. 3rd vote for zinc deficiency - ask the vet to check - in the meantime you can get a zinc based cream and put onto the sores, - if they get better then you know it is ZRD. Also to help the immune system can you get some bovine colostrum off the internet - it helps with no end of things. https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/colostrum-benefits-for-dogs/ Can be used internally and externally. I am using it on Marley to help him heal from stomach ulcers and leaky gut. zincdeficiencyinsleddogs.pdf
  17. I've always had males - usually two or three at a time never had a problem, I've probably just been lucky - they have always been rescues and adults apart from Lunar and Marley who were both 12 weeks old when I brought them home to the older dogs
  18. nooooooooooooooooooooooo Vote was extended until Monday 31St ! Come on you guys if you dont vote A) you dont get a chance to get the dog you want if no one is that interested in voting - why should the mods bother starting the comp in the first place. USE IT OR LOSE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. If its a piece of wood - then its highly unlikely to show up on an x-ray. Lunar has coughed for the last 8 years or so - usually starts when he is laying on the settee - getting worse as he gets older - vet says nothing is wrong. The settee is leather so unlikely to be an allergic reaction.
  20. Voted - what's the matter with you guys - are you blind! These guys are gorgeous! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard to pick just one
  21. At least you know you are not alone ....................... but it usually stops around three years of age ...................... or when one of you gives up work - that's when Lunar stopped.
  22. OMG I thought I had it bad - Marley just ate the arm off an armchair and another arm off my settee ! Lunar cost me around £3,500 in damages in his first three years, - tried to dig up the radiator pipes in the hallway, (I put down laminate flooring after that) took all the wallpaper off the hallway and stairs then started on the plaster, ripped off the stairs carpet, ripped up the carpets upstairs - took them all away from the walls, he ate through our fence gates and escaped with his buddy - luckily the neighbours caught them (I was at work) and I had to replace my front door as he could open it at will At least they never ate anything that caused a vet trip. However in the last couple of days Lunar has taken to eating rotting wood and inch thick twigs then immediately sitting down and trying to vomit - so harshly that the sides of his abdomen go in so far that they almost touch. He does not bring anything up though. I think this might be his dementia causing this behaviour as he has never done anything like this before (he's 13 - almost 14 ).

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