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    Welcome to the forum - and to the worderful world of huskies - a unique breed to say the least
  2. Just because you can feel hip bones does not necessarily mean your dog is too thin. A picture would help tremendously here for those of us who cannot see your dog in the flesh (preferably from above him rather than side on). Does his ribs stick out? can you see them when you part the fur? As for not being neutered yet - good on you! I would leave neutering until he is at least 2 1/2 - (if even then) By castrating a dog you deprive him of all his sex hormones - this is a problem for puppies & young dogs as the growth plates in a dog's bones do not close until around 2 years old (older in larger breeds) - and the growth plates NEED those sex hormones for proper growth. You are encouraging your dog to be a grazer by leaving kibble out for him all day. I am a qualified dog food nutritionist and the only comment I will make about kibble (any kibble) is that a dog has no dietary requirement for starch - and cannot digest it. Starch is the only thing that makes kibble stick together rather and crumbling into powder.
  3. wolfpup


    So sorry for your loss - run free Sasha - run fast - run far
  4. I think it will depend on quite a few things, the sex and ages of the new dogs, their temperament as against your dog's temperament etc. Huskies are not normally territorial, and don't usually 'start a fight' - although as you know are capable of finishing one. It would be a good idea to speak to the new neighbour and try introducing the dogs on neutral territory - i.e. out on a walk, and then possibly walk them to their new home together. The introduction could well be the secret to their new life together as neighbours.
  5. To be honest I don't know the difference between plush and wooly. I have a normal guy and a wooly guy. I personally LOVE the wooly - prefer them to the normal husky. I would have said they are both woolies.
  6. Today is rescue Siberian husky Marley’s 3 year fit-free milestone - 20 days before his 7th birthday. As some of the long-term members know I am Marley’s 4th owner despite getting him young. He started epilepsy at 10 months old - this proved to be only the first of his health problems. Some of which I have posted about previously – so I won’t go through it all again and bore you. However his saga of illnesses carry on apace – on top of his severe food allergies, earlier in the year it was discovered he has a faulty gene (hereditary) – leading to his body to not be able to process fat correctly and deposit fat directly into his eyes. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes are clouding over and going white in some lights - although the vet assures me he will not go fully blind - he will look as though he is. There is no treatment, nothing I can do apart from keeping the fat levels as low as possible in his diet. I remain convinced his epilepsy started because of his severe food allergies – and lack of attentive vet care in picking this up early enough – the vet didn’t do testing on him until he went into anaphylactic shock (I think he was around 3½ at the time). I was then informed there was not a commercially made dog food on the planet that would not kill him sooner or later. Marley is allergic to:- soya, wheat, oats, corn, carrots, peas, rice, potatoes and sugar beet. Whilst most will make him severely ill first, - soya will just kill him. He can have no meat that has been fed any of the above - meaning lots of meat he cannot eat. Even as an experienced raw feeder I knew I would struggle to get the right nutrients for him in the required amounts - so I undertook a raw dog food nutrition qualification (despite being in my 70’s) so that I could properly understand exactly what his body required. I refused vet meds for his epilepsy until I had tried cbd oil - I had been researching it for months – knowing the vet would want him on meds soon (the fits were getting closer together and he had started clustering). We are one of the lucky ones in that it worked for him - taking him from 4 fits in 12 days to 108 days - that’s when I had the luxury of experimenting on my beloved boy - and found one that suits him perfectly – even though it is not supposed to or even recommended for epilepsy. I believe that it is a combination of cbd oil and giving Marley a diet completely free of any of his allergies (as far as I am able), treating him myself for leaky gut, with natural pre-biotics, natural antibiotics that won’t destroy his gut bacteria, digestive enzymes, Ion Gut (made from 60 million year old soil) bovine colostrum etc. I also know he gets the best diet available for him - nutritionally complete and balanced. All without vet meds - (I am not very popular there ..... they don’t make much money out of me). Today Marley is as healthy and fit as any 7 year old could be - despite his problems, and is as happy as any dog could want to be, full of life, fun and mischief - you are a fighter my little warrior and my soul mate.
  7. Welcome to the forum - neither of my boys like the rain either - Mikey would probably pinch Mina's coat if he could!
  8. If the pink is actually her skin - then stop worrying. It the fur looks pink - then its because she is licking the area. Dog saliva turns white fur pinkish - continued licking will turn it reddish.
  9. OK you are going to have to either feed raw food - in which case I can help you - or do the research yourself - kibble is the worst food on the planet (and I dont care what brand you use - you are feeding nutritionally dead food - all vitamins and enzymes are destroyed during the manufacturing process) - that has been then subjected to artificially constructed chemical vitamins and minerals, 2nd worst is tinned dog food, (in my opinion). I fully admit I am biased - but I am also a qualified dog food nutritionist.
  10. Just had a thought - if you are convinced she needs minerals (and I assume vitamins etc) then there is a company called Keizebrink that does a supplement for raw fed dogs - it contains every single vitamin, mineral, amino acid, trace element etc that a dog needs - they are an international company I believe so you should be able to order it in the USA. However if you try to order it online it wont let you as the system is set up for raw foods - you have to ring and they do it manually. For the runs pre and probiotics are a good idea, and maybe a digestive enzyme. Herbally slippery elm powder is absolutely excellent for the runs (and also works for constipation) - it also helps to coat the lining of the intestines so helps in cases of intestinal inflammation. Usually mixed with a little water (it gels up in water) - but can be sprinkled directly onto food (provided it is not kibble obviously - it would fall off) for a normal sized husky around 3/4 - 1 teaspoon with food should be sufficient. Do not give to a dog that might be pregnant.
  11. Again I don't feed anything but raw - however one of our moderators feeds freeze dried I believe - will ask him to answer you - good luck.
  12. Hi Emily and welcome to the forum - whilst we have members from all over the world, most of us are based in the UK. Hopefully someone from your area will be logging in in the next week or so and will pick up your post.
  13. One thing to bear in mind is that dogs have no nutritional requirement for starch - their bodies have to work hard to get rid of it - and starch is the only thing that holds kibble ANY kibble together. I have never fed kibble, so for me, it would be like swapping deckchairs on the Titanic I am afraid. Many dogs are becoming allergic to grains - one of my boys is, so try to at least avoid them. Peas is another common allergen. If you want the convenience of kibble - have you thought of freeze-dried raw? At least you are guaranteed to be giving far less starch. It works out about the same price as the best quality kibble but as far as nutrition is concerned its on a different planet. Hopefully someone on here can advise on kibble feeding for you and suggest a good quality one.
  14. Lovely looking dog. How do you know she needs minerals? I would suggest a raw diet for her - try her on raw egg - or even a slightly scrambled egg to start with. Without knowing her problem - I cannot really suggest anything. I am a raw dog food nutritionist - I can suggest meals for you - however without more information I would be flying blind. Try the egg first to see if she will eat it - and how she would react to it. Sweet potato is supposed to work for the runs (but that is only what I have read - never used it) - however if you can get hold of some psyllum seeds and put them in her food (about 2 teaspoons) - they should help to dry her up for a bit anyway. They will absorb the liquid in her gut. Give me as much info as you can and I will try to help. In the meantime go to the Dogs Naturally website (USA based) they have soil-based pro and prebiotics, - look and see what they have to help you. However I would also consider that your dog may have a food allergy (my husky has 9) I agree to stay away from chicken - far too much fat - on top of that they are one of the worst-fed animals on the planet (the saying 'you are what you eat' is really true.
  15. Start now on bite inhibition - they ae all mouthy at this stage - but correct it now not later.
  16. Oh boy - what a beauty - and what a mischeivous face!
  17. Welcome to you and Fuji - how about some pictures? We LOVE pictures - especially puppies !!! One of my boys is a woolly - I love them! If you have never had a husky before - you are in for a wild ride - but they are the best dogs on the planet (providing you dont expect him to obey you).
  18. Welcome to the forum Cindy and Kodiak. Hopefully we will be able to answer some of the questions you will no doubt have as Kodiak starts growing up! Can I ask why you had to have him at 6 weeks? It is a little early - certainly to us in the UK anyway. You are in for a wild ride - so buckle up and enjoy it! As Robke says - we LOVE pictures!!!
  19. Congratulations - just think of the fun ........ another set of 'pawprints' to clean up and run after - mind you the training should be a doddle after practicing on the huskies Hope everything goes smoothly for you, - and remember - we LOVE pictures!!!!!
  20. Hello and welcome to the forum. The only thing I can think of it to take potty training right back to the begining. Take her out (in the garden) after every meal, drink, and at her age possibly every hour (rather than half hourly with a very young pup) - and just stay with her until she goes. She will have to go sooner or later. Have plenty of treats in your pocket so the reward is immediate. Holding it will not be doing her any good at her age obviously. If you can devote two whole days to nothing but her potty training she should get the message. Just dont let her back inside the house until she has done something - but stay with her, don't leave her on her own so she thinks it is a punishment, play with her, do some other training etc. This would be an excellent time to try and sort out a toilet area for her - so she knows it is 'safe' to go there and is her's alone.
  21. I had the reverse situation years ago - three rescues and the oldest dog 14/15 years old went blind - very suddenly - it only took two weeks. It was a collie/spaniel cross, I had the father and son - they were about the same size as my huskies. I also had a Borzoi - very big 7ft 2" from nose to tail. The father and son got on ok, but my Borzoi would go for him if my blind boy ever went close to him. They had lived with each other harmoniously for around 4 years. The blind boy actually provoked this by changing his behaviour - he did not cope with the sudden loss of vision at all, becoming panicky, jumpy, 'scuttling' around rather than walking etc. I had to separate the Borzoi from the other two for the time Kia had left with us (about 4 months as it turned out). I sounds as if on occasions your blind boy is really not coping and trying to compensate. I really wish I could suggest something - but you really only have two choices as far as I can see. Find a way for them to be together but separated whenever you are not in the room (thinking large dog gates in doorways etc) or rehome one - preferably with someone the dog knows. How easy will it be to rehome a blind dog where you live??? I once rehomed a blind cat - that had been in shelter for five years!
  22. My first instinct is to say that if you live on a farm you either constrain her i.e. fence her into a large area to limit the behaviour - it may not be your animals she kills so you would be liable for prosecution - or you don't let her outside unleashed. If her prey drive is that high - how does she react to young children she does not know? If she is out roaming on her own - how can you possibly have control of her? You may live in a very rural area - but how can you be positive she will never come across a young child on her own? Do you really want her passing on her instincts to 4/5/6/7/8 puppies so you have a pack of essentially wild dogs?
  23. This may help:- https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/reverse-sneezing-in-dogs/ I will say up front I am a raw feeder - but you will see on this list they recommend feeding a raw natural diet rather than kibble. It may not solve the problem - but you will be doing your dog a favour for the future - as well as yourself in future vet fees. One of my huskies has 9 different food allergies - some of which would kill him very quickly - others would 'just' make him very very ill. You do not say where you are so I have no idea what access you have to vetinary blood allergy tests (the fastest way to find out). Other ways are to start a food elimination system - however kibble has so much starch, poor quality vitamins and minerals etc - where do you start with trying to elimanate a single protein - or food stuff - like grains??? (Most of my boys allergies are to grains) Please read this article as you may be able to pick something out of it that will help - if you decide you want to try changing your pup's diet I will gladly help.
  24. Marley is not neutered either
  25. WOW he is a big boy - but you can see he is by no means overweight. Marley is at the other end of the scale - does not come much higher than the top of my knee at the shoulder and around 3 or 4 inches smaller than Mikey.
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