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    Leg surgery

    Hello! since this is an off topic I just want to share our leg surgery journey. I have my dog for 3 years already and just last month we had our first leg surgery, we took him to https://tplocity.com/ to get it done. It was a success operation and they tell me everything i needed for the the post care. It was not easy, especially the healing process. My dog loves to jump out of stairs and I had to stop and monitor him everytime. I both used a cone in the morning and a sleeve whenever he sleeps. As of today, he's doing good and we still have a month before he can fully back to his old life haha.
  2. a friend recommended this forum!
  3. i have an experience using a sleeve like that because my dog undergo a surgery this year as well. well it does it job properly but what i can tell you is that it really depends on your dog's needs and what works best for you.
  4. hello can we see your puppy
  5. cuteness overload in this thread!
  6. hello everyone!! happy to be here! I have a 2 year old husky and his name is vera
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