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  1. Nice one there 2Huskyfun. The harnesses look so comfy. I’ve managed to source a local company that does bungee leashes and they are customizing some duel joring leashes for me. Will only receive them after the lockdown has been lifted / suspended. I’m so looking forward to trying them out and I’m sure that my huskies will have so much more fun when we get to use them. Here’s a pic of the duel leashes I’ve ordered:
  2. Thanks Chelseafan. Most places are on lockdown. Will try them out as soon as they reopen
  3. Thanks Chelseafan. Yes I have considered going purely off-road and I’m looking forward to trying that out soon. The route that we are taking now is a combination of tar and grass, and because if the warmer temperatures, we usually do a run very early morning before sunrise or late evening when it’s cool enough for them. Thanks so much for the heads up. Will keep exploring and adventuring lol !! All good Devynthecatwithsocks Thanks so much. I have been trying to find the bungee cords and the appropriate gear via eBay but my challenge is that either most of the stock have been sold out or the seller does not send to South Africa. I will however keep searching. Any leads will be appreciated - company name/or website/or email/or contact number Etc. Thanks so much again
  4. Hi All. I live in an urban suburb in Durban SA. My duo, Duke and Kaskae are 1year olds - Kaskae is the female and she’s a wooly. We have been trying to keep them active by walking them daily for 3-4km, both at mornings and at noons. Duke and Kaskae also enjoyed the privilege of spending some time outdoors in our garden everyday, however due to a lack of stimulation, they were starting to dig up our greenery. We are first time husky owners and with very little research done a year ago before getting our pups, we were suddenly faced with a predicated of under exercising both of them. So... One day sitting on my porch, an idea dawned on me to rig up a leash onto my mountain bike and to run my dogs one at a time. I’ve started off with Kaskae since she is much more drawn to me than Duke and she understands commands better than he does lol. Eventually, after a few trial runs, I gave both of them a shot at running together. Here’s a cool video of them taking me around the block, running at full speed. I also take them through a soccer field to give them that extra bit of sensation on their feet. Thought I’d share. This is truly one of the most amazing experiences ever. I’ve later found out that it’s called bikejoring or mushing lol. I run Duke and Kaskae 2-3 times weekly and it has made such a positive impact on their behavior plus they sleep so much nowadays FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Hi Guys. Great site with loads of useful information. Found it off the net when searching for information on “exercising a husky”. My pair are from different litters, the boy is Duke and the girl is Kaskae (she’s a wooly). They are both 1year olds. Any tips on exercising huskies, bikejoring in particular, will be appreciated. Regards
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