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    Grew up in Girdwood Alaska... had some problems growing up ran away from home when i was 17 years old and i was gone for 17 years... Now im back with my family im 35 Years old and i Have my own house in John Day Oregon and a 5 Month old Siberian Husky.. My House is on a River and the River Runs through my backyard...nice open shady space. Lots of room to play.
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    Hiking and what goes up must come down type of activity. '' Self Sufficiant Survival Bushcraft ''

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  1. Complete Care Guide for Siberian Huskies » Info, Tips, & More (dog-learn.com)


    says pups should not be active on stairs.... do my back yard stairs even quallify? he basicly runs laps enthusiasticly up one flight and down the next over and over agian....    or i would like him to follow me up down up down up down. but its such a small flight of stairs do you think it would do damage?


    1. wolfpup




      Personally I do not think those few stairs will do him any harm  - but of course it all depends on just how many times a day he does it!    If it is say half a dozen times then ok   - if a hundred  -  its a no-no   -  of course.

      Possibly restrict his access to say half an hour a day??


  2. what type of food do you feed him raw?


    1. wolfpup


      Marley has severe food allergies - 9 of them  - but if he eats any meat that was fed soya in its lifetime then it will kill him.   The last time he ate meat that had been fed soya he went into anaphylactic shock and only just survived  -  the vet said next time he wont be so lucky.

      He gets grass fed beef, venison, kangaroo, lamb  (meaty bones), lamb ribs, sardines, herrings and wild caught salmon,  chorella, eggs   (he does not react to eggs)  -  the only poultry he gets is day old chicks as they are not fed prior to dispatch.   In addition they get home made kefir, home made bone broth.

      Bone broth contains around 30 of the 43 different nutrients a dog needs  - and my boys get it each and every day  - in fact Mikey, my other husky wont eat his dinner unless it is swimming in bone broth  -  he drinks it all, has about half of his meal  - then waits for me to add the kefir before he will eat the other half!

      I have very spoilt dogs !     

      Because of Marley's extreme allergies I trained and qualified as a raw dog food nutrition specialist in order to be confident in giving him a full nutrition diet.     Bearing in mind I am in my 70's,  -  and we are 40+ year vegetarians  -   I think it shows my committment to my soul-mate  - I would go to the ends of the earth for him  (Marley - not my husband   -  he knows he is number 3 in the pecking order)!  🙂

      Today's meal was a little limited because Marley's mouth is still so sore, it consisted of  Bone broth (of course), wild caught salmon with lamb  (minced), chlorella, raw egg (no shell), kefir.    Lamb ribs are strictly rationed at the moment  - it was a lamb's rib that caused his problem 2 days ago.   In 50 years of owning dogs I have never had a problem  - but Marley managed to get it stuck between his back teeth across the roof of his mouth   (did a post)

      If you are thinking of changing your dog to raw  - I have a list of  articles that will give you around a week's worth of reading - all about raw feeding and how to start off,  once you have digested them  (and not let it scare you silly)  then I can guide you into trying it out on your dog.

      Just thinking about your dog for a second  -  one thing you can easily do for your dog to help him NOT get problems with his bones etc with all his exercise   -  is DO NOT NEUTER HIM.     Pups neutered before their growth plates have closed  (between 12 - 18 months of age)  are up to 25% more likely to develop hip/elbow dysplaysia, arthritis  AND cancer.    The sex hormones do far more than just control the sex drive - they are vital in the developing puppy.    Whilst I am Marley's fourth owner - I got him before he was neutered  -  he is nearly 8 now and is still intact.



  3. so online it said that husky puppys can sleep upward of 20 hours a day? My Husky is 5 months old and new to this state and enviroment '' we bought him in nevada drove him to john day oregon '' 3000 ft above sea level . old mountain gold minning town.. with the river in my back yard he just loves to explore but he is awake and active all day... i leave the back door of my house open because my back yard is fenced in... he is running digging exploring all day... 5 hours of exercice that way a day... should i cool it down? should i turn the light off in the back room and shut the back door and allow him a hibernation of up to 20 hours of sleep a day? also the more you work out the more you need to eat..... he was the runt of the litter so i have been feeding him bones with bone marrow in them and other bagged treats from the store.... he has gained some weight about 21-25 lbs now i would guess.... but i feed him 4 times a day a half of a cup of puppy chow dog food... so 2 cups a day sometime 2.5 cup's a day... he was underweight when i got him.... any thoughts on my behavior toward the dog?
  4. I was on the internet and i came across the following information. Complete Care Guide for Siberian Huskies » Info, Tips, & More (dog-learn.com) While you're exercising your Husky, though, some precautions should be kept in mind: first, puppies younger than nine months old shouldn't do too much jumping, running on hard surfaces, or navigating of stairs, as these can injure their still-developing joints and bones. What constitutes Stair's and the Navigation of Stair's? My Siberian Husky is 5 Months Old. I have a back yard on a river and 2 sections 1 with 4-5 steps and another with 6-7 steps that lead down into the yard ..... he can also walk down the path that doesnt have stair's....He just loves the stairs zipping around the yard fast as he can up one set of stairs then looping to go down the other as if track and field...''I reciently have blocked the stairs off so he has to use the path'' i have had him for 2 months.
  5. I got a puppy Siberian Husky and I also Googled for a Siberian Husky Forum and this one... Yaaaa!
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