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Shepsky Fido

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Hello everyone!

I have a 6 month old Shepsky that I adopted at just 10 weeks from a local shelter as sadly he was found abandoned just two weeks after being sold.. He definitely got his looks from his Shepherd Parent but the personality of the husky. His energy level has been crazy from the beginning on, I swear sometimes he has the energy of three dogs all in one. His parents were both a little bit above average size wise but I was told he seems small for his age? I guess I am just glad he is growing slow and if I may judge by his still crazy amount of loose skin there is still a lot of growth potential. In the end no matter how much he will grow I love him despite his very stubborn way of life :D 

Glad to have found my way here 👍



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 I have a shepsky too, also a rescue! 

Funny, mine looks like a big white husky but I think he got the shepherd personality. (He is aloof towards strangers and will growl if they try to pet him. He barks ferociously at the door. ) it is interesting how the mixes turn out!


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Welcome to husky owners

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