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  1. His colours will become more defined as he matures but if his mum has the agouti coat pattern (tri bsnded guard hairs and usually a black tipped tail then it’s possible). Another possibility is the wolf grey colour as that can vary in intensity quite considerably and sometimes look quite similar. either way he’s stunning 😄
  2. Emma


    Welcome to husky owners 😃
  3. we used to have a dyson and at the time I was happy with it.....then we got the shark lift away and I was converted. Only down side is the dust holder is smaller so I have to empty it more often and the fact that because it’s lighter I have a tendency to tip it over when I’m using the hose and trying to reach just that little bit further, lol.
  4. Ouch. That’s quite a big change they’ve made 😕 think I’ve still got a photobucket account floating around but i would have thought I’d be safe from the fees as I haven’t done anything with it in years. Think even then, I just put up a small handful, of pics and left it. 🤔 that really is quite cheeky of them.
  5. It’s been years since mine were pups, so can’t really help you there but if the vets are happy then that’s a good sign that all’s well. the best way to see Changes is through photos. If you’re anything like I was, you’re snapping dozens of them every week. You can scroll back through them and the changes will be pretty noticeable. The first six months or so they really grow like crazy! 😄 My bear’s a mixed breed and she’s huge, ice is also a lot taller than most other huskies, but typically they’re supposed to be a medium sized breed.
  6. It’s a tad late but Merry Xmas everyone! Hope you all had a fab day xx
  7. Awww Andy, congrats on your new fur baby, he’s a gorgeous boy. 😍
  8. Agree with the above. Sounds like a lot of excitement rather than what the title suggests, lol. Our boy and girl dogs have both humped each other in excitement and once Ice got so excited he did a wee up my bare leg. 😂 He was only a pup at the time I should probably point out.
  9. We’ve had walking belts for years and I honestly can’t say I’d even considered this possibility before. You learn something new every day! I’ll have to ask my Paul if he’s ever been beaten in a sensitive area by the karabiner before. 😂
  10. When I was asking around different vets about spaying you would think they’d take a similar approach but I actually had different advice which made the decision even more complicated.
  11. Fingers and toes crossed that she’s feeling better soon
  12. Emma


    So sorry to hear this Gary. Run free Nishka.
  13. Emma

    Hi all!

    Hi there Sparkles xx
  14. A while back now Ice got into a fight with a fox one night and had a few small scratches on his muzzle. Over the next few days the fur began to fall out and he had angry red skin there, so we took him to the vets. Our other two dogs were unaffected. She admitted that if we hadn’t mentioned the fox altercation, she wouldn’t even have considered the possibility of mange but focussed more on something like ZRD. She said that the scraping samples needed to test for mange were quite deep so it would be easier just to treat it given the information we already had. We were prescribed one meat flavoured tablet that he took quite enthusiastically and that was pretty much it treatment wise. May have been a follow up tablet at some point but I honestly can’t remember. His skin started recovering pretty fast after that.
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