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  1. His father was a purebred husky (according to the owner) and his mother a gsd mix but they don't know what else she was. I have pictures of the parents but the mother doesn't look like she has any greyhound in her 🤔
  2. That's what I've been going by for most of the time and he seems to be pretty much perfect according to that. I suppose it's just that people generally see dogs that are overweight around here so they might just don't know better then to be concerned about my boy. Just recently I saw a female husky about the height of my boy but so overweight that he was 1 1/2 times the obese dog looks like on this chart. Living in a big city it's horrible to see how many people actually underestimate their dogs physical and mental needs and I have talked to people that take out there 2 year old German shepherd once per day for 30 minutes 😕
  3. Hello everyone! My little boy has now nearly reached 8 months of age so I weighed and measured him again after not really paying much attention to it besides watching his figure and food intake. He now has a shoulder height of 21.6 inch (55 cm) but only weighs 19 kg. People keep telling me he seems kinda skinny. He is very active after all but eats normal. He seems small for being a Husky GSD mix but is the biggest out of his litter of 9. Both his parents were average size but I guess he is still growing so I shouldn't be too worried? He is being fed raw 750g a day plus vegetables etc. Should I increase his intake or just keep adjusting whenever he has a growth spurt?
  4. The problem I have is that he has a very low interest in treats. I have been working on the focus for a while and he does look at me from time to time when I say 'Here' but just rejects the treat basically. I always try to say "Yes good" in the most encouraging way possible. As soon as I start walking he doesn't care anymore and starts whining when I say 'Here' and stop again. I'll definitely give the umbilical cord training a try and look at how much it helps 😅
  5. So whilest leash training my puppy we use the stop and go method as so far it works best with him. I have seen a huge improvement in the first 5 - 10 minutes of the walk but pretty quickly it turns into him whining whenever we stop. He only started with this about a month ago (so basically when he turned about 6 months) . It sounds so bad sometimes that people come up to me and ask whether he is ok. I thought it might be because he gets impatient and I try to gradually increase the walk time very slowly but in case I am doing something wrong or I am missing why he is actually whining I just wanted to ask here about it. Thanks for any response in advance!
  6. My 7 months old Husky-GSD Mix has had a lot of separation anxiety since I got him at 10 weeks old. He was after all abandoned just a week after being bought and picked up by a shelter where I got him then. When inside the house he doesn't leave my side and switches rooms with me whenever I get up. When I try to close the door to have him stay in a room on his own he won't stop crying and jumps against the door handle to open it. There arent any moments where he is actually forced to be alone as someone is always home but I want to be able to prep him for times when I have doctors appointments for example so he can be alone for 1 - 2 hours. I have tried to expose him to being alone in a room since the beginning, never for long but always increasing the time span little by little but no matter what I do he won't go quiet. He doesn't care about toys or food rewards in those moments and it doesn't make a difference when i played with him until he is tired. Any other tips or did I maybe do something wrong? Thanks in advance!
  7. Might actually be the better option now that I looked into it, suppose Ill order one and try it out
  8. I really hope the head collar is going to help. My boy is now 7 months old and as he isn't interested in treats at all using the click and treat method wasn't going to work. I tried the stop and go way as well but it didn't result in any improvement at all. When I started to leash train Fido he wasn't weighing much so I tried to put an early intervention to the pulling but now at almost 20kg (keep in mind I am small and very skinny *sigh* ) it's getting a lot harder to properly work on it with the normal collar and I am not even trying the standard harness anymore 😅
  9. Hello everyone! I have a 6 month old Shepsky that I adopted at just 10 weeks from a local shelter as sadly he was found abandoned just two weeks after being sold.. He definitely got his looks from his Shepherd Parent but the personality of the husky. His energy level has been crazy from the beginning on, I swear sometimes he has the energy of three dogs all in one. His parents were both a little bit above average size wise but I was told he seems small for his age? I guess I am just glad he is growing slow and if I may judge by his still crazy amount of loose skin there is still a lot of growth potential. In the end no matter how much he will grow I love him despite his very stubborn way of life Glad to have found my way here 👍
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