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  1. Opposite gender seems to be better generally for getting along.... Hmm, a young male pup seems like it would be a safe guess, to go with an adult female? But personality matters, too... My male dog tends to be "dominant" - he will fight with other large dominant male dogs, but he does great with easygoing, laidback, more submissive males.
  2. A basic obedience class? That's where we learned how to train "looseleash walking". But it didn't work for us exactly the way the trainer predicted...when my dog saw/smelled something exciting, he would pull no matter what treat I was waving! The "we only walk when the leash is loose" game worked for us...I pretended to be playing Red Light/Green Light with my dog to keep from getting annoyed. Another method I used was, when he forged ahead and pulled, I would just make a sharp 90-degree turn. He'd have to correct course and follow me. Of course you can't do this on a sidewalk bes
  3. Thanks wolfpup, really interesting article! He already loves beef trachea chews, and is taking Dasuquin (has glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, green-lipped mussel) I'm going to try making Bone Broth! I do agree with you vs "natural"... hoping to use minimal meds for as long as possible.
  4. allergies? sarcoptic mange? I agree with suggestion to let vet take a look!
  5. You sound very ready and responsible to me! ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. I have been reading a lot of good things about the Adequan injections... Vets really like them...very few/no side effects, and can actually repair and improve the joints. It's expensive, but you can save a lot of money if you learn to do the shots yourself. (They say it's not too hard, ha) I am trying to work up the courage to do that someday... I don't think he needs them yet, but I think it may be in our future! Yea, my friend's dog (much older than mine) had arthritis and both of his hind legs did that rolling-in thing when he walked...I think he was 14 or 15 years old.
  7. I think your pup is becoming more attached/bonded to you and is also starting to understand her environment... she just wants to be near you at night! Our rescue slept in a crate in the living room at first, and he would bang/rattle the crate all night long. When I moved to the sofa, he would sleep peacefully through the night. He just felt safer and more relaxed if he could see/smell me and know that I was nearby... (It's been years since then, he just sleeps wherever he wants now...)
  8. Well, I've never been through anything exactly like that, but our dog has arthritis and it started so gradually...with things like, he was stiff and would limp a few steps when he first got up from a nap. It didn't come on suddenly. With arthritis, I don't think it could progress so quickly (go from a limp, to being "so bad that he can hardly walk.") If he was fine and active and running around before these last few weeks, I doubt that it's arthritis. You say "his energy level dropped"...sometimes when dogs are in pain, they react by sleeping a lot more than usual... When our dog had
  9. Wow, you got her a new car! That's quite nice of you! ๐Ÿ˜€ My guy has his "stiff" days and good days. On good days, he will even play Chase and run Zoomies in the yard. On bad days, he gets up slowly and hobbles around for the first few minutes...and we noticed that sometimes an extra long walk, or too much trotting/running, will make him extra-stiff the next day. The medications have side-effects like upset stomach, drowsiness... so, I'm trying to keep the dose to the minimum and see how he can do with a low-impact, healthy lifestyle. The way we give carprofen...I break
  10. Poor girl! Hope she keeps feeling well, it sounds like her vet is on top of it. Dealing with joint issues over here in the US, too...our life involves: - carprofen, which is an NSAID ( half-dose broken into his kibble once per day. I experimented to find lowest dose to keep him comfortable) - dasuquin supplement (recommended by vet) - XL memory foam orthopedic dog bed ... he loves his bed - a thick cushion (8โ€ high) that he uses to climb in/ jump out of car (we first tried a ramp but it was so heavy and hard to use! cushion, I pick up with one hand and throw it in the
  11. The only time I hear howls out of mine is when he howls alOng with police or ambulance sirens! He is a quiet guy.
  12. She has "resource guarding"... although it can be trained/modified (there are various approaches, I don't have experience with this at all, so I don't know what works) - for now, you can start managing by not leaving her toys lying around, and feeding her in crate or behind a closed door so nobody gets hurt passing by. Agree with wolfpup about not letting her offleash around other dogs, especially small ones! Would not leave her alone with the infant ever. Even gentle family dogs with no history, have hurt infants accidentally. Husky fur: Sorry! Good vacuum.....๐Ÿ˜? Hat
  13. Hi, we got ours as a middle aged dog. He is totally nondestructive and respectful, so we leave him out. He is about 8.5 now. When we are out, he spends a lot of time looking out the front corner window...first place to see car come around corner...the glass is covered with his noseprints! We used to gate him in kitchen, but slowly realized not necessary. If if I had any doubts at all, I would crate or gate. Too many dangerous things to chew or get into, and itโ€™s easier to put dog away then put away everything in the house!
  14. My dog got really smelly and the vet thought it was probably some kind of yeast infection. It was because he was boarded during a very rainy week - he got wet outside every day, but nobody dried him off. So his back stayed pretty wet for a week (It's harder for him to shake the water off his back). Anyway he smelled so bad! Nobody could sit near him. We washed him a couple of times with dog shampoo, but the smell would come back in a day. When we went to the vet, she thought he might have a yeast infection and she gave us some medicated shampoo (antibacterial / antifungal). We w
  15. Is he growling at her? Does he try to jump on her? Does he block her path? Just wondering what it is that scares her.
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