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  1. Ha ha, I thought I was going to see a video of crazy huskies leaping around with leashes in their mouths!! Mine lies exactly like that...when my husband is holding the leash and inviting him to walk. And if it's me...he is circling eagerly and following me around the house, and then he gets right in front of me and pushes his chest out, to get me to clip his leash on. 🙂 What a weird strong one-owner preference?!
  2. Aw thanks for checking on us! We are about a 3 hr drive from the coast ( they got the full impact!! ). So, we just have had 4 grey days of rain and wind....I don’t think Rumo’s fur has been dry for days! No choice except to go potty in the rain. Trying to teach him to “ shake “ on command but no luck 😉We have not lost power, we are very grateful! Lots of flood warnings, so most people are playing it safe and staying home. When Rumo and I cAn go outside again and see Sun, we will be very happy! 🌝
  3. I am so sorry for bumping up this quiet thread, but I read the whole thing, and have many unanswered questions! - so did Manny’s tail ever go up in a husky curl? - you are no longer walking 18 miles a day until he poops?! I can not even understand how you were able to do that. I would die. - did the air filter technology work? - are your allergies worse during coat blow? Hmm I guess you have not had him long enough to be through more than one blow yet. PS i think that Samoyeds do tend to have hypoallergenic coat? Which is maybe why you never felt allergic before. I feel like I read that somewhere...
  4. Hello, Simka and Vickie! Here in North Carolina, it has been SO blazing hot and sunny and thickly humid, I hate it when mom drags me out for my short afternoon potty. When it really feels like fall here and gets cool again, then I will whip her back into shape! I will start trotting from the minute we get down the front steps.. instead of walking slow in the heat! But right now we have this hurricane to get through...the wind is blowing harder, smells swirling everywhere...woof!
  5. Ah ha ha, sorry, I am a year late with photos! I did not check back on this thread, oops. Rumo ( that’s his name! ) is quite settled with us now. He is a quiet well-behaved furry guy and we love him. It is sad, but with just 1 year gone by, I can already see him slowing down a little...sleeping a bit more, trotting less. We don’t really know his age since he was a rescue. Maybe 6-7 yrs old now? for his Gotcha day, he got some grilled steak with his dinner, ice cream for dessert, and a hike 🙂 Will try to add some action photos this fall! ( We are actually active outdoorsy owners, walking/hiking/running about 4-5 miles a day with him, but I don’t usually carry anything but the car keys and a poopy bag! So all our outdoors adventures go undocumented...)
  6. We have nearly cleared the dog park too sometimes! I think huskies have a reputation for playing rough? Also it may have been my dogs size...he is more the size of a GSD, 76 lbs and about 26” at shoulder, so one of the bigger dogs there. One brave owner stayed, who had an elderly lemon beagle. She and my dog sniffed noses, walked around a bit, and then laid down peacefully in the shade while we chatted. So I really do not know why everyone left in such haste! My dog is a peaceful guy. what a horrible attack!!! You need to be able to control / recall your dog if you bring them into a dog park!! They should have offered to pay vet and medical bills! 😡 this is why we stopped going...it was just too random. I don’t like surprises when it comes to dog encounters... i hope you are both healing well, and hopefully she will not become dog-aggressive...slow introductions to other friendly dogs, and going on peaceful walks with other dogs, might help her to get over it.
  7. We have been through several offleash dog attacks, I know how you feel!! When I pass a certain house ( the one with the psycho dog that attacks us) my heart rate STILL goes up. My dogs fur still stands up if he hears that dog barking. So... - time heals the fear gradually, week by week -carry citronella spray or a stick or an umbrella to fend off hostile dogs. Makes you feel better to be ‘armed’. -adjust walk route and walk time to avoid unfriendly dogs you know are offleash or out walking at that time/place -talk to your dog in friendly voice when feeling anxious...this helps both of us to calm down. Yes, your dog senses how you feel. She looks to you for leadership! - dont be afraid to talk to loose dogs owners, remind them about leash laws. Look up laws of your local animal control. You can file a report if it keeps happening ( I plan to.) Good luck and I hope it will never happen again!
  8. Hi! Stop and go worked to teach loose leash walk to my dog. You don’t even have to speak...I just froze like a statue and gazed at trees until he looked at me and relaxed the leash. Then I would walk again. It was like a game...if you think of it like a game, that keeps you (hopefully) from getting annoyed or worse, angry. when I pass people or other dogs and I have to pass close, I walk my hands up the leash gradually until he has about 2 feet of leash. This restrains him if he decides to take a sniff of the person, or say Hi...that way I don’t have to suddenly pull back on the leash. i used to suddenly shorten and tighten the leash a lot, steer him off the sidewalk, etc and that made him behave horribly (pant, strain, rear up, even growl). keeping a relaxed attitude and not suddenly tightening the leash, helped a lot with my dog! he has learned a habit ( due to my consistent leash shortening) to stay close with passing people, cars, etc. I hope to turn that into an official Heel command someday. agreed that they don’t need to walk in Heel all the time...I let him sniff a lot, and walk ahead and out to the side...but having him Heel for a few minutes is nice for passing cars, kids on scooters, guys with leaf blowers, etc!
  9. Hi, so am still a bit shaken. We live in a quiet suburban neighborhood with mowed manicured lawns... We were walking peacefully up the street to our house in the sunshine, when suddenly our neighbor's dog ran out of the yard with his leash trailing behind him, and attacked my dog! He has been barking and growling whenever we go by - their house is on the corner one block away, so we can't avoid it unless willing to walk a long detour. Anyway I was so surprised, I couldn't believe he was actually attacking - I was trying to drag my dog away (he met the attack head-on, with growls and bared teeth) but the attacking dog followed us - finally I got angry and I advanced on the attacking dog and yelled "Get Away!!" At that, he backed off. I realized that I actually have no idea what I should have done... I'm also worried that my own dog is going to become "dog-aggressive" after the incident. I checked my dog over carefully and I think his thick husky fur helped - no punctures, no bite wounds. He seems to have defended himself well, though he was confined on leash and the other dog was free. Anyway it was a nasty encounter and I'm mad that my neighbor, who came running out of the house at the noise, has not even come by to ask if my dog was hurt. ( I couldn't stay to discuss what happened of course, because our dogs were busy fighting...) What's the best way to handle a dog attacking your dog?!! Tempted to give that dog a good kick next time he tries it! (OK, probably not a good idea - I know)
  10. Well, getting to know him a bit better, and he seems to be a shepherd in a husky body... one person dog. Will barely let my husband walk him, will not let the obedience teacher feed him a treat. Is never more than 6 feet away from me at all times. Lies outside door when I shower. Barks loudly at door, and only stops after I welcome the visitor, invite them in and introduce them. Growls at service men in backyard. Is eager during training ( I actually think he enjoys training more than I do). At the dog park, I have not seen him ever seek attention from the other owners - he will tolerate petting from other people, but that's about all. interesting how the mix turned out. I am sure there are "shepskys" who look more like their shepherd parents, but act more like huskies! The one thing we knew for sure was that he would need plenty of exercise, and that he would shed a lot! :-)
  11. Yes I am skeptical too! Post back if the dog man succeeds!! In obedience class, I asked teacher about this and she said, call him to you, give lots of treats. But i really can not imagine our dog ever choosing little bits of chicken and cheese, over going for a deer or raccoon or cat...he gets so excited, panting hard, ears up, in HUNT mode...I think the only way he would even notice food is if he were starving!
  12. At obedience class, teacher recommends the freedom no pull harness. Thinking about it, but our dog only pulls hard about 5% of time (deer, cat, other dogs!) so not sure if it is worth the switch....
  13. We played with a husky at the dog park this morning 😃
  14. Our rescue also did not eat at all the first day, and then just tiny amounts the second and third days. We figured he was nervous. He is fine now ( 3.5 weeks in ) great that he ate with broth poured over his food! Maybe just keep doing that ... For a few days, don't try too many different kinds of foods... If if he keeps having vomiting though, I might bring him for vet check then ( that sounds beyond normal nervousness/stress)? great that you adopted a rescue! He is a lucky dog! :-)
  15. Thank you for the ideas! Will try raw bones ( keep him in kitchen or on deck/yard while chewing, maybe!). And a pizzle, and I think I saw antlers at that pet store. ( he is also limited to one greenie per day! Those things are not cheap! They do seem to have improved his Dogbreath a bit.:-)

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