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  1. Great News that Marley doesn't have blood in his stool anymore! Wow, it's so complex... And yes, I had heard that about developing food allergies, we try to switch the Protein base about every 6 months or so.
  2. @Amrit, I just read an article last night that said data science/machine learning jobs are the jobs most in demand, especially if you add some artificial intelligence knowledge in there! Supposedly these jobs are in big demand and pay very well. Which means...your dog can have a lot of toys and treats! 😁
  3. Reading what you do is educational! I don't have the slightest bit of advice. Hopefully after discussing with your vet, a plan of action will become clear. ( If he was eating "clean", why would he have developed Ulcers again? That's puzzling to me.)
  4. Glad you got them back! 😃 They seem like they were actually pretty good dogs! Yes, it's so scary...I am paranoid about leaving our fence gate open by accident, even though my dog hasn't been a runner so far. Where I live, it could be deadly - we live just a few hundred yards from a two-lane road and at some times of day, it's really busy and people violate the speed limit and zoom up the road at 55 mph...
  5. Oh no!! 😣 I hope this is just one bad episode and it will pass... insurance not paying again, that really sucks (pardon my language).
  6. Graphic / web designer (creator of logos, ads, websites, formatted emails, brochures, posters, & various other marketing materials for small businesses and nonprofits). I like my work, it's creative and artsy. I also enjoy learning computers and coding (HTML and CSS), so making the crossover from print to digital/web was not a big deal. I actually think I prefer web to print.
  7. Did they get an entire full bag??!!😮 So funny that he/she looks passed out with head inside the bag! ( I may look like this after Thanksgiving at my mother's house...) My dog ate a corner of my daughter's artwork once... He left a big tuft of white fur near the art, so we KNEW who did it!
  8. Your pups are very cute! So, I read somewhere that woollies are "out of standard" for the husky and are not officially shown. The reason is that their coat (vs a regular coat) tends to collect snow/ice and doesn't work as well as the shorter coats in those conditions. Their longer fur is considered a "fault". Could that be the reason that "husky purists" don't like breeding woolies? (My dog is a husky mix, so I'm certainly no purist...I'm just repeating what I read!)
  9. Has anybody noticed that most of Nerdani's posts contain some kind of external link in them? If his posts were email, I would have blocked them as spam... Sorry Nerdani, I just find this kind of uncool.
  10. Sage's coloring (black spots) is very unique! Is that the husky "agouti" coloring? Anyway it's funny how she looks almost related to your border collie... they have similar black/white coloring pattern on their heads. 🙂
  11. Yep huskies are good down to -60 Fahrenheit... their own fur is already the best sweater ever! My cousin makes her cat wear christmas sweaters...he runs away and hides under sofas...he really hates wearing them! If I was going to get a gift for my dog, I'd get him a basket of chewies! 🙂
  12. 😀 You sound very prepared! Our dog (husky/shep mix) was a rescue. He is fine with a couple of long walks a day, he is fairly obedient, never puts his mouth on anything that's not his, and doesn't try to escape (once stayed home with the door hanging open for a couple of hours). He does however sometimes scold me, he will tell me about it if I do anything wrong. Not all huskies will live up to the stereotypes, I think!
  13. Looks like a nice dogbed! I never figured out why the head hanging off the side is so comfortable, but apparently it is? 😀 Mine has been staying outside a lot now that cool fall weather is here... this morning at 39 degrees F outside , he looked happy and comfortable napping on the deck!
  14. Shepsky5


    Sounds like a female husky might be the best bet then? I've heard that huskies/GSDs have similar play styles... Anyway I'd lean towards a rescue (a lot of people can not keep these dogs! there are so many grown huskies that pass through our local shelter). But they always have some bad habits or "baggage". Ours used to flinch/duck at swinging arm or leash., and also he is not good with strangers (will growl, snap). Pups are more work, and less sleeping...but you can teach them everything and they don't come with bad habits already learned. On the other hand, it always feels good to save the life of a dumped dog.:-)
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