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  1. Oh no, that sounds serious! I hope Luna recovers well. I did not know bladder stones were so common!i haven’t experienced this with either of my dogs but it sounds really painful for them.
  2. Praise, happy voice, and some dogs will work for "tug" or a ball...? ( If he has a favorite game or toy? ) A lot of the working schutzhund/police/Search and Rescue dogs work for Tug.
  3. Yes, friend with basenjis (they are also not good with cats) - they have a gate across their stairs so dogs can not go upstairs, but cats can. During the day, the cats are closed in their own room with litterbox, toys, climbing spots. The cats come down and interact when everybody is home and can keep an eye on dog/cat interactions!
  4. My friend is an expert on bite inhibition training...she is on bitey pup #3. Anyway we were playing with the pup and suddenly she screamed. I was so worried that I went over and looked at her hand. “Are you hurt? Are you bleeding?!” ”nope”, she said, “ didn’t hurt.” i realized that is her bite inhibition training...it sure stopped ME in my tracks! 😁
  5. Wow surprising...I just checked our local NC husky rescue ( southern Siberian) and there were 8 pages of huskies posted...!! Ps I found my guy on the Petfinder website...type in your zip code, you can select a breed if you want...
  6. hi! It is nice that you all go and volunteer at the shelter! 😊 random thoughts: fence not a big deal. Many ways to proof it, including hot wiring ( posted on our local husky rescue website). Family situation sounds great. I work from home too, it makes everything so much easier. but yes, the deal killer may be the cats. If you foster her and she is no good with the cats...imagine how she would feel being taken back to the shelter...I don’t know if I could do that to a dog. but on the other hand, if her time has run out....I don’t know if I could just stand by and let her be euthanized! Agh! i am the owner of a dog whose time almost ran out...he was saved on his last day by a rescue. Are there any husky rescues in your area?
  7. So the name for this behavior is "resource guarding". For resource-guarding from humans, there are training techniques such as dropping a delicious tidbit whenever you are near his bowl, feeding him pieces of kibble by hand, etc. The point is to teach the dog that you are not going to take his food and in fact, you are going to put something tasty on top and you are the Giver of food, not a taker! For resource-guarding from other dogs, that is trickier...I think most people wind up feeding their dogs in their crates, or in separate rooms? I don't know a huge amount about it, because my dog is not a resource-guarder...but maybe somebody else has actual experience. If you have young children that might mess with him when he's eating, I'd be careful! I would then always feed him in crate with door closed...or get advice from a professional dog trainer on handling his behavior.
  8. Floki is telling you that he wants to go to School. 🙂 Wow, it's not everyday that you see a husky on the Roof!! For safety, maybe need to dogproof the windows...
  9. Ach, looks uncomfortable! And could be skin infection (staph is a common one that seems to show as red bumps?). I'd ask vet to look at it... ( Treatment for skin infection would normally be baths with special shampoo, and/or antibiotics...)
  10. Hi, how old is Wolly? For bed...you could try leaving leash on him. When he attempts to get up on the bed, make disapproving noise or say "No, no" or "Eh, eh" and make him get down again. If you are not there to watch, keep door to bedroom closed so he can't "sneak" up? Our adopted dog wore his leash in the house for the first 2 weeks. It made it a lot easier for us to teach him house manners. You do need to be consistent though...i.e. if one person lets him into the bed, but another person says No, that's confusing for the dog. A friend could not keep her dog off the couch - she would always say "No!" but her kids liked to invite him up and snuggle with him on the couch...so she had to give up eventually (even though she hates sitting in a sea of his fur). For leaving house...if you keep going out for a short time (few minutes) and coming back, he should learn and adjust. My dog used to get anxious and run to the door and whine even when I took out the trash, but now he doesn't even get up anymore, he just lays there.( To avoid separation anxiety, I'd build up the "absent times" gradually (i.e. don't just suddenly leave for an 8 hr workday...) For sleeping...does he get enough exercise during the day? Also, it took our dog awhile to adopt to our schedule...he used to wake up at 5-6am...maybe his foster home's schedule. But he gradually adjusted over to our schedule, which is later. We are in the habit of taking a short walk before bed. It encourages him to "go" so that he is empty for the night, and it seems like a cue to him that it's time to go to sleep. He usually comes home and goes to sleep afterwards. Dogs don't sleep as deeply as humans, they naturally have more awake periods..but if he is barking and making noise, it's not good to get up and pay attention to him...then he might just bark more because he like getting your attention and interaction in the middle of the night! My dog is very quiet, so maybe others will have better advice about barking... The first few weeks/months were a lot of work and lots of learning for us!
  11. Loca is lucky!😊 We have a rescue. He was at the animal shelter for weeks...heartworm-positive, middle-aged, and could not be touched. So he got put on the euthanasia list. Foster mom went and got him out on that day, even though her own house was overflowing with dogs already...kept him through heartworm treatment and medical treatments. When I was looking for a dog, I checked that rescue and asked about him. They approved us so fast... apparently we were the only family ever interested in him! Had him for 2 years now, he is such a good dog...walking buddy, friend and protector. His foster mom said that it took him a long time to trust humans and accept petting...even after we got him, he used to flinch a lot.( Hmm, just realized that I haven’t seen him flinch for months, I think! ) We get a lot of compliments when out walking and I want to say...this dog you are admiring, was dumped at the shelter and going to be killed...
  12. Ha ha! Enlightening...I have a GSD/husky mix and reading this list, I realized that he is basically a GSD! He is a serious protective obedient guy, walks nicely on the leash and makes a lot of eye contact with me on walks...yep, his GSD genes are dominant! GSDs may sound “easier” ... but I have dealt with issues like growling and snapping at strangers...that’s no fun...
  13. Shepsky5


    So sorry for your loss! To have that many dogs in her home and no troubles, for her to have accepted all the fosters coming and going...she was a good-hearted girl (and apparently a very avid frisbee player 🙂 )
  14. Welcome!😀 We rescued a white husky-shepherd mix - two years ago! Here he is on his first day in our home. ( He's still here - having his afternoon nap at the moment...)
  15. Another cat joke...my cat had this personality!
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