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  1. I think that unless your dog is frightened for some reason, her tail will be naturally up on its own! A dogshow is an exciting and interesting place. When my dog goes on walks, his tail is almost always up (his is more like fourth picture over) so I'm sure it would be up at a place with so many other dogs and people. I have not heard of a way to "train" a dog to hold its tail up? For breed standard, you probably have to post a picture of your husky standing in the right show pose from side...? Members who know more about this stuff, could see her body structure better than a picture lying down.
  2. Hmm he looks a lot my guy in coloring and faceshape and dark brown eye color...you're sure he's not part GSD? Plus he "follows you like a shadow" and "walks nicely on leash"? That' sounds GSDish... Also, dog aggression is something more common in GSDs than huskies? Anyhow... Yes, lots of dogs go berserk at us as we pass by calmly! I haven't figured out if it's because my dog is big and carries his tail up, or if because most dogs are just badly behaved!? Little dogs are especially nervous/growly/barky when they see him. My dog sometimes will growl if he meets another dominant male dog.
  3. I work from home so my dog is with me all day. My family has commented that I am less stressed, rant less about my clients, and am generally in a better mood since I got him. Other relaxing factors I believe are, being forced to go outside and take a walk in the afternoon every day...and of course his sincere brown eyes and doggy love. 🙂
  4. I might try baby steps... go out in yard. Play tug or chase for a little bit. Go back in. Go out in yard. Eat some treats.Come back in. Go out of yard and out into street. Play or eat treats. Come back in. I think you have to make it like it's not a big deal to go outside, and keep walks short and fun, work up to a 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile gradually... And as 2Huskyfun said...don't even let her have the chance to get close enough to nip anybody! Just keep away from other people - don't let people approach her, pet her, stare at her, etc. Cross the street if you need to!
  5. Oh, that makes sense! And standing on it with your whole weight should certainly apply enough pressure. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!
  6. Rumo and I were jogging down a long and very steep hill today on our walk. . I said to him, “this would be such a great hill to sled on when it snows!” I imagined the sled flying down the long hill, picking up speed...then I imagined it with huskies running in front ( of course) and I was like, wait, I would run right over the rear pair of huskies, and have a big crash! so do the sleds have brakes? How do you keep from running over your dogs on a long steep icy downhill?
  7. The dangling tufts are addictive! He will be sniffing a bush and while he is occupied, I reach down and pull out massive loose clumps of fur. I look like a crazy dog lady! I also use a comb when he is relaxing in his dog bed. i used to use a furminator when we first got him, but it stripped/cut short some of his shoulder fur. It also made him uncomfortable...he used to lift his head and wave his mouth at me if I hit a sensitive spot. With the comb, he falls asleep. ( I try to remember what side I did, so I can do the other side next time!) Ps When mowing, my husband found a nice little round nest by the back wall in our backyard. It was white and soft...it was all made of my dog’s fur! Somebody has put it to good use...
  8. My cousin met and married someone from e-harmony. beware of scams! Beware of people who seem to fall insanely in love with you in a week, then ask for a small “loan” so they can fly to visit you...
  9. We like to read, so our dog is named after the white wolfdog hero in the book “Rumo” by Walter Moers. Our guinea pigs’ names fit their personalities...Chester was serious and shy, Ziggy had a big white zigzag in her fur and she was dominant and energetic and bouncy. If I had a cat I would name him/her Sebastian or Serafina because...those are just perfect cattish names and I like those names! Hmmm this is not helpful! Just pick a name that you like, that fits his personality and looks, does not sound like an obedience command, and is easy to say...? PS there is another big white dog we know, and her name is....”Snowy”. My thought was, there goes a dog named by her kid! 😄 But I am sure both dog and her kid think it’s great! So in the long run - as long as dog and human are happy, it’s a good name. Your puppy’s photo looks like a “Gizmo” to me...he looks confident and mischievous...but I really would not know without meeting him. I also like “panda” for the dark patches around his eyes and his extreme black against white... And yea, if he is wandering around in living room, try a few different names and the one that brings him running, maybe that’s his name that he likes for himself! ( Hopefully he will never think his name is “nonobaddog” 😆)
  10. And here's a list of Chukchi / Siberian names if anybody wants inspiration! https://www.behindthename.com/submit/names/usage/siberian
  11. I am able to to just pull big clumps of fur out with my fingers...made a big pile today!! Don’t be alarmed. The soft undercoat all has gotta go....and there will be bagfuls of it...😮 Small side note: when I switched my dog from cheap grocery store dog food ( he was fed on this at rescue) to a more highly rated brand, his fur got a lot softer. So nutrition does make a difference.
  12. Sorry, this got a chuckle on my end: "Hi, my name is Kai and I have explosive diarrhea!" 🙂 Anyway he's very cute! On the diarrhea...you could let him just fast for 12-24 hours and let his system calm down. Then begin on small meals of white rice + plain boiled chicken few times a day. When poops get solid, switch slowly over to whatever you plan to feed him permanently... works on our dog whenever he eats something weird! If his diarrhea is very frequent/very watery, you may want to call in to the vet...
  13. I think it's a good thing. Bandit hasn't been around other dogs much (or at all) and he's going to have learn what is polite behavior with other dogs. He maybe wants to sleep the way he did with his littermates (in a big puppy pile) but that could get really hot for Marley! Anyway I think Marley should rightfully be the "higher ranking" dog. He was there first, and he's older too.
  14. Whoops husband says that a lot,of what I wrote was “classical economics”.so, I don’t know either!
  15. This is a very specific and academic topic. Are you taking a course in it? If so, your professor could point you in the right direction. If you are just expected to write the paper “ out of the blue”, you might find more experts on Quora or in online research communities. In short, it deals with demand and supply. If I have the only lemonade at a baseball game, I can charge $5 a cup! If there are many other sellers nearby with lemonade and drinks, I will have to lower my price, advertise, AND make special marketing claims like mine is made from all -organic lemons, etc. it also deals with how people spend...I.e. am I willing to pay $2 extra to drink organic lemonade? There is is also the matter of “perceived scarcity”. For example, I hear some scary news about my bank. I drive to the bank and take out all of my money, in cash. Other customers are all panicking too and do the same thing. Well, now that everybody panicked and made a huge run on the bank, the bank DOES close! ( now banks are insured by the government...not like old days) It is all interesting...the place where psychology and economics meet. Try asking and looking in more academic places than a husky forum! Try Wikipedia even...to get a start on names of the famous economists and their theories...?
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