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  1. I think he figured out that once he goes into the crate, you go to work and leave him! So he is delaying... Hmm, would there be a way to outsmart him by “breaking the pattern”? 🤔 or could you always leave him in there with something he loves that takes a while to eat ( like Kong with frozen treats inside?) so he will barely notice you leaving...?
  2. We have hot humid summers here ( southeast USA) and my dog drinks a lot more than during cool weather! I bring water on our walks in the summer. You could try giving him a kiddie pool with cool water in it, or even ice. Your dog may just be feeling hot, ( is he panting a lot) and then is trying to cool himself off by drinking. Drinking a lot can be a sign of other health issues, but your dog is young, so is probably healthy...if worried, you could measure how much he is drinking, then call up the vet and ask... hmm, my dog is indoors with me with air conditioning in the summer, and goes out early in the morning and after sunset. He has a stainless steel dog bowl and I need to refill it about 4 times on summer days...only twice on winter days. Plus he probably drinks about a bowl of water when out on a long walk.
  3. Whoops, sorry, no idea why I said “she!” Sorry Alpha!
  4. Sigh, my Great Dane was so cuddly! I used to take a nap and use her as a pillow, she seemed to love it! Rumo will actually get up and move away if I lie down too close to him. I'm like, gees, do I smell bad or something? ( Maybe to him, I do! )
  5. I like how she uses the armrest as a tail support... ... "I don't know what those things on the sides are for, maybe for my tail!"
  6. Wow, what a cool variety of hobbies! I believe that everybody has their unique gift/interests/talents to contribute...
  7. My guy is a calm friendly dog and a pleasure to have around. However at the vet's, he growls and flattens his ears. So he wears a muzzle at the vet. I find it to be a natural self-defensive reaction...he has had some painful things done to him in the past, I think, and is trying to tell the vet to leave him alone! But unfortunately, she can't leave him alone...so he has to wear a muzzle. She is a perfectly nice person and a good vet - but she has to give him shots or poke around on his body...I can understand that makes my dog tense.
  8. Looks like your husband is pinned to the couch by a husky and a pig! I hope he can get up! 😀 Our dog is not cuddly at all. 😔 He likes to be petted, but then he likes his space...
  9. I play music (classical guitar and violin - renaissance and baroque and Bach). And we like to hike ...our dog joins us for that! ( Although he leaves the room when I play guitar, which makes me a little sad. Weird, but he doesn't mind violin and will lay right there.)
  10. Oh no! So sorry. I can not imagine losing my dog that way.
  11. Wow, I want to come to your beach resort! your husky is beautiful and I like the way she rides on your surfboard/ paddle board 😀
  12. My dog hackles up sometimes...( when meeting other large male dominant dogs ) and his is more widespread. You can actually see his fur lifting/standing up over his neck and halfway down his back, it is not in such a narrow location? So if his fur is always like that, even when calm and relaxed, and you don’t see it visibly lifting up...it must not be hackling! Maybe just something about the way his fur is growing there? Rhodesian ridgeback is a good guess! I can’t think of any other breeds that have the line of fur that stands up...
  13. I got a kick out of this one!
  14. looks Great! Sure seems tall enough...do you have defenses for going Under? I have seen videos of huskies squirming through small holes under fences... Mine is not interested in escape and mostly lies on the deck near the door, but I was ready to reinforce the base of fence if I needed to 😄
  15. Yep! Mine would be sniffing a bush and I could reach down and just pull off a big handful of fur. I actually got worried that he had some kind of disease! But now it's stopped and he looks all sleek and nice again😀 I think some blows can be heavier than others...his last one was the worst yet!
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