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  1. I hope it's OK if I share this. This crate training video was made by the teacher of our obedience class, and she is great:
  2. Now that is great news! 😁 Fingers crossed that he has turned a corner... Great pooping and pulling, Marley!
  3. This is so worrying! 😞 Could you call your vet and bug him? This sounds like it is getting serious. Maybe vet will tell you to give up on the stool samples and start the antibiotics...whatever it takes to get Marley feeling better. M is having some kind of internal bleeding...whatever it takes to stop the bleeding, I would do that first. ( Can you at least drag a mattress or a futon or something into the front hall, if you want to sleep there with him...)
  4. Yes...those ears...somewhat greyhound like? (We almost adopted a retired racing greyhound ..I love them!) If so, a leaner build might be natural for him. My shepsky looks "ideal" during coat blow, then a bit "overweight" when he is in full fluff! Our question is, "Is he Fat or is he Furry?"
  5. This is worrying! I hope the vet can figure it out! It sounds like a stay at the animal hospital might actually be good for him...
  6. Ha ha ha ha! i don’t know how to click the little laughing emojis and add my laugh? Whenever I click on it, It just shows usernames of who clicked the emoji. I am stumped and will thus laugh in text...
  7. Yes...one small note is that you say she licks her mouth a lot. This “lip licking” is a calming signal used by dogs to calm themselves when they feel anxious or stressed. So she is feeling nervous in her new environment...needs quiet time and space to relax. When she feels relaxed, I think she will get her appetite back! Maybe just sit down quietly in same room where her food and water is, and read a book? you may find that she will come in to be near you, and then eat and drink. ( also, maybe she was holding out for the “destress treats”? Too many might be filling her up so she is not eating her regular food.) (ps when we adopted our rescue dog, he ate very little for the first few days. I said, “wow! Our dog only poops once every few days!” Well, now he is a food gobbler and he poops at least twice a day 🙄 and we watch his weight...)
  8. Ouch, poor girl... that looks painful. I hope you find out what it is!! I wonder if there is a veterinary school / research center kind of place near you...for more answers. and at 8.5 years, if the allergies are popping up now...has anything changed in her diet / environment recently, that you can think of? I do agree that if she is taking a corticosteroid, things should be really calming down...it’s weird that new lesions would appear. 😞.
  9. Thanks all...well, I consulted with a Jindo rescue and she kindly informed me that although a lot of his coloring and features match, he is just way too big! Jindo males max out at 50 lbs usually. At 75 lbs, Rumo is firmly in GSD territory. And she said, his face structure is not quite right either. She voted for husky shepherd. the Embark DNA test is expensive..and.it doesn’t test for Asian hunting breeds... so...I am sticking with shepsky! He does look a lot like Ice. ☺️ And I did read that some huskies clean themselves like cats ( Rumo keeps his paws snowy white) which explains his strange cleaning habits. we are well here and enjoying the cool weather! At 36 degrees outside, Rumo asked to go out and sprawled out for a long nap on the deck this afternoon.
  10. In a strange twist...er, Rumo is NOT a Shepsky! I was reading an article about the horrid dog meat market in Korea, and saw a photo of a dog that looked eerily like Rumo. It was named a “Korean Jindo”. When I searched on internet, I found a sea of dogs that look just him! Pinkish nose with dark spots, black fur wedge right under nose, tan ears, almond-shaped dark brown eyes, tail carried up in a sickle shape. AND everything I thought was “ unique” about him as a mix, is a breed trait!? - cleans himself like a cat and won’t lie on his dog bed if it’s dirty ( Jindo are fastidious) - has never once pottied in house, and prefers to even not potty within our yard. ( yep, fastidious) - one man dog - quiet, but will bark and growl fiercely at strangers in our yard - strong hunting/tracking drive and abilities - not destructive - respectful of Home and belongngs ( I thought he had a strict former owner!) - does not tend to be overly affectionate ( tends to not jump up on people, lick, cuddle, etc)...again, I thought his former owner was strict! - we left door open by accident, and he did not run off. Amazing for a husky...but typical for a Jindo ( guardian dog) HA HA HA HA, i now know so much about huskies and German shepherds, and I love them, but apparently I ‘ rescued ‘ a dog who is neither of those breeds! I thought he was a unique mix... but actually he is a rather cookie-cutter Jindo in looks and temperament. And now I can’t be called “ shepsky “ anymore...!
  11. Maybe the numbers only reflect officially registered AKC breedings... and not the "backyard breeders"...? The husky rescue here is overwhelmed... and there are always huskies on Craiglist 😞 They certainly don't seem to be endangered, but a lot of huskies are homeless:-(
  12. Ha ha, yes... when he went on his ritual nighttime potty walk with us, he only peed once. Normally he pees 3-4 times. We were like, "Maybe he took himself for a walk around the neighborhood, and came home??" And yes, I did save a bit of roast beef in my napkin from dinner, and gave him some when I got home! Anyway from now on we will watch the garage door go DOWN before driving away!!
  13. This is weird and amazing! Friday night decompression after a busy workweek ...we went out to dinner. We gave Rumo dinner and left him loose in the house (he would always open the gate anyway, and we realized that he doesn't do anything bad when he gets out of the kitchen.) We came home 1.5 hours later to find the garage door wide open, AND the door from garage to kitchen hanging open...we could see light shining out of our house! ( I think that the garage door opener didn't work somehow when we hit it, and I think Rumo figured out how to open the door to the garage...} I was terrified and bracing myself to spend the night driving around in the dark, calling his name. But we walked into the kitchen and Rumo greeted us at the door as usual!! He didn't leave the house! Anyway that was TERRIFYING and we will NEVER do that again!!!! We were so amazed that he stayed home.
  14. Rumo averages 2- 3 “what a beautiful dog” comments a week... People stop their cars and roll down their windows to tell us this 🙄 We were joking that he goes out wearing the same old thing every day, without any grooming or preparation of any kind, and he gets the most compliments of anyone in our family! Daughter said that it’s like having a supermodel in the family, ha ha. ( Now the first time somebody complimented me on his BEHAVIOR & training...well, then I was REALLY happy! )
  15. My guy is spoiled...he gets a few spoonfuls of chopped table food mixed in with his kibble at dinner, depending on what I cooked. It is usually fish, chicken or beef. If we are eating something without meat, I just mix in a few spoonfuls of canned dog food instead. Other things I have mixed in: leftover scrambled egg. Plain Greek yogurt. The kitchen is full of the smell of our cooking, so I felt sorry for him having to eat dry kibble! ( If I am putting a lot of garlic or seasoning on the meat, I cook a little plain meat in the small frying pan. ) maybe part of it was that he lays hopefully by his bowl, waiting and watching my every move?! Anyway we all eat dinner at the same time...I am happy to share a bit of ours with him. ( his weight is normal, health is fine )

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