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  1. I cannot believe they made it to their first Birthday after everything we have been through. Even now they are on poop watch for eating rocks. LOL Wish I had pics of all the outdoors stuff we do but I always have my hands full with the two of them and unable to hold a phone. Hehhee My babies 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
  2. I make candles, soaps, and work with essential oils. No video games
  3. Please do not shave. It is horrible for them. I would get a new vet. The vet obviously does not know Huskies. Mine have a kiddy pool. I fell it half water half ice. I put it in a shady spot. They love it and are entertained for a long while.
  4. The only way to know for sure is a DNA test. Either way, he is a cutie.
  5. Welcome. Please provide pics of both when you can.
  6. There are a lot of dog friendly places here in Tahoe. 😁 It would be a great place to test him out.
  7. My pups revert to potties in the house when something has scared them outside. My male will when the weather is really bad too. (He hates the rain LOL) My girl potties at night in the house because the coyotes scare her. I would start from the beginning with house training. Use a very high value treat only for this. I have heard of everything from malnutrition to boardom to they want to hide it.
  8. If they are floppy and she is already getting them caught on stuff I would it. I asked my vet to remove mine (they only have them in the front and they are tight against the leg) he said no. That is something that should have been done when they were babies because now the Cartledge has harden and it would be very painful for them. I don’t know if he just said that because he didn’t want to do it. But I figured they would be ok since they are small and don’t get hung up. In your case I would have pushed to get it done.
  9. I have never personally had to go through this but my girlfriend has a couple of times. She has agility dogs. (They came from the same litter and it had to do with their genetics, needless to say she stopped using them for agility and did not breed them) The first one was a nightmare and she ran into every complication possible with it. However, she found a different vet for the others and that vet actually casted the other leg (that was not operated on) while the leg that actually had the surgery healed. The other leg did not need the surgery after everything was said and done. The cast helped support the other leg, keeping the weight of limping off it. But then I don’t think there was any damage to that other leg to start. I am not sure exactly what all she had to do during recovery but I remember the un-operated leg’s cast looked more like jell and she took them to the lake to swim for therapy. Poor baby. I hope she recovers quickly and the she doesn’t have to go through it twice.
  10. They are so stinking cute.. Wish I got mine done at the same time. I think it would have been so much easier. But I did them a month apart. That is how my two played at that age. My girl would do what Toby is doing. (Lay behind me or between my legs, she would even run in her kennel or a corner of the room.) We thought it was cute but now I feel bad because the behavioralist said that was actually her way of asking for help. (I don’t know if that is what Toby is doing though) Again, this is just what was going on with my pups. I truly believe every pup and situation is different. This is just what worked for my pups.... The behavioralist had me set in the center of the room and hold my girl. Every time the boy came in to snip at her or get between her and me, I was to push him away (your hands are like a dogs mouth and they can miss read this as playing so I made sure I was pushing him away on his side or butt) As I was doing this I would say “Theia time” when he would finally go find something else to do I would reward him with attention. I did this 4 times a day. Now all I have to do is say Theia time and he goes off finding something else to do. This took about a month to be 100%. This also helped with training them separately. I took this training and started implementing it when I saw that she was hiding between my feet, legs, corner, or jumps on the couch and lays close to me. This one thing made such a huge difference. I cannot have collars on my pups. They got tangled up once and I just don’t trust it. Mine knew/know all the commands. I think that was the most frustrating thing about all this. They are so well behaved and listened in every other situation (expect on walks when he sees another dog LOL) But it is like a switch flips and I could be covered in raw meat and they still wouldn’t listen. LOL For this I started doing Attention training. Every time they made eye contact I would say attention and give them a treat. Now I say attention and they look at me for their treats instead of reacting to whatever is going on. This has really helped for when we are on walks or go to a store. We are still not 100% but it is a lot better. I have never seen that spray. I have only used the mixture or Bitter Apple (LOL). I think I only had to do hydrogen peroxide with neosporn once or twice. If it is just a little scratch I didn’t mess with it. My girl has broken skin around her nose and eye right now (not sure if from the boy or daycare) I am not doing anything with it just keeping an eye on it. For anything major I go to the feed store and get that purple spray anti-septic spray.
  11. ❤️🥰❣️❤️🥰❣️❤️🥰❣️❤️ The boy watching his favorite animal show. LOL Little girl playing with her ball in peace. ❤️🥰❣️❤️🥰❣️❤️🥰❣️❤️
  12. Thank you for the info... That is the biggest pushed food here in the US. My OLD vet tried pushing it on me a few months ago and when I pushed back he actually got pissy with me. It’s unreal... Vets think only they know best. Prescription food is pushed so hard here and it is all bad. Whether there is a recall or not. I personally could not feed it to mine in good faith. Thanks again for the heads up.
  13. Not all behavioral issues can be fixed by nurturing.LOL it takes a lot of training. However, that is exactly why I had my male done at 4 months. He was getting very nasty and was extremely difficult to handle. He is well on his way to being possibly bigger then dad which was 60 lbs. Almost all of his behavioral issues stopped and he became a big cuddle bug almost immediately. (Depending on age, it takes a few months for the testosterone to lower) and other then his food allergies/intolerance, he is perfectly healthy. I think it is a personal choice. I worked at the Shelter as a vet tech and we nurtured everything as soon as they hit 2 lbs. Never had an issue. None of my personal dogs ever had long term medical issues and all lived very long healthy lives. As an Animal Control Officer (retired now) I cannot tell you how many calls I would respond to because two unfixed males or two unfixed females were either trying to kill each other or one did kill the other. There is so many studies out there regarding the when and why you should nurture and they contradict each other. The only medical complications I have personally seen that is linked to this subject has been Testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and ovarian cyst in un altered dogs. *fun fact* vets here charge by weight. So, how much of this truly is for medical or is it for them to charge more.....
  14. I use a holistic vet. So there are a bunch of meds you could use. However, my pups were very sick and was put on a bunch of meds when they were little until we figured out it was them having an intolerance and allergies to certain foods. The vet says their stomachs have been stripped of all the good stuff causing the acid to upset their tummies which is why when they are feed something that is on their intolerance list, he gets a flare up. I give them the enzymes only right now with each meal. Until their tummies are completely healed. Then I will be adding the probiotics once the stomach liner is good. *I was told by both the vet and nutritionist this next part will not hurt your pup if he does not have heartburn but if it is truly heartburn it will stop the episode immediately* When I notice the onset of an episode I immediately give a tablespoon of water mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. He is 55lbs I put it in a syringe squirt it in his mouth. I only have a window of 30 minutes to do this or else he will throw up stomach acid. Since I know what triggers it, I only give it when he has an accidental exposure. But if it is a constant issue then you could give it with each meal. But only for a short time until the cause is found. Some will even put a little in their furbabies water bowl as a maintenance thing. Mine love the taste so that would not be an issue. However, that much Apple cider vinegar could cause more of an issue with mine since his tummy liner is so bad. Hope this helped
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