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  1. I would advise them of what happened and do all bandages and packing myself. I agree with @PaulG I have never had luck with the way they bandage and end up having to redo it by the time we even get home. He to be good with you doing it and by his reaction, he is telling you he only wants his mom to doing it. 😁
  2. After my boy’s last sedation for his butt, my vet refuses to put him under again unless it is life and death. This is one of his spots that went sideways. It didn’t heal pretty and every once in awhile he busts it back open but at least it is manageable now. Lots of long nights of him crying and trying to tear at it. You know what is best for Marley and he trust you. It may be best that you take charge and follow your gut. All you need from vets is antibiotics and pain pills. You can take care of everything else probably better then what they are doing. And ya, that is BS that they keep having to sedate him but then tell you to do it at home. 🤯. Unless they are going to put a wound vac in, I would tell them no more. You can get him healed probably better then they can at this point.
  3. He is a baby. Please post pictures. Love the babies and they grow super fast! At 10 weeks all mine would do is eat, poop, sleep. LOL If he is your only fur baby in the house leave the collar on him when you can keep an eye on him so he gets used to it. (Collar needs to be snug enough but you can put two fingers underneath. Don’t want him getting tangled up) Make sure the buckles and the latch on the leash is the correct size and weight for him. I made that mistake with my girl because I never thought about that until she started refusing her lead. They were too big and heavy. When outside, make it fun. Bring his favorite toy and play for the 10 minutes (after he goes potty)
  4. I don’t want to scare you but. That looks very concerning on many levels from the picture. It appears the eyeball itself is enlarged, the pupil is not dilating correctly, the lens may be damaged, there is staining coming from the eye, and she could already be blind. If you can afford it (it would cost me a pretty penny here, but better then waiting for it to be more serious) she needs an eye specialist to have that eyeball scanned. That is going to be the only was to see the damage. My guess is she got maced. And unfortunately, from close range and the PSI coming out of it did the damage. Keep her out of the sun. Order the glasses, she most likely needed an anti inflammatory. keep us updated. Good Luck
  5. OMG! I would have chewed her out and caused an unbelievable seen. My heart and stomach just flipped. What the hell was she thinking doing it that way! 😡🤬 I am so sorry hun. I really wish I could physically help you. Lots of deep breaths. See if hubby could watch him for a few while you go soak and reset yourself. I know how exhausting this is. We are so a like. No sleep for days watching over our babies and don’t trust no one to do it like we can 😉 You got him to start healing the first time, you can do it again! Me and my pack are thinking of you guys and sending good vibes across the pond to you and Marley. Positive thoughts.
  6. I had dealt with dogs in the past that got maced. If they were sprayed directly in the eyes that would happen. She either got maced by a person, someone poured something on her face, or she decided to tryout a new protein diet that sprayed her. Without pictures it’s hard to guide you on what to do. Are you absolutely certain that there is nothing in her eyes? I would take her to an eye specialist ASAP. We have one here that specializes in Huskies for snow blindness. Very hard to get in though. If you are over 100% sure she has nothing in her eye: keep her out of the sun as much as possible, (they do sell sunglasses for dogs) I would use the eye drops for the conjunctivitis (wouldn’t hurt even if that isn’t the exact issue), keep a very close eye on her. She could very well lose her sight in that eye. Good luck and please post updates
  7. She is a cutie. Yep I have dealt with it all times 2. Read my response to @Sitti. That will help answer some of your questions. Just basic training will help a ton. For the cat issue. Luckily my female cat is a &@$! and made it very clear she was the boss first day. I still taught the pups No Kitty command. Squirt bottle with good aim did the trick. I also use the squirt bottle for when mine throat grab and shack. There is a bunch of post and videos I did on that.For the most part leave them be and let them work it out. Sometimes getting involved can make it worse. Mine go to daycare. Have since they were 5 months. Went through a couple of them till I found one that understands their behavior. The other dogs let them know when enough is enough and they have been nipped a few times. But there is a group of 14 Huskies that go at the same time. Love those days. LOL I ignore mine when I come and go. So they don’t get stressed when I have to leave them and I don’t get taken out coming home. As far as the attitude. LOL Wait till she hits her teenage stage 😂🤣🤯 I think females are much harder then the males.
  8. Welcome 1 Get him nurtured ASAP. There are a lot of opinions about when to do this. I have nurtured plenty at very young ages (I would suggest around 7 weeks) and have never seen or heard of any issues. All my personal animals were done male and female at young ages and never once did it effect their health or their growth. I truly believe that this new thing of waiting is so the vets can charge more because the animal weighs more and the vets charge on weight. Plus it is easier to control them after the procedure the younger they are. Do your research and figure out what works best for you. Keeping a male intact just because can and in most cases Causes testicle cancer, behavioral issues, and the animal will have more of a drive to escape (which causes hit by car, injuries from dog fights, increasing the chances of it biting someone, impregnating another dog, never finding your dog again, or it being shot, and a very high ticket 💰💰) Females that are not spayed cause a mess. Can get ovarian cancer, will actually have more health issues. And also a very pricey ticket (twice as much as a males if found running loose) So unless papered and are breeding a very good blood line get him nurtured, there are way to many getting breed and ending up abandon! *Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of very well behaved Unneutered and unspayed dogs that are very healthy and happy* But this being your very first dog, it is best to get it done. Do your research please. 2: You can start now. I do in-house training first (no distractions and they feel safe) until they have it down. Then start all over in a backyard (a little distraction). Once they get that down, move to the front starting at the beginning. Find a special treat that he loves and only give it during training. Start with basic leash. Have him leashed to you while you do your daily routine. Reward when he is by your side and looks at you (that is him checking in and will be very important for when he is older and you start taking him out and about!) Little girl checking in with me on our walk and knows she gets a treat for it. Crate Training: No matter if you want to crate him or not (I highly suggest it because they do get very destructive at times) This is so he does not get stressed out at the vets or if there is an emergency and it is they only way. Little girl loves her transport kennel. (We have to prep for fire season here. So if we get evacuated they have to be transported in these) Waiting for me to open it. Start with feeding all meals in the crate. As he learns to eat in there slowly increase the time after eating by a minute. During the day keep the crate open so he can go in and out on his own. Put the crate in your room at night with door open. Have it covered so it is like a den. Be careful of blankets and stuff because he will most likely eat them. Never use the crate for punishment. Their everyday/feeding crates. Someone doesn’t want to miss out on dinner. LOL In a bedroom if quiet time is needed. Sit, please do not push on his butt or back. Pull slightly up on the leash (not hard) and only use your thumb and pointer figure over the hips and gently guide the butt down. There is a pressure point there and does not require any harsh pressure. You can google this. But I have been able to get Saint Bernards to set quickly with this with no issues or muscle. Leave it, Too many different ways to do this one to type it all out. But if not done correctly you will have a very possessive aggressive dog! Or he will Start swallowing the object you don’t want him to have to keep you from taking it. Very dangerous. I would highly suggest you find another high value treat and say leave it and give him his treat while you take the unwanted object away or lead him away from whatever it is and give him the treat. He is a little young but my boy loved this one and still does.... get a very long line (Huskies can never be off leash) let him get to the end and then call him. Once he gets to you have his favorite toy and play tug. This will help for if he ever gets loose. At his age this really all you need to be working on. 3:Training should only be 5-10 minutes at a time 3 or 4 times a day. My girl could only do the 5 and my boy would do about 12 minutes at this age. ALWAYS end your training while they still want to do more. Walks are 5 minutes per month old. So 15 minutes 3 times a day. Do not make him run it will cause joint damage and mental issues ( excitement and then he won’t pay attention to the leash training ) Walks are about calmness not distance. Take a few steps then turn, take a few steps and make him set. Give treats when he is naturally by your side and looks up at you. 4: Play bitting is normal. Mine were like trying to pet a school of Puranas. LOL As soon as you feel teeth say no bit and move away from him ignoring him for a few minutes. Then try playing again. Then just keep repeating. He will get it and all the other training will help with this too. I think mine were around 7 months before it completely stopped. DO NOT let anyone mouth play with him while you are working on this. At 6 months I did place training, door, crate, car door control training, and tricks. Line training In a store training. Working on set and stay in public Place training while watching TV Place training in office area I have a bunch of videos but can’t seem to get them switched from YouTube. Once I figure it out I will post them. He is gorgeous and good luck.
  9. 2Huskyfun


    Run free Nishka for now you have peace.
  10. I can only suggest it is a diet thing. She is not getting enough of something or too much of something. What protein are you giving her? What is your: protein, carb, fat, organ, veg ratio? I follow the traditional seasonal diet. Summer- Grassland (caution on Elk, very fatty (hot) Winter-Fish Spring and Fall- Fowl Always keeping an eye on the fat and carb levels. I have since switched from cooked back to their kibble because of my boy’s medical issue while I start them on new support supplements. This is so we can actually see if what we are giving is actually working without interference of food intolerance. But I would put money on it is the ratio.
  11. That is sooo awesome. It is worrisome when they are not active. Total red flag if there is not a good zoomy session first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Or if I am not having to constantly tell them to stop getting into something. I am so happy that he is bouncing back. 😁
  12. I use a horse loung line. 20 feet. Any tack store or amazon
  13. If you are positive she doesn’t have a blockage. Cut back the feeding amount. Treats count in this. If feed too much it will cause diarrhea. I just skip dinner and then feed 1/2 amount for breakfast and slowly increase. If stools get loose again then you know how much is too much. *I never found Chicken and rice to work for mine* Well, Turkey and rice. LOL mine are intolerant to chicken. Get a good quality Prebiotic/Probiotics/Enzymes. Really helps with sensitive bellies. Stress, too much food, bad food, table scraps, and food allergies/intolerance will cause diarrhea.
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