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  1. Definitely let use know what the vet says. I believe food allergies can cause that but just in one area is strange. What about a spider bite or something? I would think she would itch/chew at that.?. Whenever they had to be shaved for a procedure or if another dog pulled chunks of their tail out during play it would take forever to grow his hair back.
  2. Do you have pictures? Is it because he chews it? I used Bitter apple spray. For most dogs Apple cider vinegar would deter them from chewing and is great for keeping hot spots from getting infected. (My pups love the taste and would lick each other)🤣 Took my boy a year to grow his tail back
  3. I saw a huge difference in mines coat between their first spring and this spring. I think it’s normal. I chalked up the first season as them having puppy fur. Then they went through their first shed and lost all of it and now have their adult hair for both under and guard hairs. However, diet can change their coat too.
  4. Mine went through a growing spurt around 4 months, 7 months, and 14 months was the last big growing spurt. My female was not the runt but was one of the smaller ones. This is them now a little over 2 years old. Did you get yours through a breeder? Did you see mom and dad?
  5. How old is he? *This is just what I did, I am not suggesting this is what your fur baby has or how to treat it* Mine did that and he ($3000 later) had heart burn. 🙃 It was caused by his leaky gut. Some pups develop sever symptoms or it is only aggravated when an allergy is involved. I would suggest researching Leaky Gut and Heartburn. Undigested food coming up while lying down is like us having heartburn when we lay down flat after eating a full meal?.?. After I did reach and knowing all his medical conditions that my boy was dealing with I decided to give him apple cider vinegar. Instead of the meds. I started off with a small amount then worked up to a full tablespoon. (He loves it and would probably drink a whole bottle if he could). If I was watching him closely I could pick up on his signs and give him the apple cider vinegar before he needed to throw up. It stopped after I was able to get his leaky gut healed and figured out all his food allergies. Leaky gut normally develops during the processes of when they go from moms milk to dry food. That’s why I asked about his age. *Just a thought* If he is older and has developed heartburn then there could be something else going on. (Mine started around 6 months) Never heard of apple cider vinegar having negative side effects when given in small amounts. I even give it to my girl if I think she is starting to get a bladder infection. Maybe it’s worth a try until you can get him into the vet.
  6. It’s hard to tell. I know mine were bigger than some and I have seen ones that are twice their size. Here are mine at 3 months. I believe she stood a foot tall at that age. I remember how hard it was to get a picture of them at that age. 🤣
  7. I believe it would be very unusual for her to just now start showing signs of depression after two years. If I read that correctly. The medication could be making her depression worse. When you take her to the vet would you be comfortable with asking them if there is holistic way of treating her conditions? I originally started off treating my pups for their medical conditions with whatever pills the vet suggested. They ended up causing more issues. I switched to a holistic vet and over a few months their symptoms subsided and was able to reverse some of the damage in my male.
  8. Poor girl. It is so awesome that you rescued her. At her age, coming out of a shelter environment, and not knowing exactly what she went through before that, it is going to take a few. I would just let her do her thing, give lots of love and praise, and keep things calm. It may take her awhile to trust and believe she is finally at home. Be patient with her. Two weeks is no time at all. Maybe starting with basic training will help her gain trust in you and her environment. Always set her up for success. The sooner she trust you the sooner she will warm up.
  9. I use Kong harnesses for their regular walks. I have noticed that they (my male mostly) will cough just a little if he gets too worked up and drops his weight to pull. But they haven’t been able to get out of them. Plus they are reflective. I have two different styles. Sorry there are no pictures. I rarely am on my phone while out with them. I always attach a string or strap from their collar to the harness if we are in a new environment. So if they slip the harness I’ll still be able to have a hold of them.
  10. Wish I could use a dual. I have to take them separately now. My male is a sprinter and if I pace him with her he does a little reverse aggression. She is my steady pacer for longer distance. I trained mine on a long line for the commands first before using the harnesses. It worked out great.
  11. My favorite harness is their Non-Stop Dogwear. I kept a second line on them until they were trained. Now I just use a running belt and the sled commands.
  12. Has she had a vet check recently?If so and everything is normal, maybe it’s a seasonal thing.Has anything changed in the house? My two will go through periods of ups and downs. The girl though used to be very standoffish. The more I worked with her (training) the more she warmed up (playful). She still has moments of not wanting anything to do with anyone. I would just keep an eye on it. As long as mine are eating, drinking, poops look good, and they perk up on walks, I try not to stress. They have really matured over the past two years and their calmness catches me off guard sometimes.
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