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  1. is she fixed? My girl is fixed and she still marks. It could just be her personality. I don’t think mine cooked long enough sometimes. 🤣 But now that they are 2, they have really matured. There is hope and it’s probably something she will grow out of.
  2. The stop eating to pee throws up red flags for me. Have you taken her to the vet and been checked for a bladder infection or something? I have a male and female. My girl was much harder to house break. She would pee on the tile in the middle of the night and had to be let out every 2 hours night and day. I never made a big deal out of it. Just cleaned it up. Now they are 2 and she is getting the hang of it. I used white vinegar to clean it up. Pulled her water about an hour before bed. (She mostly played in it at night anyways) She also marks while on walks. But once she has her running or pulling harness on she doesn’t stop to pee. She waits until she is unhooked. I have a dog door now and I can trust them loss in the house now, so we have no more issues.
  3. Nap time after a good run. Waiting for the cat to slide onto the girls head. He’s lucky they like him. LOL
  4. What a ham... Love the expressive face.
  5. I started off by just feeding them in their crate. Slowly extending the time spent in the crate. *I do not crate mine when I leave the house. I have a section of the house “husky proofed” for them* But I think it is a great idea to have them used to a crate in case they have to stay at a vet or there is an emergency. My male is great. His sister though has anxiety. I do not make a big deal leaving or coming home. Try keeping him in the crate when you get home until he is calm, then let him out without making a big deal out of it. Unless he has to go potty as soon as you get home....
  6. She looks like a good momma.
  7. Very cute. Maybe a black nose sable. But they change so dramatically it’s hard to know.
  8. I have always had better luck with males. In any animal. LOL I have a pair now. Brother and sister. She is more difficult when it comes to in the house stuff. She can’t be left alone for a second or she eats everything blankets, pens, carpet, the fence, etc. House training was a lot harder too. But outside the house, she is perfect. I can take her anywhere. Brother on the other hand is the complete opposite. Awesome inside. Total snuggle bug and can trust him for short periods of time alone. However, outside, he was a nightmare! And surprisingly he is extremely protective of me. As far as timing.... that is your personal choice. I have gotten back to back dogs. It helped with the grieving process. This last time, it was about 2 years. So, you are the only one that can make that decision. (Doesn’t matter what others think) You know what’s best for you.
  9. Mine mostly sleep on the couch. They have nice dog beds but they like to eat them sometimes so they only have access to them when they are super tired. When it is hot they just lay on the tile floor. I only use these for place training. The girl likes to eat them.
  10. 2Huskyfun


    Welcome. Adopt if you can. Especially if you have never dealt with this breed before. A lot of people do not do their research and get puppies. Then they give them up because they had no idea on how to train them. Do lots of research. Puppy stage (until 3 years from what I have learned and been told) can be very difficult and training will take lots of time. Huskies are beautiful and worth the time! However, they are not managed like your Labs or GS dogs.
  11. I am so sorry to hear that. Run free Flash
  12. I have the complete opposite issue here. It’s really dry. So, mine have dry itchy dandruff. But my boy will get soft and shiny- oily type coat right before he starts shedding. My boy started chewing holes in himself so the vet gave me a med shampoo and I had to wash him 3x a week for 4 weeks. NOT FUN. 🤦🏽‍♀️ My girl has environmental allergies. I wipe her down with Witch Hazel. I have not bathed them since. Its been about a year. Whenever they get dirty or stinky, I wipe them down with the Witch Hazel.
  13. My boy gets in a zone. Has obsessive disorder. LOL He was seriously diagnosed with it 😂🥴 Pet Corrector or any pressurized air. Worked great for mine. Don’t do it around their face. I hide it so he doesn’t know where it is coming from and only when nothing else is snapping him out of it. Don’t want him getting used to it. My girl flattens out like she is ducking for an in coming air assault. Hehhee Place training and impulse training works great. Did wonders for mine. My boy used to run backwards, scream, gator roll, jump 4 feet straight up, and bit the leash.
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