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  1. It is heartbreaking. However, do not lose hope! Spend as much time with him as possible and love him. Even though she is stand offish, there still has been improvements and she cracks us up! Too Cute 7 weeks Always the first to check things out Is comfy enough to sleep anytime Passed out on the car ride home from day care Suckales on her paw As long as she thinks I am asleep she will curl up next to me... but the second she thinks I know she is sleeping by me she jumps down. I was never in the room LOL May not be demanding of me but has no issues bossing brother around 🀣 Loves her brother Her time being alone Don't give up on him. It takes time.
  2. I have the kitchen and now the dinning room blocked off. (They were able to jump up on the counters since 5 months of age 😡and I have books and stuff in the dinning room that the female eats) All they have is the living room. Which thankfully is a good size. The doggy door is located in the wall of the living room, which leads out to an ok size dog run. We laid fake grass and have pavers along the edge and a chain link attached to the wooden fence. *it is 30 by 7, why she lays there I have no idea* I have slept on the couch for the past 5 months. 😫 The male hates the bedroom. One of the disagreements my husband and I have. 1 can't leave the doggy door open all night because they would eat the fencing and put holes in the fake grass and eat the rocks, 2 if they had free roam to go from bedroom to dog door, they would eat my walls and couch and everything else they find unattended. They still go potty 2x a night. (However, the last two nights we have been below freezing and they have slept through out the night) literally just now turned on our heat. LOL So, I sleep on the couch to supervise their potty time at night and have them in a spot where I can see everything they do during the day. I walk them about 45 minutes 2 to 3 times a day. My poor boy is so out of shape he pants so heavily I can't take him any longer and if the temp isn't perfect he only goes for 20 to 30 minutes. Took them to the park for the first time over the weekend but they have to be muzzled because they eat everything. (They have been at a full run, mouth open, scooping everything up!) Doesn't matter what it is! No chewing just swallowing everything hole. They are not aloud to be in the backyard without a muzzle. We have rocks, peach tree, and grape vines. I didn't plant them the previous owner did. on the rare occasions (when my husband isn't around) I let them in the back yard (muzzled) but let them dig away... hehheee 🀣
  3. Chelseafan- Thank You so much for the reassurance. My husband and I have gone rounds about how much attention I give them and how I am always daunting over them. He wants them to just be mature already... I keep telling him that they are still babies and probably won't be mature until around 2. Thank you How did you handle them eating things? Mine swallows everything they chew up. I am so worried about them getting an obstruction. It seems like I have to have my eyes on them 24/7. This is the boy's X-ray from last week. He found and ate metal. Then Monday the pillow. Yesterday I had 4 pills of nothing but brown stuffing. Plus he throw up a whole wad of stuffing πŸ˜–. I don't know how to get them to behave for others in the family. Will beside have them work with the pups and stuff. But they are hardly home. I just hope they grow out of it prior to a major issue happening.
  4. I have been reading you guys comments on the teenage stage. But I was wondering if what my pups are doing is normal prior to this fun next phase. LOL My pups are 8 months next week. As everyone has read, they have always ate anything that can and cannot fit in their mouths. However, in the past few months, they only eat things in the house when someone besides me is watching them. I have always been able to leave them long enough to shower or run down the street for 30 minutes. They would just lay down and be in the same spot when I get back. But now, if my husband or daughter is with them, they will find things to eat right in front of them. Monday while my daughter left the room (she says for two minutes- says the teenager that is glued to her phone) ate a whole pillow. Then I have noticed that they are WAY mellow! Sleeping all the time while at home. ( Just started a new daycare Tuesday and they have been pretty much out since- would like to take them for walks but they are still sleeping). They are also not so reactive to family members coming home. They used to go insane but now they are just O Hi and then go back to their spots. They have also slept through out the night for the first time ever the last three nights. They eat, drink, play (a lot less but do a little) and their stool is fine. I have been doing a lot of training with them. Door stay, Kennel stay after eating, leash training, place training, and some little tricks. Which they act normal and responsive. Any other breed and I would be thrilled that they are maturing but since they are Huskies..... So I guess I am just wondering, is this a growing spurt? Is this the calm before the storm? Or am I getting lucky?
  5. That was my female to a T. It is so heart breaking! When I got my brother and sister, the boy bonded with me and sister bonded with him. Never once acknowledging I was alive. Every time any of us try to pet or play with her she runs away, doesn't listen, nothing. Loves strangers, runs up with ears back and wags her tail. But could careless about anyone in the house... Now she is 8 months. She is happy and will greets us when we come home, but then runs off. Runs when we try to leash her (I have been making her come to me with treats and that has been helping a lot) I also have been seeing that the more I work with her on the basics the more tolerant she is of me and others in the house. She has also started jumping on the couch and laying close to me. However, if I touch her she will jump down and lay as far away as possible. Basically, just keep working with him. Don't push him. I respect her space and accepted that she is just the way she is. She is very slowly coming around on her own.
  6. I was an Animal Control Officer here and I actually did barking investigations, dog fighting investigation, and so on... I have been retired for a long while now and do not know what your laws are... but hopefully this helps. I would advice the dog owner to record (writing it down is fine) when they leave, when they come home, the times when the dogs were not home, and when neighbor dogs are barking (not to get them in trouble but to prove if it is a different dog) Have a third party (for here it was me and yes it didn't matter what time of day or night) set a couple of houses down and listened. Then record, which dogs were making nois, is there construction in the area, someone starting up their motorcycle to leave for work, and so on. It is up to the reporting party to prove your dog is a nuisance. If you record that your dogs were out of the house and she states that they were barking at that time, will then she can't prove her case. It is ok and my judges actually trusted the dog owner more when they have evidence that - yes, my dog barked between **** and **** because ....... and these are the steps I am taking to lessen it. Or that you are willing to work with the reporting party..... Judges understand that dogs bark. (it doesn't sound like yours is really a nuisance) 5 minutes at 5:30 pm is nothing. I had one case were the RP worked graves and the DO was an elderly person. RP clammed they couldn't sleep during the day because the dogs barked all day. Long story short.... I was able to work out a deal were the RP's kid would actually come over to the DO's house and take the dog for walks during the day. They became good friends after that. As hard, frustrating, and annoying as it is, just document, and don't let this get to you. O and state how long you have lived there, how long you have had the dogs, and how long the neighbor has been there (if you know) and why would this be all of a sudden be an issue. You can statements from other neighbors stating that your dogs are not a nuisance.* Keep in mind a statement is no good unless the person writing the statement is welling to go to court to state that, that is their statement.* Good Luck, keep us posted
  7. It's not a head. It is a triangle with a seeing eye in the center. It looks weird in that shot. It was designed around the arm being straight and looking at it the opposite way with my arm relaxed walking. Here is a better pic.
  8. Keep the pics coming LOL They grow fast.
  9. Welcome! He looks very cute and congrats. Glad your father told you about this site. How old will he be when you get him? I got my two when they were 7 weeks and I feel it was too soon and had to work through some behavioral issues.
  10. Mine tries to burry whatever it is that they shouldn't have. Ate a pillow Monday night. As my daughter walked in the room and caught them, they had enough time to shove what they could in between the couch cushions. (Saving it until we weren't paying attention) I pretend to leave the room and watch for their next hiding place. The boy isn't as smooth, he just walks away. But my little girl bats her eyes as sweet as she can. πŸ˜‚ I am still finding the stuffing in places.
  11. OMG. It took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…. I love his tail!!! My boy got his tip bit off about a 2 months ago. It hasn't grown back yet. 😩 He doesn't like me talking about it πŸ™ƒ
  12. I am working on finishing my sleeve. In between vet bills from the pups eating things. LOL I have my whole shoulder done too
  13. So cute!!! Welcome 1 If you notice loose or watery stool. Check how much you are feeding. I spent way too much money at the vets and put my pups on every med, to just figure out that I was feeding too much πŸ˜–They don't eat as much as other dogs. 2 Huskies are very smart. Start working with him on the basics. There will be days he will look at you like he has no clue what you are asking or flat ignores you. But he knows... just a Husky thing. 🀣 But hopefully you can keep his mind busy enough to get through the teething. 3 If you are a crate person, now is the time to really work on that. I wish I took it more seriously and worked more with mine on it. That's just the first things I can think of off hand with new Sibs.
  14. Very cute! Mine are brother and sister and have both totally different coats. My female is not fluffy. However, now that we are getting below freezing, I am noticing she is getting her under coat (at least a lot more of an under coat)
  15. My girl likes to blow bubbles in the water. She was tolerant of the one bath she has gotten. The male hates it! The one time I took them to get groomed because their skin was itchy, he ended up with staples in his leg. 😑 (Long story and in the process of pressing charges)

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