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  1. I don’t have pics of mom and dad. But the dad looked very much like their dad but had a dark face. Same the mom except mines mom had a full mask. My girl started off white with red tips. Now she is gray. 7 weeks 12 weeks 4 months 9 months The boy changed a little but not like his sissy. 7 weeks 12 weeks 4 months 9 months Its hard to tell how the coloring will change. Every pup is different.
  2. Since last Friday my poor boy hasn’t been out for walks. 😩. Because he filled all the his nails down on one back paw and broke a couple on his front. (Hasn’t had them trimmed because our walks/runs keep them filed down; the girl has to get trimmed on regular) I have let him play in the first snowfall in the backyard, but not the same and only for a few minutes. He doesn’t understand why he can’t go outside. 🥺 and is getting testy with his sister. I have been looking at booties. There are a lot of mixed reviews for most of them. Does anyone else use booties and what works best for these guys?
  3. Is he neutered? Have you taken him to the vet? Maybe he has an UTI? My pups get excited when I come home and tinkle a little. My male cat marks (pees) on my husband’s work cloths. Does not like the smell of them after he comes home from work. Are you guys around an unaltered dog?
  4. Welcome! He is very handsome.
  5. That is why I muzzled trained mine. In my last post “pups first snow” you can see both are muzzled. They eat rocks and we have a peach tree that the previous owner planted along with grape vines and rose bushes. I use a basket muzzle. Started with a little bit of peanut butter on the inside and let them lick it without clipping it on. Once they were fine with it then I could clip it. They don’t mind it and have figured out how to play ball with them on. I would use a command that was only for stop chewing. Nah-ahh. I would catch them chewing say nah-ahh and then put the muzzle on saying No chew. Once they moved away and show no interest in what they were chewing I take the muzzle off. Mine eat stuff on walks. Nails, batteries, plastic, anything they can scope up while on walks. I would suggest trying to train the leave it command first. Offer something of higher value to them. Say leave it and when they turn to you offer the higher value treat. But after my 5th visit to the emergency vet and the vet suggested I use a muzzle, and even had a home trainer try to help me train them on leave it.... The basket muzzle has really saved their life. Now (95% of the time) I say Nah-ahh and show them the muzzle and they immediately stop. I also use butter apple spray in the house. Good luck.
  6. The kids have started setting on them when we have everyone over. LOL The pups will run and set on the kids. 🤣 But the pups don’t like the kitties on them. Luckily I got them their own to curl up on.
  7. Just got the pups new beds. Hopefully they don’t eat these like the others they have had. LOL Here is the boy trying to get comfy. Love the leaps. 😁
  8. Does anyone else have pictures or videos of their babies first snow?
  9. So cute! I love how playful and the looks on their faces. Wish I could have taken mine up the hill this weekend for deeper snow or let them play longer. The boy managed to file all his nails down to the quick on one of his back paws and broke a few on his front paw. 😞. Didn’t want to get them bleeding again.
  10. Neckline is an absolute a no go with my two. LOL They do better every day. But the boy wore down his back left to nothing. Blood everywhere. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Then has a couple of broken in the front. So no walks for awhile. I did let them in the back to play for a bit during their first snow storm 🌨
  11. I have gone through three. LOL They seem to actually be doing good with these. Not actively chewing them, just comfy mouthing and digging. All others were chewed up the first day. My babies are growing up.
  12. LOL The first 30 / 40 minutes is the craziest and then they seem to settle down. We will go for another hour after that. We are slowly learning how to run 😂😓. Once we start jogging they get worse then if I just walk them and all commands are out the window and they scream at each other. It’s actually quite funny but very frustrating at the same time. I would like to get them into a harness for running but was told by the vet not to let them pull at all until about 16 months old because of growth plates. Every time a harness is on them or we start jogging they immediately go to the end of the lead and start pulling and jumping. I am not worried about what people think seeing them do it, I am just worried about them hurting themselves. Is it really going to hurt them if they are just pulling against the lead with me? Not being hooked up to anything.
  13. Hopefully she will be able to help. Keep us posted and good luck.
  14. I ordered the x back from a different company located in Alaska. I need to dig up the email and tracking number and follow up again. They are 9 months. Last weight (at 8 months) the boy 46 pounds and the girl 44 pounds. Dad was a little over 60 and mom was just below 60. They just don’t look like they are that big but every time I measure and order everything comes in too small by the time I get it. I am looking at the custom harness and collar. I like the ones on the Pits on the home page.
  15. I don’t allow mine on grass. Don’t know what fertilizers maybe on it or what plants will cause issues. My girl doesn’t “lick” her paws but she does suckle on them. That is why I am very careful where I walk them.
  16. I will look for that too. What a relief to see that there is a US site. LOL What does adjustments up and adjustments down mean? Not sure if which one I should do. Plus they are still growing, not sure if I should go a little bigger 🤔 I ordered an x back and had to return the boys. Never have received a refund or the corrected size.
  17. I was just on that site. LOL I'll need to figure out how to walk him with two leash and still keep her on the other side... she may be ready for hands free. Thank you
  18. We had our first winter storm last night and it made me realize just how spoiled my pups are. ❤️🥰😂 We woke up this morning with two feet of snow ❄️ on the hills. Can’t wait to get them up their to play this weekend... But this morning when it was potty time my male just sat at the doggie door whining. Then he would run back and further from the front door to the back door. His brave sister went flying out the door and quickly came back in. LOL Their dog ramp was solid ice and there was a a small amount of water/ice pooled up in the middle of their run. Both sat there with a puzzled look on their faces. Kept sticking their heads out the door. The girl thought sliding down it was fun but wouldn’t touch the ground... I ended up having to go out and get all the ice off the ramp and dried it. Then had to drain out the water/ice. (They had over half their run that they could have used that didn’t have water/ice) Once the ramp was dry and most of the water and chunks of ice was out, he finally came out and was very happy. LOL 😝
  19. Robke: Do you have any suggestions for when they flip and roll with a front lead? He ignores treats, commands, and it happens the second there is any tension what so ever on his front. I would really love to get him into something that is not around his throat. But everything I try, he just flips out.
  20. Welcome. Pics please. 😀
  21. I do believe that harnessing a Husky does make them pull more. At least with mine. Since I last posted I have even stopped with the choker collar. I was afraid it would hurt their throat. I went to a little pet shop where the owner helps dog owners with leash issues. (She doesn’t charge 😮😵) We actually put my boy in a prong and wow did that help. This was after trying every No Pull harness and everything else in her store. I haven’t once had to correct him. He does walk in front of me which I am totally fine with. When he starts being reactive to something I say turn and he turns around and goes the other way with some whining but doesn’t act out. My little girl is ready for a regular collar now and the boy is almost there. As far as a harness goes... I will once in awhile put them in their harness with a long line. Play fun day is what I call it. No matter how long the line is they hit the end of it and start working it. LOL Just found out I have a neighbor with two very large Husky highbreeds X that are 6 years old and they also said they use prongs. *made me feel better* I also do a lot of verbal training with lots of positive praise and treats on our walks. It keeps mine paying attention to me instead of everything else. O I have also tried the two in one lead. That did not go well with mine. They mouth played and get each other worked up when they are close to each other. They have to walk on opposite sides with me in the middle. My male also hated the gental head halty. Grinded his teeth the whole time. Tried the harness with a front lead and he flips and rolls like an alligator. Uggg
  22. I can only advise what I went through and still go through with mine. The vet needs to make sure there is no foreign objects. I would not feed chicken either. There is a high likelihood that is also causing it. You can have the vet do an allergy test. *they may state that she is too young to have developed a food allergy* if you can afford it, push them to do it anyways, I call BS on that theory. Nothing the vet can give for allergies is going to kick in right away. They will suggest Benadryl and give you the dosage for immediate relief. It will work but will also cause runs and her to be very drowsy. I haven’t used it. I only have done the mixture. If she has soft puppy poo just feed half portion of her meals. If it is mud, then withhold a full meal and feed only half meal for the next feedings. Good luck at the vet. Keep us posted. Poor baby.

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