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  1. No different then how my two played as pups. However, your 1 year old is taking it too far and it’s not fair that she is so much bigger.You need to correct this behavior. She is being a bit of a bully. It is good that she is releasing when the pup whines but it shouldn’t get that far. The older looks up at you for guidance so that is also good that she is checking in. That tells me she should be easily taught on how to play nicer. Throat grabbing and shaking is how they bring down prey in the wild. It will cause issues later on. Be carful on how you do this. It could cause more aggression. I used a spray bottle and tell them to release. There should also be a spot where the pup can go to be left alone or use as a time out.
  2. I have had all mine done around 8 weeks. Rescues were done prior to me taking them home. Got my boy done at 4 months and girl at 6 months. Long medical issues with these two is the only reason I had to wait. My boy bounces between 60 and 65 pounds at 18 months. My girl goes between 55 and 60 pounds at 18 months. I have never experienced any medical issues, loss of size, or any other issues. Vets here charge by the weight and come up with every excuse to make you wait. Again, I have not experienced any issues with my personal animals or from any of the patients that I have assisted with over 20 years. I even have friends that are vets and they roll their eyes at some of the miss leading information that it out there. So, I say it is up to you and what you feel is best for your dog. Again, there are plenty of healthy happy well behaved animals that are intact. My personal belief after rotating a day a week euthanizing perfectly good animals just because their time ran out and there was no more room in the shelter..... unless it is a purebred of good bloodlines and you are breeding responsible, there is no reason to have them intact. So, anytime is a good time to get it done. 😁
  3. I am not a vet and do not have X-ray vision.... First off it appears that your pup has a very weak back end. I would back off on the walks. A normal healthy pup is 5 minutes per month at a time. So 15 minutes 3 times a day. Too much running and walking will cause joint issues. If that was my pup I would get X-rays of the back hips. Walk only long enough to go potty. Mentally tier it out by training. But stay away from sit and downs. No jumping or running. Start physical therapy to strength the back end. Swimming for very short periods would be great.
  4. I am starting them on 1/4 of a Sardine (the head) right now. They are boneless and skinless. The goal is 2 Sardines a day. Then slowly adding muscle type fishes with no bones like calamari and muscles stuff like that. Boiled and giving the broth only at first. Because of his extremely low stomach acid I am not able to give him bones yet. (Which like you have said, is where a lot of the nutrients is 😁) I am also not able to give him fats. Organ meat is also an issue. Starting with a very small slice. We are using the Apple Cider to act like stomach acid. Once he has his own stomach acid then we can add fun good stuff.
  5. Have any of you looked at your dogs 💩 and scratched your head and went 🤷🏻‍♀️? Has your dog ever vomited randomly in the middle of the night or early morning? Was your response O dogs will be dogs, dogs have random diarrhea and vomit sometimes? Does your pup scratch a lot? Sometimes there is no scratching and then all of a sudden it is a chewing/scratching fit? If your answers were yes to these then hopefully this will help. Here is some information that your vet either does not know or does not want to tell you. *Not all vets are bad. I love my vet and are personal friends with a few. So don’t take this wrong.* Leaky gut starts when they are baby babies. (Pure breeds have a higher chance of developing this, but all breeds can get it) It also can develop in older dogs. Rare but is being seen. When mom stops feeding her babies, humans assume it’s time to put them on kibble. It is like giving a 6 month old human baby a steak! Their stomachs are not able to break it down. It does not allow the flap to fully close. This causes them 1st to not get the nutrition they need 2nd the food is put into the bloodstream and the body thinks it is under attack 3rd because the immune system is thinking it is under attack it causes the pups to get sick and catch any cold or sickness it is exposed to 4th this is where food allergies and intolerances are developed 5th the stomach does not have enough stomach acid to digest food or has to much 6th because their tummies always hurt and they feel hungry and they constantly eat everything (even foreign objects) to get anything in their stomachs to make it stop! Allergies/intolerance- itching, chewing, red skin, hives, rash, watery eyes and nose. Stool puppy soft but still has shape to brown swampy water, burping and flatulence. That was the basic look at what is going on inside them. Now what we do as humans at this stage. Most dog owners (not their fault they don’t know this!) Have a dogs will be dogs attitude. They ignore the early symptoms. Ignoring symptoms causes- IBS, stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, pancreatitis, gallbladder issues, and heartburn. OR Pick up on something is not right. Run all kinds of test. Vet tells you they cannot put their finger on it but here is a bunch of meds (there are no long term meds that will fix this- more on what these meds will do to your babies) and prescription dog food. (Which is crap food and will make your dog with IBS worse!) My pet insurance contacted me on Monday advising me I am hitting my $10,000 mark for this year. We are only 8 months into this cycle. 🥴😵. I will be posting the steps I have been taking. Hopefully this will help someone not to spend 💰💰💰 and keep your babies from going through stressful test that are not needed!!! So first things first.... If mom is truly refusing to feed the babies they need to be put on a formula or blended low ingredient can food until 3 months of age. (Stay with siblings until at least 3 months) No kibble and even can if not blended completely will still cause this. I got my two at 7 weeks. 1st diarrhea. Random then constantly. They were sick with kennel cough, pneumonia, and everything else you can think of. 2nd eating foreign objects Uggg 3rd random vomit between late at night through early morning. 3rd itching non stop. Sometimes eating holes in his self. There was no rhyme or reason. No pattern. Would go a few weeks with no symptoms. Then all hell would break loose. So the first thing you think you should address is food allergies/intolerance. Yes it helps calm symptoms but until the actual cause is addressed it will never end or improve. It is about $600 per test here. And vets will tell you it is not 100% and Allergies can change every 6 months or so. Sooo I did/do my own food trials. Then there is meds and prescription food. Meds ( antibiotics) destroys their stomach. *my vet has advised me to never put my pups on antibiotics again (unless it is life or death) or have them vaccinated again or have them put under or sedated (unless life or death) EVERYTHING is to be treated Holistic* All I can say about prescription dog food is read the ingredients.... but for IBS they cannot have anything heavily processed. It does the opposite of what they need. Prescription dog food is chemicals and synthetic. **The only test needed is a full panel bloodwork up done** For example: my boy does not make Vitamin B at all. His stomach liner gets so thick you can feel it when you touch his stomach. No charge for tummy rubs. (You could get an MRI of their stomach if you are in very early stage or not in a flare up) he also does not produce stomach acid, has no good bacteria, and does not break fat down. 🤦🏽‍♀️ With his bloodwork, food allergy/intolerance test I have done, and weight. The vet, nutritionist, and myself have came up with a full recovery plan. *there is no cure for this but the quality of life can improve and stop further complications* Step one: anti inflammatory. Lots of fish. HOWEVER, the tummy has to be healed first before giving bones! *check with vet for your dosage! My girl does not show symptoms but is also going on this* My previous meals that I have posted (I was advised are good for when the gut is healed) This is the meal for healing their gut. In a crockpot Wild Boar-or any lean meat Kale-switch with spinach to give variety Butternut squash-switch with pumpkin celery Turkey or chicken or beef liver 1/4 oz a day Before serving add Apple Cider vinegar 1 tablespoon per meal Ground Ginger 1 teaspoon per meal Sardine in olive oil 1/4 per meal Beef heart raw just a sliver Apple 1/4 no skin- switch with banana Nutritional yeast 1 teaspoon per meal. Respiratory Tea: sleepry elm and Marshmallow root. Boil tea, should make 24 or 36 oz. 1/2 cup over everything (make sure it has cooled)- I couldn’t find the tea so I use capsules. Check with your vet for dosage. As the gut heals: will add fish-goal is an all fish diet. up sardines -goal is two a day. IBS is misdiagnosed a lot. Unfortunately we have an extremely high diagnosis here but are too late. By the time it is figured out they are in a life and death fight. This is something that can be managed and easily. Thank You @wolfpup for putting me on the right track at the beginning. ❣️ I hope this helps someone and saves money.
  6. O my. LOL You have double the trouble and fun like me. If you don’t have pet insurance I suggest you get it soon. 🤣 Mine have gotten a little better... not much though. I stripped the bathroom (so they cannot swallow anything harmful) and just bring them in there with me now. Your lucky though, looks like they are just playing. Mine actually ingest whatever they get into.
  7. Does the vet say they are of good weight? How active are they? Do they have medical issues? Can you easily see or feel ribs? When they are standing, look straight down and see what their body shape is. There should be an hourglass shape. Best picture I could find. LOL My male is 60lb and gets the equivalent of (it’s winter here and their active level has doubled) 2 to 3 cups a day. My girl gets 2 cups. (She is around 55lb but a little heavier then she should be)
  8. If he is doing good I would keep him on it until 12 to 14 months of age. I just got the official confirmation of sever IBS that is effecting my boy’s pancreas and gallbladder and Leaky gut... So I am going back to a cooked diet for mine. After all the research, I have found it to be the best route over kibble for mine. It is really going to depend on his needs and what you are comfortable doing.
  9. That is sooo awesome❣️❣️❣️ You are so correct. I am fortunate to have a vet that can acknowledge when she is unsure of something and works with me a and my crazy experiments with my boy. I have started my boy on CBD in hopes it helps leaky gut/IBS issues. We started with a very small dose and will be upping it soon. So far he has not vomited since, still has diarrhea flare ups. But even those have lessen. I am so happy that Marley is doing good. ❤️
  10. Thank you. They are the loves of my life❣️ Everyone has to start somewhere and there really are no stupid questions. I was a hot mess when I came to this site. Not only being new to Huskies but having two of them 🤦🏽‍♀️. I did a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked for them. My favorite YouTube is SolidK9. He comes off gruff but it was my go to. I am a total push over too. I just have to keep reminding myself that they are happier and healthier (safer) with less anxiety and stress. Plus, I was getting tired of being pulled in all directions over a leaf blowing by. One pup went one way and the other going the other direction. I must have looked like a crazy person. 🥴 But now they walk great 80% of the time.
  11. I saw a huge difference once I started Place training and impulse control training. Impulse control- yes, make them set and wait at the door. Open door, they try to go through- shut it quickly. (Yes your probably going to get him a couple of times but it is less painful then getting hit by a car and he will learn after once or twice) I do this training for ALL doors I.e crate, car, stores, any door every time. They are not to go through until I give the release command. Collars- I am not a fan of the choke collar. Used it for awhile and it just wasn’t doing it. I love my prong. (It is too loose on him in the picture) proper use would be snug behind the ear. And flat collars will cause more damage then choke and prong. For prongs make sure it is a Springer brand out of Germany. There are also videos on how to fit and use prongs/choke *Cannot stress enough* pressure training is key for choker or prong use! There are a tone of YouTube videos on training Huskies. I watched a bunch and put together a program that worked for mine. Both are completely different so I do training separately and two different ways. In the videos you see a lot of GS and stuff so keep in mind it will take longer and there will be protest. LOL Here they are in the place command. Start with short periods of time and work up. This last one is him protesting me putting him in place using his dog bed. 🤣 He is still on it. Here they are not to leave their crate until I give the release command. This is them learning pull commands. Short periods of training multiple times a day. Always end while he still wants to do more.
  12. @wolfpup I am so happy to hear that someone else is having the same issue. LOL I pay $100 for each home visit to train hubby. Hubby listens and does what the trainer for a few days (if that) then goes back to letting them do whatever they want. So every time hubby starts acting up, I call the trainer out 😁 I think hubby is just starting to catch on that he is the one getting trained. 🤣 And as long as we stick to the pre out the door routine we are good.
  13. My boy back talks some. He is really bad about putting his two cents in while I am trying to talk to a neighbor that we run into on a walk. LOL At the beginning of the teenage stage he would pee in my tub if he was in a mood or got in trouble for something. I would like to think I could recall him if he ever got loose. He is actually extremely protective of the house and me. He has done a couple of nasty growls at people he didn’t like. The girl (his sister) only gets chatty if she wants her brother to play with her. She has gotten loose a few times and has shown she is to never be trusted. Uggg. They both stop and stare at birds, airplanes, rabbits, and anything else that moves. Leaves 🍁 are their favorite. Then the chase is on... I always know everything is right with the world when I am woken up by them singing to me. When they don’t sign or do their zoomies, something is wrong with one or both. Good thing my neighbors actually enjoy hearing them. Hahha
  14. Welcome! She is cute❣️ O boy are you in for a ride. LOL They change their colors quick and dramatically so take lots of pictures. Lots of patience, love, and training. They can be stubborn so definitely have a good since of humor about it. 😁 This is my girl.... her brother really didn’t change much. Just became a moose. Hahha
  15. That’s the technique I use. It is basically playing fetch (at least the chase part LOL) and tug-a-war. I use a long line 20 feet and a toy that he only gets to play with while on walks. We play for 5 or 10 minutes and then off we go. Even while walking he will come back to grab his toy and will even carry it for awhile. Totally ignoring everything else going on around us. It has worked wonders!!! Mine gator rolls on a no pull front harness. I have a prong collar on him.
  16. I am so happy she is going to be ok. That is a good heads up. Our issue is Foxtails. Really bad right now with the sudden freeze. Checking ears, paws, under belly, mouths, and now I will put that on the list. LOL
  17. I think Mutts are the best. That is funny though...
  18. Iron fencing. 6 feet tall. Use chicken wire at base 3 feet up on fence and fold out 2 feet on bottom (just under ground to keep them from digging. Put sunshades in the corners. I have wood fencing and it is a night mare!!! My run is 6 1/2 x 22 feet for two. My girl spends all day eating the fence and neighbor dogs charge at it. They are not aloud in the backyard unsupervised and they only sunbath, play sometimes, but mostly just for potty time in the run. They are ran 3-5 miles a day and walked at night. I am retired/ going back to school. Only have one class on campus so far, the others are online. Soooo I am pretty much home all the time. When I am not home they are in the hallway (tile flooring, all doors closed) and I use kiddy gates to block them in. And have only been left for two hours. 78DC7A16-F5F4-449F-817E-F044ED5B1209.MOV
  19. Welcome! Heidi is very beautiful. Jasper looks like a ham. LOL
  20. Love the spray bottle Unfortunately mine like getting sprayed. They run up wanting me to spray them. LOL I use straight water. For recall: have you tried using a long line? Let them get to almost to the end and then call him, giving a yummy treat or play tug (with a toy he only gets to play with for this)? It also works great for when you need to distract while on walks. I have gone through so many training tools and have taken them through so many classes. I honestly thought that mine would never get it. But now at 19 months I think a lightbulb went off. It’s like everything has finally clicked. I still spend a few hours a day between walks, place training, impulse training. So hang in there. 😁
  21. I don’t dry mine. I am in high desert. Very very dry here. Only 2 inches of rain a year if lucky. But in the winter the base only gets a foot or so of snow while the Hills will get 6 feet. Mine play in pools and sprinklers almost daily during the summer. And go in the hills to play in the snow when the pass is open. The girl doesn’t get baths and I only wash the boy during shedding season. (He ends up chewing so badly he swallows his hair and it causes soft blockages) I don’t have to dry them, they dry pretty quick on their own. However, my girl has an intolerance to grass. I use witch hazel to wipe her down. I hope that you find someplace convenient and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I would suggest the tub but he is too big. LOL O how about soaking in epson salt? It’s no dangerous if he licks up a small amount of water. (Give him loose poops) and it relaxes the muscles. Maybe on bad days you can do that.?.
  22. Ear biting- I have heard of people doing that and it worked for them. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure and it’s not done abusively so I get it. Very old school. My two were little piranhas. LOL I chose the ignore route. It took a couple of months but eventually it worked. For me at least. Everyone else in the house is fare game, still. The girl grabs fingers and just holds them in her mouth when greeting the family. The boy shows his teeth and snaps at my husband during play with him. ( if that is play, I would really hate to see him mad) They both jump and scream when anyone comes over. I advise them (people) on how to train them not to allow that but they don’t listen. So, I stay out of it. I guess when they get tired of being taken out every time they come through the door they will start correcting the pups. I don’t like using the word dominance. I believe with Huskies (at least with mine) it is a Mutual respect. They are very independent and extremely intelligent. My training method is a give and take. I understand my pups personalities and work with their strengths. I believe because of this I get respect in return. Since I do all the feedings, trainings, and dictate what goes on with the pups every day, I don’t get jumped on or get mouthed.
  23. What a cute baby. I could not even begin to guess. Will be interesting to see pictures as it grows.
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