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  1. Glad you got them back! 😃 They seem like they were actually pretty good dogs! Yes, it's so scary...I am paranoid about leaving our fence gate open by accident, even though my dog hasn't been a runner so far. Where I live, it could be deadly - we live just a few hundred yards from a two-lane road and at some times of day, it's really busy and people violate the speed limit and zoom up the road at 55 mph...
  2. Oh no!! 😣 I hope this is just one bad episode and it will pass... insurance not paying again, that really sucks (pardon my language).
  3. Graphic / web designer (creator of logos, ads, websites, formatted emails, brochures, posters, & various other marketing materials for small businesses and nonprofits). I like my work, it's creative and artsy. I also enjoy learning computers and coding (HTML and CSS), so making the crossover from print to digital/web was not a big deal. I actually think I prefer web to print.
  4. Did they get an entire full bag??!!😮 So funny that he/she looks passed out with head inside the bag! ( I may look like this after Thanksgiving at my mother's house...) My dog ate a corner of my daughter's artwork once... He left a big tuft of white fur near the art, so we KNEW who did it!
  5. Your pups are very cute! So, I read somewhere that woollies are "out of standard" for the husky and are not officially shown. The reason is that their coat (vs a regular coat) tends to collect snow/ice and doesn't work as well as the shorter coats in those conditions. Their longer fur is considered a "fault". Could that be the reason that "husky purists" don't like breeding woolies? (My dog is a husky mix, so I'm certainly no purist...I'm just repeating what I read!)
  6. Has anybody noticed that most of Nerdani's posts contain some kind of external link in them? If his posts were email, I would have blocked them as spam... Sorry Nerdani, I just find this kind of uncool.
  7. Sage's coloring (black spots) is very unique! Is that the husky "agouti" coloring? Anyway it's funny how she looks almost related to your border collie... they have similar black/white coloring pattern on their heads. 🙂
  8. Yep huskies are good down to -60 Fahrenheit... their own fur is already the best sweater ever! My cousin makes her cat wear christmas sweaters...he runs away and hides under sofas...he really hates wearing them! If I was going to get a gift for my dog, I'd get him a basket of chewies! 🙂
  9. 😀 You sound very prepared! Our dog (husky/shep mix) was a rescue. He is fine with a couple of long walks a day, he is fairly obedient, never puts his mouth on anything that's not his, and doesn't try to escape (once stayed home with the door hanging open for a couple of hours). He does however sometimes scold me, he will tell me about it if I do anything wrong. Not all huskies will live up to the stereotypes, I think!
  10. Looks like a nice dogbed! I never figured out why the head hanging off the side is so comfortable, but apparently it is? 😀 Mine has been staying outside a lot now that cool fall weather is here... this morning at 39 degrees F outside , he looked happy and comfortable napping on the deck!
  11. Shepsky5


    Sounds like a female husky might be the best bet then? I've heard that huskies/GSDs have similar play styles... Anyway I'd lean towards a rescue (a lot of people can not keep these dogs! there are so many grown huskies that pass through our local shelter). But they always have some bad habits or "baggage". Ours used to flinch/duck at swinging arm or leash., and also he is not good with strangers (will growl, snap). Pups are more work, and less sleeping...but you can teach them everything and they don't come with bad habits already learned. On the other hand, it always feels good to save the life of a dumped dog.:-)
  12. Shepsky5


    We adopted ours...we had met several adult dogs before we picked Rumo. On his home visit, he seemed to be a quiet settled sort of dog (he sniffed around, then took a nap while I talked with his foster mom) and I felt that he would be a good fit for our family (I work from home, so I needed a dog who would be willing to chill out while I am working). Some of the other adult dogs, were very barky/vocal or seemed wired(couldn't settle) or had aggression towards other dogs of same sex, or weighed over 90 lbs...Rumo's "hitch" was that he could not be kept in a house with cats. But since we don't have a cat, we didn't care about that. Anyway take your time, check out their personality and energy level, look for a good fit!
  13. Here's my dog on his "memory foam" bed...it's best with the head hanging off, apparently... and if his sheet is dirty, he won't lie on it! 😉
  14. My dog loves his orthopedic memory foam XL rectangular bed. But he's an older guy who never chews anything, so I don't have to worry about him eating it. He likes to sleep in "dead dog" position on his side with all his legs stretched out...so he would not enjoy a "circle" bed or a bed with raised sides. For dogs who eat their beds, people like the Kuranda beds (they are like camping cots). How does your dog like to sleep? Curled up? Sprawled on side (that's mine)? On back? That will suggest what shape of bed she would like. ( From her cute photo, it looks like she likes sleeping in that funny position on her stomach with her legs stuck out behind her!) Lastly - if it's warm in the house - my dog likes to go out on the back deck, lie down on the bare cold wood, and sleep there! Forget the bed, he just wants to be cool! Sometimes being cold/cool is more comfortable than having a nice bed...
  15. To me, she looks like she's intimidating the pup a bit. The pup laid down flat (submit signal) but instead of backing off and letting her be, Mochi went for her again. The pup finally went under the bed to escape. I think the pup feels a little overwhelmed. When the pup gets bigger, she may turn on Mochi and they may have it out! So I think you're right to question it, it does seem a bit "too much" on your big husky's end...
  16. It looks like something going on with left rear leg? Did he pull it or injure it in any way? Or has he had his hips checked? I would also go to a vet soon...he's a handsome pup!
  17. Amazing journey! Kudos to you! seriously, I think that with a different owner, Marley would probably not have made it...
  18. @2Huskyfun"This last one is him protesting me putting him in place using his dog bed. He is still on it. " That photo is so hilarious! It is the Husky attitude totally! 😄
  19. On the prongs... Pulling hard and consistently with even a flat collar can cause trachea damage... So, sometimes I think, maybe better to wear a Prong, and save their trachea! (And I am the kind of soft owner who avoids any pain if possible). But for the sake of my dog's neck (or my own spine/shoulder), I would be willing to use it... It takes training to use properly...it has to be high up on the neck (not at the base), fitted properly, everybody recommends Herm Sprenger, etc. Also, the timing... the thing not to do is just pop a prong on and take off for a walk. There can be strange results (for instance, if they feel pain in their neck every time they pass another dog, they can associate other dogs with pain and start snarling/lunging at them). I only know this "in theory" not in practice, but it's just what I've heard from our obedience teacher. A LOT of people in the class were having trouble with pulling, including me, and treats didn't really work for me at all. Only the "we ain't going nowhere until you settle down" worked for me...but like I said, he's older and seems to have a bit of logic in his head. 😉 PS And it's pretty amazing - mine knows the exact end of the leash and will slack off just before he hits it. When he's in a hurry, he'll walk with light tension on the leash but not too much - he knows the exact point of pressure where I'll complain at him.
  20. "Things on a stick" = flirtpole? My guy loves chasing stuffies on a string (they are like giant cat toys!). So maybe your friend meant that you could try wearing your dog out a bit BEFORE the walk (chasing the flirtpole, zoomies, play chase in the yard) and he may be willing to walk a little calmer. Or you could become one of the running/bikejoring/rollerblading/skatejoring people (moving at husky pace)... For us, the "Stop when Pulling" method worked - but mine is a middle-aged mellow dog and mixed with GSD. If using this method, need to be very consistent (not like, Pull for one walk but expect them to not Pull on the next week). Huskies were bred to pull and run...yep it's a tough one!
  21. That's an impressive combo of breeds! 😀 Hmm with the 50% shepherd, you've got a chance of him being a good offleash guy... but with the Greyhound/Husky/Deerhound...he may be more similar to a Husky with his recall! PS You really are a Photoshoppy wizard...the pic of Storm added to your signature is great!
  22. We have a wooden 6 foot fence. It took forever to get it, because we had to get approval from our HOA...draw a map showing where fence would go, get forms signed by our neighbors, and submit in triplicate!! It also cost a LOT. Solid wooden fencing is a lot more expensive than chainlink. It also has to be stained and maintained. So...our husky/shepherd mix barely uses the yard at all. He has a dog door which is open to him all day, but he lies in the hall outside my office. He never goes in the yard unless I go in the yard. He never tries to dig out or escape, and actually is a "velcro" dog outdoors as well as indoors. I never had to hotwire or put in "no dig" barrier. He actually did not need a solid 6' wooden fence at all, but our HOA design restrictions only allowed that kind of fence! What I like most about the fenced yard is that on nice days, we go out there and play Chase, or train, or play with the "flirtpole". My dog and I go on a long walk/jog of about 1 hour every day, that's about the most time he spends outside each day. (Plus, our combo of dogdoor + fenced yard is great for bouts of diarrhea...that's why I installed the dogdoor! There were a couple of nights where I slept on the couch, getting up to open the backdoor for him every few hours...I was like, "We need a dogdoor!")
  23. Wow, she even has a doggy life jacket? Looks like a fun day!😀 Yes, good point about the redness around her eyes...does she have allergies? Conjunctivitis? Does she paw/rub at her eyes? Maybe get checked, if she is...
  24. hmm, I'm not sure that post was for real 😀 But with a blockage, there would be panting, discomfort, vomiting, etc visible...I think it's really uncomfortable... If the owner hasn't noticed any stress/discomfort signs with one poop in a week, how could it be! I suspect his dog must be pooping somewhere in far corner of yard or woods, in secret....(my dog always picks the farthest corner of the yard too, or behind a bush...he's a private guy).
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