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  1. So he is "collar smart"... If you want to be free of needing the prong to make your dog comply, I'm afraid the only solution would be obedience training, and lots of it (daily practice i.e. 5-10 min daily). Training the "Heel" and "Sit" for instance will put a stop to crazy lunging in the presence of people and other dogs. You need to train at first in the quiet of your home, then outside in quiet street, then on quiet parts of walk, before using the "cues" in high-distraction situations like other dogs, other people. My dog used to act crazy when passing other dogs. When he got the hang of the "Stay Close" cue (I use in place of a formal Heel), we were finally able to pass calmly. I also see people block the view of the passing dog or passing person with their body while putting their dog in a "Sit" - that seems to work well too. I know huskies are not the easiest breed to train! I suspect my dog may be unusually trainable since he is half shepherd...but training worked for us. For pulling, our obedience teacher did recommend the front-clip harness. I bought one but could never get it to fit right! Eventually i trained him out of pulling and he still just wears a martingale (nothing fancy...I would either stop or do a 90 degree turn if he pulled. What he had to learn was that pulling never got him to where he wanted to go, but a loose leash did! )
  2. She is a crazy doggo!! She must be famous at the vet's office. Good that she will be ok! Hopefully they will "grow out" of this eating things phase... (It happens with kids too. My kids always played politely with their stuffed animals. My sister's kid enjoyed eating the tags off of them! )
  3. Good that she's eating / drinking! ( Mine did the same thing when he had liquidy diarrhea...he asked to go out, then laid down outside and refused to come back in. ( Normally he likes to lay in our bedroom or the hall right outside the bedroom!) So, they are clean and they have a strong instinct to not soil in the house... I am not as good as you, though! I dragged his dog bed outside for him (the ground seemed so hard) and went to bed! Morning came and he came in the house like nothing happened...couple more days of soft poo, and then life went back to normal... I guess I would probably have stayed out to watch him if I thought he ate his dog bed though!! I never did figure out what he ate.)
  4. Aw he looks happy! Thanks for helping him to start a new life!
  5. Oh no! Hope she will be ok!
  6. Well I'm not sure because my dog is a boy!? But to me, it sounds like playful behavior. Leaping on people (even mounting) can be playful. Is she doing a play bow (front legs low, rear held high) to you? And, if rolling over with ears back to present her belly in front of you, she is probably asking for a belly rub or just showing her submissiveness. She sounds like a nice dog! Hopefully you'll exercise her a lot, because she sounds like she has a lot of energy to burn!
  7. Good tips here! Yes, agreed on small puppy class! Very helpful to meet other friendly pups in a supervised environment. On walks, keep your distance and stay calm, speak in calm happy voice, keep a loose leash. The mood should be relaxed. Never drag him over to meet another dog (other dogs can be unpredictable...even if they are wagging their tails, they can act rude, frightening or even aggressive) As your pup relaxes, you can bring him up to other dogs that you KNOW are calm, friendly and mellow. But in general I would avoid meeting strange unknown dogs on walks, and I would avoid dog parks, which are too much of an "uncontrolled cross your fingers" kind of environment.
  8. I have found that trainers seem to have stereotypes about huskies. Our obedience teacher came up to me and literally said, ”well, with his breed, it is what it is.” Another lady pulled her car up alongside us and said, “I am a dog trainer, I know that breed*, and I’m amazed at how well your dog walks on leash!” Anyway, what use is it to prejudge? Just work a little with your dog every day, and teach your dog to be the best she can be. Maybe she won’t be a Lab with a string of titles, but at least she can learn to walk nicely on leash, come when called, have basic house manners, etc. * actually she doesn’t know the breed, because he is half white GSD, ha ha...
  9. Sounds like things are looking up! 😀 How are they testing for the allergies? Is it a blood test or a skin test or...? Just curious how they do it for dogs! ( My daughter is allergic to peanuts and they made a big tic-tac-toe on her back and pricked her with every kind of allergenic food substance... that's how we found it was peanut only (thank heaven). But the peanut area turned really red and grew hives, so her peanut allergy is fairly serious. )
  10. So your dog and daughter are the same age! 😁 Welcome!
  11. Does a topical antibiotic like Neosporin work for dogs? You could put some on the inside of the bandage or dressing, and then put the t-shirts on over it? Probably ask vet first...
  12. The "clone" sleeping positions are cute! Such peaceful pics, it's hard to believe they actually fight. 😀 That is scary about the cat. Mine goes crazy over cats too, but we don't have one (due to allergic husband). We sometimes will see cats on our walks, and he goes nuts and forgets all his leash training. I wonder what he would do if he actually ever caught one, but I really don't want to find out!!
  13. That is inspiring! I will practice with my dog. ( In our family Christmas photo, we had a big furry dog butt in the middle...) you seem to be some kind of animal magician, to me! 😄
  14. I also have no idea how you got the photos! OK, with a shepherd - Sit Stay and Look At Me is not hard to train. But then you also trained your husky and your CAT to do that? What's your secret! 😀
  15. Wow! What a wonderful photo gallery! The photos are pro quality. 🙂 Slovenia looks like a beautiful place to live. And all of your dogs look very happy!
  16. I think she thinks...wow, this carpet is like a huge pee pad and it smells more like my personal pee than a fresh pee pad! I think you have to clean off the carpet with enzyme cleaner, and ban her from going upstairs while you are out? You might need a more serious tall, sturdy dog gate that she can't jump over. I actually used to crate my dog when I went out - like you, I'm mostly home so he would just be in the crate for a few hours and I'd walk him before I went out. He never had an accident in the crate. Then we progressed to, dog gated in the kitchen when we went out. We came home and found that kitchen was clean, so eventually we stopped gating him at all. I guess it took maybe 6 months from adoption day to him being crate-free / gate-free. Anyway their noses are incredible and I think even when we think it's all clean, they still smell faint traces of their pee there... my dog is able to track my scent of where I walked hours ago...
  17. Shepsky5

    Major DJ Muttley

    Wow amazing! He looks very dashing.😀
  18. So he has to ride in the second row or passenger seat, and you have no "cargo area"? If you have a cargo area, they sell these really nifty gates that fasten in and keep your dog from coming up to the second row or driver's row of the car. Some are really strong and meant for Police K9s, if your dog is a very determined one! My dog isn't destructive, but I just got tired of coming out and finding him in the driver's seat of the car and having to reload him every time... I don't see why a muzzle wouldn't work? Except in some muzzles they can not pant as well, so they have more risk of overheating?
  19. Aw, so cute! Ekko is a cool name. Favorite training tip: Reward/reinforce good behavior with praise, treats, attention.
  20. My dog takes Nexgard to protect against fleas/ticks and Nexgard Spectra is the more "advanced" version (see below) Supposedly it prevents heartworm as well, so maybe don't have to give separate heartworm treatment? I haven't read the reviews yet... phew, it looks more expensive than Nexgard! "Nexgard Spectra is the advanced version of Nexgard. Though its administration and protection time is exactly the same as Nexgard, it provides a wider range of treatment. Where Nexgard is only effective against fleas and ticks, Nexgard Spectra successfully eliminates fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms as well. Additionally, it prevents heartworm infection when provided regularly." hmmm yep, there are some questionable reviews...dogs feeling sick, vomiting, etc. Maybe ask vet why he wanted to prescribe the newer Spectra vs regular old Nexgard, or if you're free to use whatever tick/flea preventive you prefer?
  21. Oh how cute! They must have remembered each other, to eat out of the same bowl. The picture of them napping together after their busy day is the perfect relaxing way to end MY day. 😀
  22. Yes, the stuff they find out via DNA these days is pretty amazing! I love watching the wolf nature specials - the pack cooperating in a hunt, their social hierarchy, etc. It's really fascinating. And I can see my dog's behavior in their behavior - for example, in the prey drive sequence. My poor dog never gets to successfully hunt down his prey and eat it, but I see those behaviors in him! ( unfortunately because he's on leash, I have to train/suppress them so he doesn't drag me across other people's yards to go eat a bunny! )
  23. Ha ha, in the past photo...the look on the left...now why is that so familiar!? Welcome and hope you will share your many years of husky wisdom here. I think wolves are fascinating, too! We have a rescue also, husky/GSD, adopted when he was already 5 or 6. He seems to have gotten more of a german shepherd temperament and more of the husky looks (translation - people think he is fluffy and and beautiful and want to pet him...until they are on the receiving end of his growl).
  24. Wow...that is a strange coincidence...
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