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  1. Sorry, this got a chuckle on my end: "Hi, my name is Kai and I have explosive diarrhea!" 🙂 Anyway he's very cute! On the diarrhea...you could let him just fast for 12-24 hours and let his system calm down. Then begin on small meals of white rice + plain boiled chicken few times a day. When poops get solid, switch slowly over to whatever you plan to feed him permanently... works on our dog whenever he eats something weird! If his diarrhea is very frequent/very watery, you may want to call in to the vet...
  2. I think it's a good thing. Bandit hasn't been around other dogs much (or at all) and he's going to have learn what is polite behavior with other dogs. He maybe wants to sleep the way he did with his littermates (in a big puppy pile) but that could get really hot for Marley! Anyway I think Marley should rightfully be the "higher ranking" dog. He was there first, and he's older too.
  3. Whoops husband says that a lot,of what I wrote was “classical economics”.so, I don’t know either!
  4. This is a very specific and academic topic. Are you taking a course in it? If so, your professor could point you in the right direction. If you are just expected to write the paper “ out of the blue”, you might find more experts on Quora or in online research communities. In short, it deals with demand and supply. If I have the only lemonade at a baseball game, I can charge $5 a cup! If there are many other sellers nearby with lemonade and drinks, I will have to lower my price, advertise, AND make special marketing claims like mine is made from all -organic lemons, etc. it also deals with how people spend...I.e. am I willing to pay $2 extra to drink organic lemonade? There is is also the matter of “perceived scarcity”. For example, I hear some scary news about my bank. I drive to the bank and take out all of my money, in cash. Other customers are all panicking too and do the same thing. Well, now that everybody panicked and made a huge run on the bank, the bank DOES close! ( now banks are insured by the government...not like old days) It is all interesting...the place where psychology and economics meet. Try asking and looking in more academic places than a husky forum! Try Wikipedia even...to get a start on names of the famous economists and their theories...?
  5. In photo #2 Marley is like, "Whew! That guy is heavy! I guess I'll just fall asleep right here..." 😁
  6. Love the pics, great that he and Marley are getting along!! Don't worry...he can't keep this level of excited energy up forever...sooner or later, he will collapse! He probably just had the best time of his life 🙂
  7. Exciting!! You will have your hands full. I think he'll have a great new life! Please share his pic! So it's going to be a big shock for him... I know I don't have to tell you this, but... slow introduction to Marley... a quiet 2 weeks to unwind and get settled... ...will hopefully avoid any bad incidents in the beginning! (I can't imagine basically living in a crate/kennel and being taken out for 2 walks a WEEK...so glad he's getting out!)
  8. Ugh, the rescue drove four hours there and four hours back for no dog?😡 what a waste of everybody’s time. hope the new dog works out! I have a soft spot for the scared ones.
  9. So sorry that you have to go through this! Take care and try to enjoy the Present with Nishka...that's the way dogs think...
  10. Oh wow...that's a tough one! 😧 I guess at first, you will have to feed them in separate rooms or in their crates, and be very careful with bones and treats too...
  11. Hi! Alaska is really cute. 🙂 I agree on the specific breed info being so useful. For example...where else could you find people who know so much about how to deal with so much fur!!! 😁
  12. I adopted my shepherd/husky mix from a rescue. He definitely came with some issues, and I'm so glad that he has "unwound" and worked through most of them. If you met him, you would think he was family dog that we had since he was a pup...not a dog who was scheduled to be put to sleep because nobody could touch him. Most of the credit goes to his foster mom, who helped him to learn that humans are OK. Big changes are definitely possible! Anyway, the ways they raise money: - adoption fees - annual Dog Walk for all "alumni", it costs $25 - email newsletter with updates and appeals (it does not come often, so it's not annoying at all) - big Donate button on their website homepage Also they have special relationships with local vets and shelters, so I don't think they are paying "standard prices" for vet care. Exciting that you and Marley may be getting another dog friend! ( I really hope that one of her issues is not aggressiveness towards other dogs though...that could turn into a nightmare...)
  13. I think maybe lower your goals? Like, one stroke with the brush once a day, then a treat or a meal. 😀 Then build up number of strokes... ( Heck, I wish people would give me treats just for combing my hair! )
  14. That is a loaded and complex question! 🙂 There are the kibble people, the fresh-cooked human-grade food people, and the feed raw people Kibble is confusing, because even some of the top expensive brands have recalls - to see latest recall news and ratings, you could visit dogfoodadvisor.com My experience with Kibble is that the kind available in grocery stores is usually medium to low grade and that the better brands are available in pet stores. ( Some of the popular highly-rated brands are Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Orijen, Acana...but like I said, their reputation swings up and down depending on recent recalls.) I also add in things like fresh egg, fresh cooked meat, fish, plain yogurt, to my dog's bowl if we are eating them at the time. And yes, best to keep your pup on what his breeder was feeding, and make any changes gradually! An abrupt change in foods can give some dogs diarrhea (which is no fun, urgh!).
  15. You were the reason she has found a new life... Kudos to you!👏 ( Sorry it did not work out with the cat...ours was checked out by the rescue and also could not get along with cats. He was listed as "No Cats" at the rescue. But with a husband and a daughter who are allergic to cats, that was not an issue for us at all! )
  16. Luna looks like she had a really rough time! 😞 Good that she could come home and relax for a bit, I'm sure she really liked being home. I hope she continues to improve... hopefully her bladder will heal too!
  17. Shepsky5


    just got our Nikon working again!
  18. Yes, hopefully class will help. A large part of it is in timing.... You reward (treat) the behavior you like and want to see, within a second or two after the dog does the behavior. This makes things clear to the dog. Timing is everything in dog training!! An easy thing to begin training even before your class is to have your pup on a long line...call her name...when she makes her way over to you, give her a treat and act really happy and proud. Then you might have a chance to get her to "Come" when she's a grownup husky.... 😁 I also think class will be good because she has a chance to be around other dogs who are leashed, under control, and not going to mess with her... In our class (basic obedience), the dogs were not allowed to meet each other. I think in puppy class, they sometimes have free play!
  19. Well, I am no expert! But here is my attempt 🙂 On bitey-bitey (aka "landshark" phase): Rather than just tolerate being bitten, most owners train their pups out of it. Techniques include the "Yelp" loudly and turn your back (refuse to play), and redirection (giving her a Toy to bite/chew on instead, or starting a game of Tug). The aim is to break the habit of teeth on human skin! They outgrow it and usually stop when done teething, but yes, people have gone through tubes of bandages and antibiotic depending on the size and biteyness of their pup... On training & treats: It's great that your dog is food-motivated, that means she will be easier to train! "Positive" training uses food as a Lure to get your dog to perform certain tasks on cue. Eventually when the cue + behavior becomes a habit, the treat can be "faded out" (for example, rewarding once every few times, or randomly). ( In my personal opinion and experience, positive training and teaching your dog to do what you want using treats, is 100% better than forceful things like grabbing collar, physically forcing dog.) On eating fast & bloat: If bolting her food, you can change her to a slow-feeder? Or always feed using a Kong, where she has to lick it out/roll it with her paws. I think it's normal for dogs to eat pretty fast (eating in a pack, if you pause to eat mindfully and savor your food, somebody else is gonna get it! 🙂 For avoiding "bloat" (possibly fatal condition when stomach turns over), avoid vigorous exercise before and after meals, and divide feedings into twice per day (not one big meal a day). I've heard waiting periods ranging from 2 hrs to 30 minutes...my personal guideline is 30 minutes for a leashed walk, but if you're going to be going to a dog park or running fullspeed/playing fetch/tongue-hanging exercise, then I'd wait 1-2 hours after eating... It also sounds like your dog may be developing some "reactivity" with other dogs based on her earlier negative experiences? If you go to puppy class, it is something to ask your teacher about. There are techniques to train dogs out of this. If it's a good class, your pup may surprise you! In week 5 or 6 of our obedience class, my dog was sitting calmly a few feet away from another dog, heeling around cones, etc all while a few feet away from other dogs. I was pretty amazed, because he used to go nuts when passing other dogs on walks.
  20. Wow, very stressful. 😟 hang in there! Hope Luna will stay strong and recover soon.
  21. hello! I am in the US and we Adopted an older male ( husky shepherd mix) as well, he is probably 7-8 years old now. I also work from home and am on my computer a lot (design work) and my dog is very good...he lays in the hall outside my office snoozing. The key to a relaxed dog when working, for us, is a brisk 45min - 1hr walk/jog in the morning! Then he is quiet and relaxed for the workday. He is a bit stiff in the joints when he first gets up, and he gets a glucosamine-chondroitin supplement ( Cosequin). I saw a big difference in how he gets up, after he started on that. We also avoid high-impact movements like leaping out of car onto concrete, tall steep stairs, etc. He has a memory foam dog bed too, which he loves...he seems to get up easier when he lays on that, vs the hard floor. congratulations on your new husky! Oh...and when the fur starts flying and he looks ragged and you can pull handfuls of fur off of him...that is NORMAL and he is not sick 🙂
  22. Oh no, that sounds serious! I hope Luna recovers well. I did not know bladder stones were so common!i haven’t experienced this with either of my dogs but it sounds really painful for them.
  23. Praise, happy voice, and some dogs will work for "tug" or a ball...? ( If he has a favorite game or toy? ) A lot of the working schutzhund/police/Search and Rescue dogs work for Tug.
  24. Yes, friend with basenjis (they are also not good with cats) - they have a gate across their stairs so dogs can not go upstairs, but cats can. During the day, the cats are closed in their own room with litterbox, toys, climbing spots. The cats come down and interact when everybody is home and can keep an eye on dog/cat interactions!
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