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    About my dogs:

    Copper and White Siberian Husky with brown eyes (9 years old)

    Red and Whie piebald Siberian Husky with blue eyes (9 years old)

    Red and White piebald Siberian Husky with one brown eye and one blue eye (11 years old)
    Viggo and Tika's mom!

    Black and White American Bulldog/Jack Russell Terrier Cross (12 years old)
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    My 4 dogs (3 huskies), classic rock, tattoos, red wine, riding my boyfriend's Harley Davidson etc.

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  1. Thank you. They are my babies lol.
  2. I have my dogs on part BARF(raw)/part KIBBLE. In the morning they get Verus kibble and in the evenings they get all BARF. I have heard it is not good to feed both raw and kibble in the same meal but I have on occasion and my guys have not had any issues. I try not to make a habit of it though. I buy all of my raw food from www.topqualitydogfood.com (of course, this will only work if you live in certain areas of the East Coast in the US lol).
  3. I'd say wolf... (I kid, I kid). Viggo and Tika are 80 lbs and tall and people mistake them for malamutes on occasion. They look too slim to me to be Mals though. Oh I got Akita once too. LOL.
  4. I used to take my boy Viggo to the dog park all the time. Unfortunately due to people not wanting to follow rules and not knowing about basic dog behavior, I completely stopped going. It just wasn't fun anymore. Sorry your girl was hurt. Glad she is on the mend and seems to be doing well.
  5. Wanted to add an additional photo of Duchess and her 2 sons, Viggo and Tika. Viggo and Tika both weigh 75-80 lbs. Little Deedely-Bop (as I call her) is about 40 lbs. It's funny to see how people react when they are told she is the mother of those BIG boys.
  6. Long time no post. I think it has been 6 years since I last posted something on this forum. Still have my 3 dogs... Viggo, Tika (both Huskies, age 9) and Bear (American Bulldog/Jack Russell mix, age 12). However I am happy to announce that I added a 3rd husky to the family. It’s actually Viggo and Tika’s mom Duchess (age 11)! I adopted her from the lady who bred my boys about 3-4 years ago I guess it has been now. Anyways! Hope you all have been well. Couple of pictures: 1st is of Duchess and myself and my wine lol. 2nd is of Viggo and myself. Perhaps some of you remember me.
  7. I've posted before, but here I am with my new dark brown hair:
  8. I sorta got this one. Viggo likes to go down the slide with me. :-) (Sorry for not so great quality). OK I'd like to see your Husky giving kisses!!
  9. Here is what I look like now... those other 2 pictures were a little old.
  10. Yeah Viggo had quite the racoon eyes as a pup. The mask has faded a lot obviously. :-)
  11. err sorry didn't realize that one picture was so huge! eeek :eek:
  12. OK so here I am... do you prefer me with red hair: or blondish hair (natural)? I change my hair a lot, lol.
  13. PnkFlyd204



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