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  1. They have beaches in Newcastle Love the chain... I guess you also have either heard about or had the pleasure of Husky teeth and non metallic leashes....
  2. Hello everyone, For the second time I have visited Merlin's Meadow in Tewkesbury yesterday. It is £15 for an hour to hire a 16 acre secure dog park. The place has to be visited to be appreciated, but essentially it is a paddock of two very large fields, securely fenced with 6ft fencing. Here is a link to my google photos drive so you can take a look at the action: Tewkesbury Dog Park with Taylor, Blaze and Snowball There are some rules for the park apart from the obvious poo pickup etc, number of dogs per hire etc, but if a few of us wanted to meet there, I am sure we can sort something out. Access is secure via an air lock system so you drive through the main gate, leave the husky's in the car, lock the gate then let them out. You then open another gate into the main area and off they go!
  3. I go to Lidl and buy the £1.69 1KG packs of chicken thighs or legs and feed them a pack between three a day and a similar priced 400g pack of beef mince meat, again split between three. I have a generic biscuit available, usually bakers, but thats not for any reason other than letting them pick if they want too. They also get fed pretty much anything i eat, and they make fantastic pre-dishwasher dish washers
  4. Hi All, I've been quiet for a while.... my new addition Snowball is having a hard time from "the boss" Taylor. (Both female.) There have been a couple of bites and poor Snowball has tried to be submissive, but Taylor appears to get jealous of attention and lunges at Snowball unexpectedly. I step in of course as quickly as I can, but most recently Taylor bit Snowball on her right paw. It appeared that Taylor got jealous of Snowball when I arrived home. (now I'll go to Taylor first) However I didn't realise that Husky's could feel jealousy in this way. Taylor hasn't been spayed, however Snowball has. Does anyone have any advice towards stopping this sort of aggressive behaviour? It appears to be just towards Snowball, who arrived in June,
  5. I probably did the "wrong" thing but every time Taylor growled or made me think I was about to get bitten i would wrestle whatever it was off of her. A couple of weeks later, not even a hint of fuss. She is still resource guarding, but limited issues when i go near. Of course, you may get bitten this way, but worked for me. Good luck
  6. If you find a solution, let me know... otherwise i'm happy for them to do what they want :)
  7. Hey all, I couldn't find an appropriate place to post this. I went for a weeks holiday to Little Dumpledale Farm in West Wales. https://littledumpledale.co.uk/ The farm is run by a family who has a love for dogs. Each of the premises on site is dog-friendly and the main thing, husky secure. I was able to leave my three like I do at home in the garden without any fuss or issues. I am from West Wales, so to give you an idea of how great this place is, I could have stayed at my parents' house, but this suited me much better! I am sure there are other places in the UK that will accept dogs. The challenge I found was dog-friendly and husky-friendly are two different things.
  8. Hey all, A couple of videos from my holiday to West Wales.
  9. i have a similar name i the village i live in..........
  10. Well meet Snowball, she comes home this weekend with us. The three met for the first time today........
  11. welcome. The puppy looks mischievous
  12. I thought my pair were scary.........
  13. Here you go..... even the dogs trust wanted to stop them "attacking" each other. Its playing. Get yourself a walking belt and go running. watch out with long leads as you might find your husky runs full pelt and then comes to a sudden stop. Or they dance about and get tangled. If you you don't mind me asking, how have you managed to get a husky whilst renting? Landlords aren't usually that willing
  14. no need for a repair as it works fine without the elastic. In fact, i'd probably say it works better with the bungee line rather than the elastic in the belt
  15. so blaze is much better at pulling a bike or me Taylor doesnt seem interested at all in anything husky related. She prefers a trot down the road puffing her tail.
  16. So after 3/4 of a year of very heavy use the belt is still in one piece, apart from the elastic on the side straps. I've switched to lines that have bungees built in so it hasn't been an issue. I've purchased a large swivel off the internet and connected two lines via the swivel. Works a treat.
  17. I use "leave it" for anything I don't want them too do. I.e. Other dogs, litter, pee mail. Etc. This is is one Of the things I love about our huskies. Their ability to get super excited. Bugger other dog owners.
  18. This was tongue in cheek bud
  19. I noticed the harnesses I have connect just above the tail. Thank you you for the reassurance.
  20. I've copied this from a website that sells these items. I now have two temporary harnesses with the plan to order some indi dog ones in the future. This photo has the lead clipped to a small piece of connecting rope that joins the harness. Both my x back harnesses have this, but it looks like the weakest part of the outfit. Is this really where you clip the husky's to? Has anyone changed theirs for something stronger, or just clipped straight to the webbing?
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