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  1. They have beaches in Newcastle Love the chain... I guess you also have either heard about or had the pleasure of Husky teeth and non metallic leashes....
  2. Hello everyone, For the second time I have visited Merlin's Meadow in Tewkesbury yesterday. It is £15 for an hour to hire a 16 acre secure dog park. The place has to be visited to be appreciated, but essentially it is a paddock of two very large fields, securely fenced with 6ft fencing. Here is a link to my google photos drive so you can take a look at the action: Tewkesbury Dog Park with Taylor, Blaze and Snowball There are some rules for the park apart from the obvious poo pickup etc, number of dogs per hire etc, but if a few of us wanted to meet there, I am sure w
  3. I go to Lidl and buy the £1.69 1KG packs of chicken thighs or legs and feed them a pack between three a day and a similar priced 400g pack of beef mince meat, again split between three. I have a generic biscuit available, usually bakers, but thats not for any reason other than letting them pick if they want too. They also get fed pretty much anything i eat, and they make fantastic pre-dishwasher dish washers
  4. Hi All, I've been quiet for a while.... my new addition Snowball is having a hard time from "the boss" Taylor. (Both female.) There have been a couple of bites and poor Snowball has tried to be submissive, but Taylor appears to get jealous of attention and lunges at Snowball unexpectedly. I step in of course as quickly as I can, but most recently Taylor bit Snowball on her right paw. It appeared that Taylor got jealous of Snowball when I arrived home. (now I'll go to Taylor first) However I didn't realise that Husky's could feel jealousy in this way. Taylor hasn't
  5. I probably did the "wrong" thing but every time Taylor growled or made me think I was about to get bitten i would wrestle whatever it was off of her. A couple of weeks later, not even a hint of fuss. She is still resource guarding, but limited issues when i go near. Of course, you may get bitten this way, but worked for me. Good luck
  6. If you find a solution, let me know... otherwise i'm happy for them to do what they want :)
  7. Hey all, I couldn't find an appropriate place to post this. I went for a weeks holiday to Little Dumpledale Farm in West Wales. https://littledumpledale.co.uk/ The farm is run by a family who has a love for dogs. Each of the premises on site is dog-friendly and the main thing, husky secure. I was able to leave my three like I do at home in the garden without any fuss or issues. I am from West Wales, so to give you an idea of how great this place is, I could have stayed at my parents' house, but this suited me much better! I am sure there are other places in the UK tha
  8. Hey all, A couple of videos from my holiday to West Wales.
  9. i have a similar name i the village i live in..........
  10. Well meet Snowball, she comes home this weekend with us. The three met for the first time today........
  11. welcome. The puppy looks mischievous
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