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  1. Viggo because I saw "Eastern Promises" and thought Viggo Mortensen was absolutely gorgeous and my boy was just as handsome. Tikaani (Tika) supposedly means wolf in some language (my man's dog- he named him). Duchess was adopted from Viggo and Tika's breeder after she was finished breeding her- Duchess is actually Viggo and Tika's mom. The breeder named her Duchess. I kept the name. Apollo because I am a damn huge fan of Rocky. Truly. I think Skip thinks more along the lines of a god but I definitely think Apollo Creed.
  2. Thank you. Your Floki is adorable! Here is an updated picture.
  3. It's been a whirlwind of a year. Sorry I do not post much anymore but there has been an awful lot going on. My father succumbed to Stage 4 colon cancer on March 24, 2019 at age 69... 4.5 years after he was diagnosed (although it was not stage 4 at first). The final months of his life were awful. Truly broke my heart. I'm still not completely over the loss... some days I want to call him up and talk horse racing. :-( Then on March 30, 2019, Mr. Bear (my non-Husky) stopped eating. He also threw up any water he consumed. My partner Skip took him to the emergency vet that night. They ran a bunch of tests and found his body was full of tumors... including one in his intestines that probably broke through. The vet said there was nothing that could be done an recommended he be euthanized. So Skip did what he had to do. After Mr. Bear passed, things seemed weird without 4 dogs. Plus, my 3 huskies are currently getting older (Duchess turns 12 on August 17 and Viggo and Tika are 10 and a half). Long story short... after talking it over with Skip, we decided to get another Husky. We also decided to go the puppy route. So with that, I would like to introduce Apollo. He is honestly the sweetest puppy I have ever met. He was the runt in his litter and had to be hand-fed by his breeder for a while. I absolutely adore him.
  4. Ugh so heartbreaking. I am very very sorry for your loss. Things like this should never happen.
  5. One never knows... both of my boys are ridiculously large. Viggo is about 80 lbs. and Tika is 75 lbs. Their daddy was about 60-65 lbs tops and Mommy Duchess is only 40 lbs! She dwarfs her sons (as you can see in the picture lol).
  6. I must share my Stan Lee story. In 2006 or 2007, I went to the San Diego Comic-com with my ex-fiancé. He made a short film and it was showing there. Well, i must admit, I was never a big fan of comics and knew absolutely nothing about Stan Lee. Suddenly my ex freaks out and says... “OMG it’s Stan Lee!” as an old guy walks right by us. Well to that I said back “Who the hell is Stan Lee?” We almost got kicked out of the event!
  7. I have walked all four of my dogs (3 are Huskies, 2 are over 70 lb. Huskies) at once, but am not a big fan of it because I always think bad things could happen. Luckily for me though, they no longer pull that much but I do have prong collars on them (I know, I know) for their own safety. If a small dog approached me (or any small animal for that matter), I need to be able to control them so no one gets hurt. I prefer taking 2 and having my domestic partner walk the other 2. Much safer that way, but sadly, not always possible given schedules etc.
  8. also looks pure to me. Gorgeous pup! Oh- my boy Tika looks like less of a pure-bred than your boy. Tika is mostly white (red and white piebald) with big ears. He gets Shepherd a lot. But he is 100% Husky.
  9. Would love to have a wolf dog... sadly they are illegal in the state of Maryland. Oh well. Guess I'll stick with huskies. :-)
  10. My father is stage 4 colorectal cancer... I will get a tat for him as well... just not sure what yet
  11. Welcome!! Your boy is gorgeous. I am partial for reds though. :-) I'm going to 2nd the above post. Your lab/border collie is probably wonderful off-lead. My domestic partner had a border collie that was frankly the smartest and most obedient dog I have ever met. Huskies are like the complete opposite. They are smart, but can never be trusted off-lead.
  12. OMG may I have some of his tail fur for my boy Viggo? Poor Viggo has lost most of the fur in his tail... it is so thin and looks pathetic. He had an overactive violet gland... stud tail I guess they call it. Luckily the long hair that remains on his tail covers his bald spot.
  13. Just thought I would share pictures of my tattoos. I have 4 so far... probably will get more eventually. 1. My first tattoo is an old-school style swallow. I like birds and the meaning behind this particular design. 2. My second tattoo is of my boy Viggo. You all knew I had to get my Biggie Boy inked on me. He means the world to me in many ways. 3. My 3rd tattoo is a realistic Baltimore Oriole (told you I liked birds) based on a coworker's photograph. The Baltimore Oriole is the state bird of MD (where I am from) as well. 4. My newest and 4th tattoo is of a male Common Yellowthroat (again, clearly I like birds, lol) that is based on a photograph that I took while birding in the field. Feel free to share your ink as well. Would love to see some more Husky tats!
  14. Welcome to the forum from a fellow Marylander! I'm in Timonium- Baltimore County.
  15. Hi and welcome to the pack! Sorry for the late response. I'm jealous your girl gets along with your Yorkie. My two boys would seriously kill a Yorkie... they have the high prey drive big time.
  16. Besides Viggo, Tika, and Duchess the Huskies, I have: 1. Bear a 12-year old Jack Russell/American Bulldog mix 2. Way way way too many tropical fish to count, lol. I have many balloon belly mollies that will not stop breeding, one black and gold mollie, 5 cory cats of different varieties, 2 Yoyo loaches, some kind of eel (actually a member of the knifefish family), 1 bosemani rainbow fish, 1 turquoise rainbow fish, 1 denisen's barb, 1 opaline gourami, 3 plecos (bristlenose- 1 is albino), nirite snails, a black tetra, 4 glowlight tetras, 1 green flame tetra, 1 dwarf neon gourami, 3 pea puffers, and then the bettas... 7 females (Bianca Jagger, Geddie Lee, Omarosa, Neon Naomi, Birdie, Vera Lynn, and one that is small and I have not named her yet) and about to be 8 males (RuPaul, Ziggy Stardust, Periwinkle (holding for my mom), Flamboyant Freddie, Opal, Big Brutus, and Vinnie... new male coming this week, not sure what I am going to call him yet). Please note not all of these are in the same tank... I have multiple set-ups. Attaching pictures of Opal and Flamboyant Freddie.
  17. I rarely bathe any of my huskies but let me say, my boy Viggo, he makes some GOD AWFUL sound when I bathe him. The neighbors must think I am abusing him. SMH... he's always been a puss pot when it comes to baths and brushing. LOL
  18. OMG what an incredibly sweet girl! Cograts to you! I've always been a sucker for wooly agouti-colored Huskies.
  19. Thank you. They are my babies lol.
  20. I have my dogs on part BARF(raw)/part KIBBLE. In the morning they get Verus kibble and in the evenings they get all BARF. I have heard it is not good to feed both raw and kibble in the same meal but I have on occasion and my guys have not had any issues. I try not to make a habit of it though. I buy all of my raw food from www.topqualitydogfood.com (of course, this will only work if you live in certain areas of the East Coast in the US lol).
  21. I'd say wolf... (I kid, I kid). Viggo and Tika are 80 lbs and tall and people mistake them for malamutes on occasion. They look too slim to me to be Mals though. Oh I got Akita once too. LOL.
  22. I used to take my boy Viggo to the dog park all the time. Unfortunately due to people not wanting to follow rules and not knowing about basic dog behavior, I completely stopped going. It just wasn't fun anymore. Sorry your girl was hurt. Glad she is on the mend and seems to be doing well.
  23. Wanted to add an additional photo of Duchess and her 2 sons, Viggo and Tika. Viggo and Tika both weigh 75-80 lbs. Little Deedely-Bop (as I call her) is about 40 lbs. It's funny to see how people react when they are told she is the mother of those BIG boys.
  24. Long time no post. I think it has been 6 years since I last posted something on this forum. Still have my 3 dogs... Viggo, Tika (both Huskies, age 9) and Bear (American Bulldog/Jack Russell mix, age 12). However I am happy to announce that I added a 3rd husky to the family. It’s actually Viggo and Tika’s mom Duchess (age 11)! I adopted her from the lady who bred my boys about 3-4 years ago I guess it has been now. Anyways! Hope you all have been well. Couple of pictures: 1st is of Duchess and myself and my wine lol. 2nd is of Viggo and myself. Perhaps some of you remember me.
  25. Hi Joe! I don't post much ont he forum anymore, but I do read threads quite a bit. What part of MD are you from? I live in Timonium and have 2 Huskies (brothers) and a mixed breed. My Huskies were not rescues... they were purchased as pups from a breeder. Kaspar is quite stunning. My best to you as you work through his issues. :-)
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