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custom made dog leads, harness, collar


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hiya hun

Thats a good question all my o rings are weilded hun, and if you want metal slider's i can get them but they cost alot more than the plastic ones.

The plastic one i use are very strong, they with stand my boys.

ok cool :) well let us know when you start on the x-backs if you havent already :) will they have padded breastplates? (you can see what i mean on culpeppers)

I know... im so fussy!!! lol

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lol hun

The x back are beating me at the min because i want to make them out of cushion webbing not the cheap crap lol

yes they will have padding on the breastplate hun i'm working on that as well.

It's all becasue i dont want to use the cheaper webbing to make them

how much would it be for a walking harness with a padded breastplate? if you can do them obviously lol. kira has a car harness for walking but i'm looking at getting her another one.... just depends on funds atm lol

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Karly, still interested in getting a harness for Diesel (an elephant-sized one! :lol: ) ..... what measurements do you need? He's at the limit for the Ezydog one (XL size).

Are you doing the padded breastplates yet? It looks better, more substantial on D than just a few straps, he just doesn't look right!

Let me know what you need & I'll pm you, xx

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Hi Karly,

Collar and lead came today, awesome, great quality and really well made, not long got back from walking wolfie on it so much better, had him walking beside me and not pulling half as much.

Thanks ever so much well pleased and would defo order of you again.

Keep up the hard work biggrin.giftongue.gif

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ok Karly while the cheese and postmans leg flavouring makes the harnesses more amenable to the Huskies. . . . .lolbiggrin.gif

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