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custom made dog leads, harness, collar


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January 2010 special offer's run till the end of january

6ft ladder lead plus any collar £9

Normal 4ft lead plus any collar £6.50

police style lead plus and collar £9

postage is £3 1st class recorded to uk thats per order not per item

If its airmail i will send you the price with the invoice

thank you again


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hiya hun

at the min all my stuff is on here as our website is down, if you go to page 1 i have some pic's on here.

As soon as the other halfs website is up and running again then they will be on there.

they are also on huskamute help facebook page lol.

if you would like anything if you send me a pm i'll get get back to you as a asap hun

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After being asked a good few times now if i can make half choke collars i can now make them as my suplier has now got the chains in so i can make them, i'm putting in an order for them sometime today or tomorrow.

I will be making the half choke collar with and without side release clip's so when you order a half choke collar can you please say if you want it with or with the side release clip.

Without a side release clip = £6

with a side relesae clip = £6.50

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hi karly, just wondered if your rings are welded? I had a coupler fail on me last week because the ring opened up :( so i wont use anything with unweilded rings. Also, is there any chance you can get the metal sliders rather than the plastic ones (the adjuster bits on the collars).

lol sorry for askin its just that everything has to be as strong a poss... im such a worrier... lol

I wouldnt be ordering anything yet, as i'v just ordered kira a new collar... tho i may be interested in a walking or x-back harness in the future :)

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