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  1. 5 huskies blowing their coats lol

    1. Sarah


      ouch - i thought i had problems with 3 LOL!!

    2. Marc
    3. HuskyGuerl


      same at my house :'(

  2. I'll get a pic of that next time I give angel a bath lol!!
  3. LOL....imagine that~!!! Hugs to Sarah!!
  4. Absolutely NOT!! LMAO I do more than enough laundry as it is, and chewy didnt even like his leather collar enough not to chew it off...LOL!!!
  5. By the way I think we all missed the ever monotonous chore of struggling to bathe our most dirty dogs....LOL. I dont know about anyone else here but I myself have never encountered a husky who appreciated the lather and rinse process...and it is almost always a guarantee that the second they go back outside they will barrel-roll in the dirt and make you wish you had not just strained every muscle in your body to hold them down when the soap went on. LOL. owners often quickly learn not to shower before they attempt to bathe a sibe...LOL.
  6. You captured it all...LOL It really is amazing how many people just buy huskies and malamutes because they are so gorgeous and a mere 4 weeks later (here in hawaii at least) the puppy will be resold because often the family is not prepared to put in the time or brains...lol. there is however one somel teeny things you forgot...lol... If the husky is allowed they will continue to gorge themselves and run you through 20 pounds of food in less than a week...lol. By the way...LOL...what ever happened to actual 50 pound bags of dog food?? People also often think that sibes and malamutes are like some of their fellow med/large breed dogs that grow slowly/slower...lol...thats a total joke...lol and last but not least their number two mischeivious instinct is to find a weakness of any kind to get out doors, windows, and outside the fence. Cheap bricks and light duct taping just will not do the job LOL...never assume it will be enough to brick up only the holes they have already created...you must always put bricks around the entire fence-line and ensure that you put them back once your sweet sibe figures out how to move them.
  7. Hey everyone...sorry I've been mIA for awhile...lol. have been so busy, but now Im back and I've posted a few new pics of Chewie. He's doing great...is 19 weeks and is about 45 pounds...vet says he will def be at least 85 pounds!!LOL He's real sweet though and fun! I put all the new photos in a new album in our profile.
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