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My mini wolf Maxine

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Do you have all of your exotics permits? It can be hazardous to call a Sibe mix a cross of a non domestic canid, just a word of caution as we see a lot of siberians immediately put down or required to go to wolf sanctuaries just because their family called them (jokingly) wolves. I hope you enjoy H-O!

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Thank you all, and @jmscott,  thank you for the foresight. I am taking steps to ensure a long happy and healthy life with my new puppy. She will start specialized service dog training in the coming week. As I am an American combat vet, I find her to be the perfect companion for me. We got back from the vet yesterday, she is in perfect health other than an enamel issue that is not a huge problem but I'm going to have to be on top of her dental hygiene a lot more than I was before with my other dogs. So far In my HOA everyone adores her and why not look at that lil fluff ball of joy.


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Hi Paul, we were blown away to see pictures of Maxine.  She is identical to our Sky.  We thought he was a small husky.  But so many people said he looks similar to a coyote.  

When we saw Max's photos, it confirmed that he is most likely a mix of husky and coyote.  He is the most loving, playful, expressive dog.  He was a stray who adopted us.  

And we are so in love.  I would love to show you a photo, but this site won't let me upload images from my IPhoto.  I'm not sure how to do it from a URL.  If you want to share your email, I will send you some photos that way.



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