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  1. You asked why and criticized why I felt that way? I suppose that can go into a part II of why I want my comments, posts, then account deleted. I never said you had to change. I stated why I was leaving, as you inquired.
  2. Breed education mostly stems from responsible breeders. I do not feel that responsible breeders are appreciated in this forum and that "oops" breeders and the non educational side of ownership is the real focus. As a breeder, supporter of good breeding practices, and breed education, why would I stay? I'm tired of good information being removed because it's attached to a good BREEDER. The link to a post by a friend of Natalie Norris being deleted was the last straw. Copying the text and reposting is a terrible discredit to what Anadyr shouldmean to all of us. Not ONE of us have or have ever had a dog without Natalie's fingerprints in its lineage but to not allow a direct link to the author of that heartfelt eulogy because she breeds? That is not the legacy Natalie left for us.
  3. I'm not concerned with the info but deleting the topics themselves If it can't be done then I will continue deleting them myself and will contact you when finished.
  4. Please. Once all of my topics and posts are removed.
  5. Okay. I'd appreciate if you'd delete every post and topic made by this account. Thanks!
  6. I can't find any information on how to get that done, Thanks!
  7. Hello, I believe you are the new husky parents I talked to at PetSmart on Saturday. Welcome to the group! I hope you are able to find all the information you need here, but if you do have any questions, as always you are welcome to send me a message and I will do my best to find the answer.

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