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  1. You asked why and criticized why I felt that way? I suppose that can go into a part II of why I want my comments, posts, then account deleted. I never said you had to change. I stated why I was leaving, as you inquired.
  2. Breed education mostly stems from responsible breeders. I do not feel that responsible breeders are appreciated in this forum and that "oops" breeders and the non educational side of ownership is the real focus. As a breeder, supporter of good breeding practices, and breed education, why would I stay? I'm tired of good information being removed because it's attached to a good BREEDER. The link to a post by a friend of Natalie Norris being deleted was the last straw. Copying the text and reposting is a terrible discredit to what Anadyr shouldmean to all of us. Not ONE of us have or have ever had a dog without Natalie's fingerprints in its lineage but to not allow a direct link to the author of that heartfelt eulogy because she breeds? That is not the legacy Natalie left for us.
  3. I'm not concerned with the info but deleting the topics themselves If it can't be done then I will continue deleting them myself and will contact you when finished.
  4. Please. Once all of my topics and posts are removed.
  5. Okay. I'd appreciate if you'd delete every post and topic made by this account. Thanks!
  6. I can't find any information on how to get that done, Thanks!
  7. Pups really don't need a substantial treat. We will often use the zukes treats and cut those into fourths.
  8. Get a scooter/bike and xback and pick up the pace. These dogs should be able to keep a quick pace once they can be run at about 1 - 1 1/2
  9. If biting is a new behavior, it may be related to the epilepsy. Talk with your vet and schedule a general check up before you start on all the different training methods. Also, when was he diagnosed? Sibes are very prone to vaccinosis and even our breeder had a dog diagnosed with epilepsy, however it turned out (after he had been neutered) that it was a terrible reaction to a vaccine.
  10. I would expect him to act like a teenage ass hat. But I wouldn't worry about rough play, just keep an eye on them when they do. Make sure you take the puppy to a quiet place often for naps. overexerting herself trying to keep up with the older dog can affect their structure at such a young age. And just like human puppies, they will indeed try to stay awake with the big kids.
  11. I always like to go back to the roots of a breed. Some of my ideas are: Mahlemut, Koven (Arctic explorer who used mals), Taġiuġmiut or Nunamiut (two tribes of the region of Alaska that mals originate from) Kotzebue (for the Kotzebue Sound.)
  12. :/ The fact that she is wiggling around and is tied to the door doesn't help the photos, but the idea get across.
  13. Here's a shoot I did with Nana just to make a point of how much an angle can change the lines of a dog.
  14. There aren't any regulations as to what the carcass can or cant be used for, but our dogs will eat the whole dern thing so I say, why not? lol
  15. With any working breed I always end up evaluating the rear and the feet. I would work with a pro photographer for some good pictures of her. Some of these can make her look really straight in the rear, but it looks like she has great feet! (My mentor was a feet nut and she rubbed off on me lol.)
  16. With our kennel name I went back to what I wanted out of what I produced but also wanted a name that was part of when they were still a pure working landrace of dog in the Chukotka region. I ended up with Origin Siberian Huskies.
  17. They are not cross bred but they are purpose bred. They are one of the many Husky breeds and were bred for working frieght not for the same purposes as Siberians were. Very cool breed. http://www.sleddogcentral.com/mackenzies2.htm
  18. jmscott

    The Snip

    Depends. Females going through a heat will often lose hair. Nana started getting back her winter coat but lost half of it when she went into heat. The coat shouldn't be that different though. It should still be a good weatherproof coat no matter intact or not.
  19. Vast majority of cases, a good portion of the animal is used as food. Deer can carry CEA so you see a lot of mounted heads. Boar are often given to kitchens to help feed families in need.
  20. How has the weather been? Sometimes that will affect how they are. Sometimes, thought, just like us they will have a bad day.
  21. jmscott

    The Snip

    The point of it is to retain those hormones without the possibility of a pregnancy. those hormones are important.
  22. jmscott

    The Snip

    If you can, a better alternative to the traditional spay/neuter is tubal ligation and canine vasectomies. But they are not widely practiced and a it can be difficult to find a vet willing to do the procedure.
  23. jmscott

    The Snip

    The chances of osteosarcoma (bone cancers) increase with neutering, as well as ligament injuries. But there are benefits as well. The biggest thing is taking a good hard look at your own ability to control an intact dog. Are you willing to know when the neighbor's bitch goes into heat every season? Can you keep him away from other people with intact females that are NOT keeping them responsibly? Plenty of breeders keep intact animals together, so its not impossible, you just need to consider if you want to put in the additional work. http://www.skeptvet.com/index.php?p=1_23_Benefits-Risks-of-Neutering
  24. Instead of putting the puppy out of the way, put the humper in 'time-out'.
  25. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the puppy's sex. There are lots of reasons why dogs hump and in some cases, no one is sure. In this case it sounds like excitement to me. Not sexual excitement, just him getting over stimulated with the other dog around.
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