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Cheap Chicken Dinners

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find your nearest late opening or 24 hour grocery store Tesco asda what ever

at between 8pm to 10pm they will close the Rotisserie and you will be able to buy

whole cooked chickens and Portions at bargain prices my local asda sells me them at 50p each

Sainsbury's £2

I tend to pick up 3 or 4 whole chickens allow 3 to cool and then freeze eat a little of the

other one my self then drop it in a pan and boil up for a while. Pick the bones out and put

in fridge for a tasty treat for the dogs

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Good find Paul.

Them Dawgs loves the chicken :)

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Why have i never thought of this!  :facepalm:

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I can not claim that I thought of this, I was in a store late one night and they announced

the cheap deal over the speakers. Been trying to time my shopping trips every so often to

catch the deal. some days your lucky and they have a bunch of left over whole chickens and

pieces others your too late.

its a bit hit or miss but you can make a good score and save some money and get good cheap

food at call it 2 pounds for a whole chicken it still works out as a good deal

only down side is you have to pick all the bones out after the boiled chicken has cooled off

break the meat up into nice size bits same with skin and the dogs love it better than any tin

food you can get

on a side not shopping at 8ish or later tends to mean store is mostly empty so you can get

around faster without so many people in the way. I love late night shopping the thrill of

going around a store at 11pm when its just you and 2 or 3 other customers is fun

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