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    Grew up on a farm in West Sussex, always been around dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs. I have lived all around the Country from Lands End to John O'Groats. I have lived an interesting life, from being in a 4 million pound home to sleeping rough under a bridge. I have worked abroad and at home as a civilian specialist on attachment to a combat unit, Which messed me up some what physically and mentally. Been Married now Divorced. To me a house is not a home unless a dog is curled up some where waiting to trip you up.
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  1. did you say he is 6 weeks old and you have him already, pups should not leave mum until at least 8 weeks old when she starts to wean them. Diff colour eyes are fine lots of dog breeds have it with no problems and huskys are known for it. TBH people with huskys with 2 brown eyes will meet people Experts in thier own minds, who insist that they are NOT huskys as they should have blue eyes lol
  2. Jan-Michael Vincent, best known for playing daredevil pilot Stringfellow Hawke in 1980s TV series Airwolf, has died at the age of 74, it has emerged. The Denver-born actor also appeared with Charles Bronson in The Mechanic, with Burt Reynolds in Hooper and in seminal surfing film Big Wednesday. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for 1971 film Going Home and again in 1984 for miniseries The Winds of War. Vincent died on 10 February, according to his death certificate. The document states he was an inpatient at a hospital in North Carolina and is survived by his third wife, Patricia Ann Christ. Vincent's career waned after his Airwolf heyday and he retired from acting in 2009. In 2012 a leg infection required him to have the lower half of his right leg amputated.
  3. Should i point out that i am only half welsh do not speak wales live in the town in Pontypridd and do not have any problems but no where in wales would tollerate people walking up and shooting a dog on a lead, this would be a criminal attack and no one would allow it to happen and if it did it would be all over the news
  4. if that is true the farmer could be charged with multiple charges and face long jail time , unless the dog is off the lead running around its illegal to shoot them. Charges that coule be brought, Assault with a dangerous weapon, Criminal damage (law sucks as it see's dogs as property) attempted murder etc etc Also as far as i know Huskys are ruled out as helper dogs cus they are such indipendant buggers. could be an un recognised ES dog but i doubt any of the service dog groups that provide certification booklets would give it one, All real dogs get a book like a passport that is the document your supposed to carry if they show you a printed card they are fake and can be got off ebay for about 15 quid, but can lead to user being sued for costs if teh store has a problem and face criminal charges if the fake service dog attacks or disrupts a real service dog doing its job I have a real service dog and it really agrivates me when i meet a dog that is a fake
  5. I have a Husky/Malamute cross, White German Shepherd and a Malinois/Lakenois Cross all are fed a Barf raw Diet the Mali pup was started on raw food when he was weaned and they all do fine I Buy Lamb Ribs (half a rib cage) Turkey Necks, Sprats (small fish about 5 inches long) Mackeral (nice oily fish). Mixed minced raw food at 80% Muscle meat 10% Bone, 10% Organ (offal) meat I also add every few days Cod Liver or Salmon Oil, Raw Eggs, Pasta and mixed Veg. so the menu would be kind of like this Monday Beef raw egg Sprats Tuesday Chicken and Tripe (mix) pasta squirt of one of the oils say Cod Wednesday Lamb and Beef veg Thursday Lamb ribs Chicken and a Mackeral Friday Beef and chicken salmon Pasta Saturday Turkey neck Beef Sunday Liver and beef and veg Some people i know say my dogs eat better than they do
  6. think that the 2500 huskys might be a miss print last time i was in scotland at one of the sled races it was more like 200 max
  7. dig the fingers into the coat if you can feel the lkast 3 ribs they are fine if not over weight if you can feel more under My boy is on a diet right now cus i went to put his harness on last week and it only just fitted gave him a poke and was like woah your way over weight when did that happen
  8. Gather round huskys and humans and listen to a Christmas Carol
  9. The in the last couple weeks I have come to the site picked a topic to view and that page has opened then a few seconds later it has been diverted to Some scam site telling me i have won a random fake prize. Old scam that has been around for years so other than closing the page I have not been suckered Has some malicous code gotten into the site or has a scammer linked in some how to randomly capture a browser some how I would hate to see some one click this page as its the old pay us money sign up for this site scam spam stuff so far it seems to happen once a day and its a pain next time i will take a photo with my phone. I am using the latest version of firefox as i hate chrome (find it slow and laggy) and Ms Edge
  10. I would not blame the fish, remember that huskys etc for many years lived on a fish diet (rivers were full of them and it was easy to catch and dry/smoke) I personaly feed raw food, monday it might be chicken tuesday beef wednesday tripe, thursday chicken and beef My supplier does full range of plain meats and mixes, so every day they get something different, added to the meals can be lumps of liver heart tripe even frozen fish. along with every couple days a squirt of cod or salmon oil along with raw eggs every few days
  11. if the dog has abed blanket put it the car and leave it there for a few days, the car might have to the dogs nose dog smells from last owner you need to being blunt stink the car up with your own dogs smell so throw in the stinky work boots old bed blnket that needs a wash anything that makes your house smell to the dogs nose
  12. PaulG

    NetFlix movie Rex

    I watched it on netflix UK not sure if the rest of the world has it as more than once american freinds of mine do not have the same shows or movies
  13. PaulG

    Watership Down

    I am guessing that like me many of you saw the original. In the press there has been a huge fuss about how dark and blood thirsty it was the snowflakes hate the old movie I have heard that the animated series put out a couple years ago was very PC PG rated which i heard ruined the story So here are the trailers for the new version of the movie coming out soon
  14. giphy-downsized-large.gif.mp4 doc_2018-12-03_06-14-28.mp4
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