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    Grew up on a farm in West Sussex, always been around dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs. I have lived all around the Country from Lands End to John O'Groats. I have lived an interesting life, from being in a 4 million pound home to sleeping rough under a bridge. I have worked abroad and at home as a civilian specialist on attachment to a combat unit, Which messed me up some what physically and mentally. Been Married now Divorced. To me a house is not a home unless a dog is curled up some where waiting to trip you up.
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  1. ok i was browsing a shop looking for dog toys and hit on https://www.poundland.co.uk I found they are selling cooked hambones as dog treats as we all know ham/pork products are bad for dogs worse cooked bones they state on the product info """" Ham bone is absolutely ideal to feed as a treat or reward as part of a balanced diet. """" which we all know is not true I contacted poundland and they basicly said we have never had a complain about these. The fact that Vet addvice is never feed these to your dogs means nothing to them I contacted DEFRA and they passed the buck to APHA who passed the buck again to trading standerds. I think it is disgusting that a company can sell a product that is bad for pets to eat legaly even though vet addvice says they should not be eating this product. So could every one phone there MP defra apha ts and make complaints I tried with the RSPCA and they passed the buck saying they couldnt even introduce an awareness campaign about it or talk to any one on pet owners behalf on a side note it appears that this product was withdrawn from sale by the FDA in america as several dogs died from simular bone treats in 2010
  2. hope we get to see the video's this year as we never got to see any from last years
  3. PaulG

    Wanted dog ball toy

    they are a funny toy they have little spots of texture on the body sticking out are squares triangles and circles. and the squeak and rattle and tinkling bell inside make them different lots of different things to interest them
  4. OK funny request I got one of these toys from B&M a couple months ago and my dogs loved it right until my toy killing shep killed it So could you all check your local store's to see if they still have any of these balls. I would like to get at least three of them. I will pay for them and postage to me They bounce funny when rolled or thrown. They also Squeak and have a rattling bell inside I have looked on Amazon and i can not find them Even a makers name would be helpful
  5. PTSD sucks i currently have a Malinos/Lakenois (2 of the Belgian shepherds in one) as my service assitance dog and they do help make our lives so much better My husky did his best as one but he was too old to do the training the UK is tougher in what dogs can and can not be helpers. But welcome to the group
  6. Frontline used to be good but a few years ago they changed it so you could buy it over the counter so it is lower strength, look into Advantage spot on made by Bayer you want to get a perscrition strength flea treatment if you do get flea's you will need to treat the dog and the house. drops on the dog and a spray that does the house might even find a bug bomb thing that does fleas in the usa. As to scent marking nope nothing you can do to stop that, unless he is doing it in the house then you need to go back to basics training wise so he knows pee outside, my husky scent marks we went on holiday and he tried to scent mark both sides of teh highstreet in one pass when we came home a month later
  7. so you are new to huskys you will have a puppy that will sit roll over and do most things you train them to do UNTILL they hit 18 months of age then all training will go out the window The husky genes will kink in and you will have a stubborn back talking furry monster that makes your life a living hell , you want to go for a walk husky will shout yell grumble untill it gives in on the way home husky will shout yell howl and have every one looking at you thinbking your being mean becuase now husky wants to stay out. that exspenive toy you just brought home and gave gave to the husky, will be ripped to shreds and spread over the living room in the time it took you to make a coffee. Now you have a husky you will have fur in every thing you cook eat drink clothing will have to be purchased so fur does not show. guests will start learning to dress down when they visit twice a year your vacuum will choke on enough fur to make 2 more dogs when its snowing husky will refuse to come inside neighbours will report you for being cruel even though you stand at the door witha bag of tasty treats begging them to come in so people do not think your mean whilst the husky is in the cute cuddely fluff ball stage a 10 min walk will take an hour as every stops to make a fuss of them. Later you will here yikes its a wolf, no its noy a husky they have blue eyes, who is taking who for a walk, you need to get a sledge, Your neighbours will get used to the awooo's at all hours You will get used to having the biggest pain in the butt and most amusing ball of fluff in your life and you will at times wonder what you will do without them and five mins later wish you never got them a husky is not an easy dog you can not even really call them a dog as you got a HUSKY they are unlike any other breed. they will drive you insane one moment, make you laugh until you nearl wet yourself the next and be a part of your family
  8. Yes he needs to see a vet also needs a cone on his head to stop him bothering the cuts, vet will suply the cone
  9. if you are getting her spayed just tell him she had a Pyorometra and had to spayed to save her life end of him calling you
  10. yep i wish they started billing the film and tv studios for the fads thay make in dog owning 101 dalmations , snow dogs, Due South GOT John Wick (with the malinois) Max and lots of other films have shown dogs in some peope see these wonderfully PROFESSIONALY trained dogs and think i want one of those, then go out and buy a Malinois 6 months later dump it cus it ate the kitchen started growling at the family crapped or pee'ed on the carpets ate the sofa etc etc as it was not like the dog on the tv at least some of the GoT people have said on twitter and other places DO not get a dog just because they look cute on the show. But they need to do more than they do
  11. I by my food from Happy hounds they are on facebook (lol just unpacked an order today) they make 10 10 8 ratio mixes beef, beef tripe, beef lamb, chicken, chicken tripe, tripe, liver etc all mixed, I also buy bags of sprats liver heart chunks, turkey necks and lamb ribs some times whole rabbits, I swap and change food day by day so weeks menu might be something like this Monday, Beef mix morning Tripe mix with couple lumps of liver added evening Tuesday Turkneck morning evening lamb mix raw egg (just drop the egg in a jug mash up shell into small bits tip onto food) squirt of codliver oil Wednesday morn chicken and beef. evening liver mix some cheap frozen veggies Thursday Lamb ribs (half a rib cage) spratts . evening Beef with some pasta (i buy cheap 3 kg bag from sainsburys, put pasta in a pot pour on boiling water leave to cool on back of stove) so they get a cup full each Friday chicken with sqiurt of salmon oil evening half a rabbit saturday semi thawed frozen fish mackeral evening beef and lamb sunday skip a morning meal ( every so often i let them miss a meal) evening beef with egg and chunk of extra offal heart liver tripe kidney what ever i have in freezer My mix meet comes in 500 gram packs and i buy big bags of turkey necks ribbs and other stuff that when i unpack i split into bags so i have daily ration for the 3 dog in the extra chunks, ribs necks get split into single item packs. and the fish and spratts seem to stay loose in the bags so i just pull out one or a hand full as needed there are lots of raw food places in the uk BUT make sure to check if they sell pre mixed ratio food otherwise you will have to mix it yourself which can be harder as you need to add bone and organ content too much liver which is rich can give dogs teh runs so it takes a bit of carful balancing to mix yourself I order a months worth of food at a time and have a dog food freezer unless its winter when i boost order a little just in case of snow etc so i can last longer if needed between orders https://www.facebook.com/pg/happyhoundswales2014/about/?ref=page_internal
  12. on a side note how regular has he been wormed, what is the food you are feeding as you need a good puppy food for large dogs Huskys can have funny tummys like shepherds so you may have to swap and change foods until you find a kibble food he is ok with. but from personal choice i will keep feeding my dogs raw as after i made the swap i noticed. a lot of changes Better coats, no fussy feeding issues. less poop to pick up (I swear that between raw and kibble is a 75% rule. in raw 75% is digested and never seen again in kibble 75% comes back out) less farts and not as stinky. same for the poop less stinky and a lot less to pick up. teeth stay cleaner so less tooth brushing. Also i did some research and found out that a lot of vets are NOT taught about diet and what they do learn comes from books and pamphlets printed by the dog food makers if you have netflix look at the program Pet fooled you will be shocked with what it shows about the pet food industry my biggest shock was that pet dogs cats rabbits etc put to sleep at the vet can and do end up being put back into pet food which explains how the drugs used to put animals down were being found in pet food that is just the tip of the iceberg in other cases so called human quality food ingreadiants were actulay cheap products from china that were contaminated for toxic materials and unfit to be eaten by humans and these were being used to make dog food as the laws regarding quality in human food are very strict not so for pet food. You just have to look at the toxic waste that is used to make rawhide dog chews is legal tpo sell as pet food. or the cooked ham bones that are sold vacum packed as dog bones in stores https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5700496/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pet_Fooled
  13. raw bones do not splinter the way coocked bones do and they are digested easy, only thing i would recomend is if you are feeding wings is to snip off the tips of the wings with scissors as the wing bone is really shar and pointed like a needle and could hurt if they swallow the tip of the wing whole. there are lots of guides to feeding BARF diet around as you have a pup you will need to work out a diet that is 20% Bone 10% Organ (offal) 70% muscle meat when about a year old swap to 10 10 80 ratio My Malionois was fed raw from the day he was weaned and is just over a year old now so no risk afte all its noy like a wolf goes out and buys a sack of puppy kibble for the pups video_2018-08-01_07-49-25.mp4
  14. take both to the vet to be sure. puppy might have an infection and will have worms (all pups need worming) should have been given a dose when you picked them up then depending on wormer every 2 or more likly 4 weeks until about 6 months age. Pups can have worms badly tpo the point when they poop the day after the dose it comes out like a handfull of spagetti and you may even need to use a poop bag to help pull them out very gently. you also need to make sure they pup doesnt turn around and eat them so that is a good reason to see the vet in itself to pick up a suply of worm tablets for the dogs
  15. i just use a £39.99 econo own brand hoover from Argos works great for dog fur and is now 5 years old and still running on its first belt only down side is its bagless so you get a face full of dust ever time you empty it but for price life etc its been a great cheap investment, as i know people who have paid hundreds for dysons and other top brands and said they were rubbish at dealing with fur etc
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