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  1. Forever in skyes case she is 3 lol Shadow calmed down at 2 years old he's 5 now and so chilled out
  2. It gets easier puppy stages are hard ive done it twice now they are so cute though as pups you just have to be strong willed! Good routine is always good mine used to drink abs loads of water whenon kibble but since I switched to raw they don't drink as much now. You may find it harder having two. In regards to them playing together and not you I would advise you actually have some one on one time with each one so you can establish a good bond as well as their bond with each other
  3. Stormy

    shadow is 5

    Happy birthday to shadow he is five years old today were just waiting for it to hopefully cool down before we can go for a walk
  4. Stormy


    I've got one on my back two o. My stomach and one on my wrist not gonna lie they all hurt and all went over bone (not hard on me really haha) however it isn't to bad and is bearable and worth it love the design you have put up
  5. Who's causing mischief? Lol
  6. Hiya Dave Great to see you hope your well
  7. No not paranoid atall! Im so paranoid i wont have a housemate even though i have a spare room and would have alot more spare cash
  8. Stormy

    rip Cilla

    RIP Cilla ! Abs loved blind date!
  9. Perhaps as above get into a routine of a last late night walk
  10. Hang in there Think Shadow was around 6 months before no accidents! Skye was alot quicker but she had Shadow as an example
  11. I know of a few people with dogs and flats some let them out onto the balcony some take them for a walk, i know if i lived in a flat id have to take mine out as they will not go to the toilet on a balcony i know this from camp as the caravan i normally get has an enclosed balcony and they wont go to the toilet on it, my two are funny and see it as indoors lol
  12. Haha my old dog Logan used to do this early hours of the morning used to scare me lol
  13. Stormy


    Happy anniversary
  14. The balance for a raw diet is over one week and it is 80 percent meat 10 percent offal and 10 percent bone
  15. I vary between minced raw and whole chickens and beef cuts etc with mine, liver i only give once a week which i have to mix into mince with mine as otherwise they wont eat it lol also additives like fish oil are great
  16. Went on a work course yesterday i like dressing smart a nice change from my awful work uniform lol
  17. I find routine does help alot mine know when im going to work etc i find if i go off routine thats when they're more likely to misbehave!
  18. Frozen kongs keep them entertained and mentally stimulated i used to put one of those in when i put them in and a cuddly toy each and a chewable toy bone or a stag bar so they had a few options
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