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  1. Can not tell you, you will have to be surprised as they will change colour depending on genetic traits from her breeding history give her a few months and they will be the colour they will be. Sam as you will not really be able to say what coat colour she will have A freind got a puppy that was slate grey fur colour now he is very pale with tan markings, but you can also get white pups taht turn dark its not just mum and dad but gran dad mom and great grand etc etc that give you the dog you will eventuay have
  2. aww damn just checked for you and most of the bones are nit availabe but you can get chickens fed raw the bones are ok if you feed the wings i recomend you snip the tips of teh wings off as that bone is sharp and pointed the link to them phone and see what they have also has the address https://www.facebook.com/pg/happyhoundswales2014/about/?ref=page_internal if you are really short i could let you have a bag of turkey necks i do have 3 right now you would just have to get Pontypridd with an ice box could also let you have some ribs as i have half a pack
  3. Happy Hounds Pet Food on facebook sell bags of half rib cages for a few quid, they probably an hour or so drive from you to collect, they also do delivery
  4. you do not say how she was was raised, if she was fed with a pack she could still have the puppy rush to eat or you loose it behaviour if she was not fed well same sort of thing You could look into one of thise slow eating bowls yu can get that have grooves and wierd shaes cut in sto they have to work at it to pick the food up from the bowl you can get them from ebay amazon and most big chain store pet shops as to counter surfing that is kind of a husky thing, just count yourself lucky she only surfs i have come home to look in the window and find my husky sitting in the kitchen sink so he could watch the world outside
  5. PaulG

    UK Storm Dennis

    Hope you all survived ok the storm was really bad This was my high street this morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-wales-51522195/storm-dennis-south-wales-under-water-as-floods-hit after the water dropped a big chunk of the shops i use have been flooded out Going to make buying fresh stuff hard but at least i had just had my monthly dog and human food order arrive and thankfully my power has not been taken out so freezer of dog food is safe
  6. Actor Kirk Douglas, a fixture of cinema for six decades, has died aged 103. The stage and screen actor was well-known for a range of roles, including the 1960 classic Spartacus, in which he played the titular character. Born in New York in 1916, he rose to prominence during Hollywood's "golden age", earning his first Oscar nomination for the 1949 boxing story Champion. He was also the father of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas. Michael said in a statement: "It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today." "To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies... but to me and my brothers Joel and Peter he was simply Dad," it read in part. Obituary: Kirk Douglas In pictures: Kirk Douglas at 100 BBC Arts: Three of Kirk Douglas's finest scenes "Let me end with the words I told him on his last birthday and which will always remain true. Dad - I love you so much and I am so proud to be your son." Kirk Douglas was prolific as a film actor, with more than 90 credits to his name - ranging over six decades from the 1940s to the 2000s. An icon who defied convention Analysis by Peter Bowes, BBC News, Los Angeles When I met Kirk Douglas in 2008 he was a sprightly 91. He talked about his advancing years and the impact a stroke, in 1996, had on his skills as an actor. "I couldn't talk at all," he told me. "So what does an actor do who can't talk? He waits for silent pictures to come back! That's corny joke," he chuckled. Douglas was particularly proud of his role in ending the Hollywood blacklist, when he defied the ban on working with filmmakers with alleged communist ties or sympathies. He said he drew on "the impulsive qualities of younger Kirk" in making his decision to give the blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo a screen credit under his own name for his work on Spartacus. We discussed his passion for working with young people. He had started writing a blog to encourage young Americans to vote in that year 's presidential election. Douglas and his wife donated millions of dollars to charitable causes and helped build hundreds of school playgrounds. He said their philosophy was; "Before you die, try to do something for other people." He is perhaps best-known as Spartacus, a Stanley Kubrick film which won four Oscars and was so popular that its iconic "I am Spartacus" scene entered the pop culture lexicon. Douglas was himself nominated for an Oscar three times - for Champion (1949), The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), and Lust for Life (1956). He eventually won the honorary award in 1996 in recognition of his 50 years in the industry.
  7. hope you all had a good christmas and a better new year been cancled on my end due to loosing my boy just before and going into hospital for my cancer treatment on teh 18th can not really celebrate anything with a hoohaa that looks like its been slammed ina car door or after just loosing aprt of the furry family But with luck in the new year things will look up, might even get around to looking for a new dog
  8. normal looking puppies can take months to decide on a true color at the pups age they are still developing so wouldnt worry until about 6 months next time you take pup in for vacinations get vet to have a quick look if you are really worried
  9. my dogs used to be fed on a dry food, they did lots of soft poops that filled two or three bags had stinky gassy butts bad breath and dirty stained teeth I then switched to raw food diet they have great coats do tiny poops that are like stones and do not smell much, i would guess that they digest 80% of what goes into them on the dry food i would guess most of what went in came back out. the farts do not really smell any more, no stinky breath teeth are clean I got a puppy last year and he has been fed raw from birth and is doing great
  10. They do make them i got one from Vodafone for my dog its cell bluetooth gps live updates. can be set so if dog leaves a marked area it sets off an alert to you. and can show where your dog is with an update every few seconds thats an image of my dog at the local dog park you can track fitness rest times play times etc with them like a fitbit
  11. I would leave it alone unless it becomes a problem, in all the years i have had dogs some have developed them only time they became a serious problem was after we had one removed. The dogs that were left alopne just had one or maybe two, the dogs that have them removed suddenly developed lots and lots and in some cases they were in places that involved serious surgery later It may be better now but i would leave it alone as much as you can for the most part it is just a bubble filled with fat cells, if they are loose and move its nothing to worry about. Probkem comes when they are attached to something
  12. time to put a chain on the gate as added backup glad they are ok
  13. PaulG

    Rip Louie

    Louie came to me as a rehome, was Uncle to most of the pups around me as he had such a gentle and tollaraunt boy. He developed a very fast growing agressive tumor, and was nearly 8 years old He helped me when i lost my Service dog was more than a pet or part of the family I could probably write more but this only just happened so I am not feeling too good as this came on me so fast as I am dealing with my own cancer Small update, Whilst we were at the vets and he was not well but he was still doing his awooing and the lay on his side and try to dig a hole He also sat up and happy smiled and let a young girl make a fuss of him couplenew pictures of him
  14. it was bad news Cancer and was untreatable
  15. ok 29th of november I had to go to the hospital got home late about 5:55pm as i was taking off my coat and thinking about the news i had had about my Cancer Treatment and Operation later this month I looked down and noticed my boys fur on his muzzle was sticking up like he had stuck his nise some where and had something in his fur Gave it a rub and it was not the fur but something under it and small Phoned Vet saturday and could not get into see them, Monday had him in and as shocked by how fast the small lump had grown Vet put him on Noroclav and Meloxidyl and he is booked in later today for an Op to see if its bad tooth or what Lump has gone down a little, he is eating fine (he will be getting a teeth ceaning at the same time) Still happy and smiling but I am worried about how fast it came up When i opened his mouth (that was a fight) he had a lump on the roof of his mouth, as well as teh swelling on his gum With my own cancer issues i am really worried about him I have attached a picture and i warn you it is gross
  16. I used to deal with Happyhounds but they seem to have vanished with no warning. I now use https://www.daf-petfood.co.uk Those in Wales will need to deal with DAF South food seems to be high quality and comes in vacum packed 1lb Blocks they deliver frozen every 2 weeks
  17. Google your local rescue centre. as there are lots of huskys that have been dumped because people thought the cute litte puppy fluff ball would be the oerfect dog for them. a short time later they are dumped on gumtree pets4home with the same over used stories We are having a baby we suddenly moving house and cant take dog with us we now work different hours to name a few
  18. Throwing up can be a sign of worms, will be worth going to the vets to get a couple doses, you need a couple doses as its best to worm one type, then use another a couple weeks later to get rid of all types of worms (the all in one doses can be very harsh) as to diet/food you could try a raw food diet, i have yet to see any dog turn its nose up or be fussy over raw
  19. Sounds about normal Dogs are not robots, like children they all learn and develope at different rates Did you actulay do an research on dog breeds before you got your dog, as different breeds have different breed traits of behaviour Did you find out that Huskys have a high prey drive and after a while you will have to keep them on a lead so they do not kill cats wildlife and even small toy breed dogs. That as a husky owner you will nt have a dog that walks at heel turns and has perfect behaviour, but will drag you up the road pulling your arm out the socket You need to start reading a lot of books and webpages fast, as you have a lot to learn about the dog you just got, how to live with it how to train it (in as much as you can train a husky)
  20. oh yes the husky owner begging huskies to come in before neighbours report you for being cruel leaving your dogs out in the cold........ I just say the colder it is the more energy a husky has
  21. lol if the temp drops to like minus 30 degree's Cent start to worry that he might feel chilly on a side note yes it gets hot so people will say have him clipped .......NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER do this, the just coat is thermal and helps keep them cool as well as warm, avoid too much time in direct sun, so give him shade to sit in, and try to make excerise walks early morning late evening when its cooler Cliping the coat will ruin the double layers as a husky has a dense fluffy layer of lower fur and then longer guard fur, which is the grey fur pattern you see the lower inner fur is just white. with the coat clipped you will put him at risk of skin cancer. Sun burning and it could take 2 or 3 years for his coat to grow back to normal looking fur
  22. Ok i better explain, Begining of October I had a bit of a shock, I pee'd Blood, rushed in to see a doctor was booked in fast for tests, Had those test no stones but something did show up in my bladder on the ultrasound, Further tests that i can say as a male were not much fun revealed a growth in my bladder, I am booked in to see the surgeon tomorrow, and will get some pre Op tests to make sure i healthy enough for it I will als be getting the long talk on how they will remove it again not going to be much fun for a guy, But thankfully I will be out cold or have an Epidural It will be an over night stay and i will have to wait for the full biopsy reports on what they remove. Basicly if any one else has lived with this i could do with a chat in IM as you will know what i am facing, speaking with a doctor is one thing but some one that has lived with it can probably help more As depending on results i will have to make choices about what happens to with my dogs etc
  23. Sorry we are at crossed terms here, Invisable fence Electric Fence. as i come froma farming background The invisable Fence is a wire that you used to burry or lay on the ground that carried a signal the dogs/livestock wore a collar that gave them a shock if they got to close to or tried to cross the wire (this type is Ilegal under the shock collar ban in the UK and Wales not sure about scotland). Electric Fencing (mesh rabit fence about 16 inches high sheep net about 3 foot Orange mesh nylon. Ribbon 1 inch wide (lots of colours) Stand Orange nylon cord, or plain wire. Any farm shop will be able to sell you this stuff, You can get eiether plastic poles (being honest they brake easy) you would probably be better to buy some short wood pole hammer them in and then use the nail/screw on insulators to hold a 2 strands one about 6 inches off teh ground another about 18 inches the low wire to stop them crawling under the upper wire to stop them jumping the fence. You will have to clear a line for the fence to run when it is switched on, as a plant even blade of grass touching the wire will ground the fence and stop it working you can test the fence 2 ways, at the end point fae end away from the power box grab the wire with your hand to feel the kick or get the fence tester box that has a small stick ona wire you put in the ground and then touch the fence with it and watch a light flash in time with the Tick Tick Tick you will hear from the fence power box, Give the company a call and they will give you addvice on the correct power box to buy mains, Car battery, Solar etc, and addvice one the type of fence conductor wire tape sting etc I still say short wood poles would be best as you can buy lots of colours of preservative dye/paint and either hide them with it or make them a feature of the garden https://www.agrisellex.co.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInpf1o5PQ5QIVi7TtCh2wzgOSEAAYAiAAEgIfNfD_BwE
  24. sleeping pups do breath fast, but if you are worried go see a vet for a full health check
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