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    Flat earth

    Can not be flat....or the cats would have pushed everything off by now....
  2. Worse than we thought posted an update topic see this link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56536389
  3. its worse than we thought. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56536389
  4. issue is its seen as a soft crime, dogs are seen as property, and most forces only have a couple officers to deal with animal issues also petty crime that dog theft is seen as is not being punnished. Unless force is used knives hammers etc and some one is hurt Police do not really look into it UNLESS there is a huge fuss made in the media. so if dog taken from garden its tell us what happenend files under desk in huge pile Tell us what happened ....On news puppy stolen from poor victim.... file pulled out from pile officer on tv says this is a disgusting crime and we are looking into it week later back tobeing lost in a pile of folders The courts need to start dealing with petty crime harder, Take driving .... thug caught stealing in car chase... arrested charged no insurance no mot, no license.... court gives suspneded sentance and takes away drivers license they dont have for 2 years and puts on 6 points...... How does taking away something they dont have or even care about having stop them from doing it again Just look at the storys that show up this person was jailed to X years for this crime and has been arrested charged 40 plus times in the past..... Need to introduce a 3 strike system, 3rd time you thrown away for BIG time ... also need to stop giving hand slap sentances .... also need to stop these stupid you will serve 2 years for this crime, 3 years for another crime, and 4 years for the last one.... but all jail times will run at the same time, so that means 2 or 3 years max < make them serve each jail sentance in turn so they face 9 years of time and stop this oh if your good you will get out early stuff too as you see way to many news reports X drove down the road put 3 people in hospital and had been released a week before from a 7 year jail term and was out in 2 Also they need to start punishing the familys of these young thugs... you know the teen agers that smach the town out side line deal drugs and run around town like idiots making every ones lifes misserable.... start giving the bank of mum and dad a 10 K fine of they dont keep the kids under control when mom and dad have a debt of 30 40 k piled up and have had balifs come in and clear the house earnings and benefits taken .... they might just start to realize it is thier responsability to raise thier kids right
  5. In Backwood a van with K9 Unit signage has been seen around and linked to dog thefts (van was probably brought used from police or secuirty compnay) In Beddau two men posing as RSPCA approached dog walkers claiming to check tags and chips then tried to cut leads and run off with dogs last case a freind walking a Husky Tibetian Mastff cross that i know was approached by the police and warned to take care because of the fake rspca guys So every one should take care try to walk with at least 2 people or walk in groups of dog owners
  6. One of the best Classic Bonds, and a good actor from many cult and classic movies has passed https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-13087132 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54761824
  7. I have been thinking I miss my Husky its been nearly a year as he passed last December,if you are still thinking about rehoming i could take him we live in south wales not farfrom Cardiff
  8. Gutted for you its always sad to part, but look at the other side he will go to a hoem where he can have a play mate and will not be stressing people so in a way it will be better for him and you. After oosing my husky a year ago I have been thinking about getting one but due to Covid prices for dogs and puppies have gone insane I saw some one selling just back yard pups for 2 grand and that was no papers or anything for just mutts My pup could use a play mate but i doubt i will ever find a chilled stoner husky like my last one.... Yes he could be a normal husky but mosgt fo teh time he was so chilled out he appeared to be stoned... But saying that he did love his trains and enjoyed watching them go past or just sitting on the platform watching them come and go lol train pulls in a wuff excited tail wagging and pulling...I miss him as he was also Uncle to mots of the puppies going to the local park he was so chilled he would tollerate so much from pups and let them get used to meeting adult dogs.
  9. my dogs for the last few years have all been fed raw, other than being a little fussy the first few weeks they change in health was amazing They smell less coats are thick and healthy they no longer have the random upset tummy runs. They have lots of energy infact seem to have more and can be active for longer without needing a rest. Point of fact most of teh books vets learn about diet at school are NOT produced by peer reviewed papers but are printed and supplied by the pet food makers wolves in zoo's are not fed dog kibble but are still fed raw meat and bones, the short life span of wildlife is due to stress sickness and predation, they do not get treated for worms and vacinated like the animals in zoo's or pet dogs one of my current dogs has been fed a raw diet from the time he was weaned off mums milk and has never known any fake food Pet food only really became a thing around the time of WW2 they wanted to make a food that was easy to store hence why they went to a dry food that could be packed in paper as metal was needed elsewhere so no tins The dry food in ww2 was almost as good as real meat as it was not made with all the rubbish that is put in today your so called meaty dog food in a bag can have very litte meat in it 90% of it can be plant based materials along with raw chemicals Look for a tv show called Pet Fooled that was an expose of the pet food industry that even showed some food malers were getting the meat they made into dpg food from pets that had been put to sleep at the vets a couple years ago there was a huge scandle in the USA when small dogs were dieing from the drugs used to put dogs and cats to sleep and they were getting posioned by the food they were fed do some research on pet food before you swear off raw food look at the way meat meal is produced lots of videos of that on youtube
  10. Didnt some one her once say there house was broken into and that they found the husky in the bedroom with a pile of treat packets that had been given tp them so the bad guy could loot the house for the good stuff
  11. if you count being a trip hazard as guarding......
  12. what ever they will sleep on, some dogs will sleep on anything others refuse to use a bed and just crash on the floor also huskys for some reason seem to enjoy chewing beds up
  13. the risk from cancer is NOT an instant thing it will take years to develop, wait until he has sopped growing at a year to 18 months of age, also just because he only has one today does not mean he will not have both down in 6 months time. messing with hormone production os not healthy infact as your human doctor about it, as tbh vets lie thier pants off about the so called health benefits of fixing if a human is desexed they are put on a strict diet of medications to prevent problems, vets just lop bits off and ignore the issues that stem from that, infact it earns them income from repeat visits as you have to treat the bad health at a later date.
  14. My husky was on a Raw Food diet, he loved his food but when we changed over from dry food to raw for the first few weeks he did kind of react funny to plain chicken But after a month or so he was used to itand loved it. My Malinois was put on raw food from his first meal and has never switched and looks great If you go the raw food diet you will just have to find a good dealer for it, the thing i find is with most dry and wet pet food brands about 70% of what you feed comes back out with Raw food diet I would guess like only 30% come back out.
  15. Hope rescue is a pet chairty that I support they have been hit hard by Corona and worse in the recent flooding in Wales the shop they run to raise funds was destroyed They are still having to look after dogs in the kennels and face the running costs of the kennels if they can not get some help they will have to close and rehome the dogs they currently have So can people try to help them and small charitys in thier own area who are all suffering at this time from not being able to raise funds Even some zoo's are now saying to lower costs and keep animals fed they may have to feed animals to each other. Corona has had a huge impact on many places some of which are not being helped by anyone other than public donations that have just about dried up https://www.hoperescue.org.uk/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-wales-52303548/coronavirus-charities-have-never-been-more-at-risk
  16. Can not tell you, you will have to be surprised as they will change colour depending on genetic traits from her breeding history give her a few months and they will be the colour they will be. Sam as you will not really be able to say what coat colour she will have A freind got a puppy that was slate grey fur colour now he is very pale with tan markings, but you can also get white pups taht turn dark its not just mum and dad but gran dad mom and great grand etc etc that give you the dog you will eventuay have
  17. aww damn just checked for you and most of the bones are nit availabe but you can get chickens fed raw the bones are ok if you feed the wings i recomend you snip the tips of teh wings off as that bone is sharp and pointed the link to them phone and see what they have also has the address https://www.facebook.com/pg/happyhoundswales2014/about/?ref=page_internal if you are really short i could let you have a bag of turkey necks i do have 3 right now you would just have to get Pontypridd with an ice box could also let you have some ribs as i have half a pack
  18. Happy Hounds Pet Food on facebook sell bags of half rib cages for a few quid, they probably an hour or so drive from you to collect, they also do delivery
  19. you do not say how she was was raised, if she was fed with a pack she could still have the puppy rush to eat or you loose it behaviour if she was not fed well same sort of thing You could look into one of thise slow eating bowls yu can get that have grooves and wierd shaes cut in sto they have to work at it to pick the food up from the bowl you can get them from ebay amazon and most big chain store pet shops as to counter surfing that is kind of a husky thing, just count yourself lucky she only surfs i have come home to look in the window and find my husky sitting in the kitchen sink so he could watch the world outside
  20. Hope you all survived ok the storm was really bad This was my high street this morning https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-wales-51522195/storm-dennis-south-wales-under-water-as-floods-hit after the water dropped a big chunk of the shops i use have been flooded out Going to make buying fresh stuff hard but at least i had just had my monthly dog and human food order arrive and thankfully my power has not been taken out so freezer of dog food is safe
  21. Actor Kirk Douglas, a fixture of cinema for six decades, has died aged 103. The stage and screen actor was well-known for a range of roles, including the 1960 classic Spartacus, in which he played the titular character. Born in New York in 1916, he rose to prominence during Hollywood's "golden age", earning his first Oscar nomination for the 1949 boxing story Champion. He was also the father of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas. Michael said in a statement: "It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today." "To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies... but to me and my brothers Joel and Peter he was simply Dad," it read in part. Obituary: Kirk Douglas In pictures: Kirk Douglas at 100 BBC Arts: Three of Kirk Douglas's finest scenes "Let me end with the words I told him on his last birthday and which will always remain true. Dad - I love you so much and I am so proud to be your son." Kirk Douglas was prolific as a film actor, with more than 90 credits to his name - ranging over six decades from the 1940s to the 2000s. An icon who defied convention Analysis by Peter Bowes, BBC News, Los Angeles When I met Kirk Douglas in 2008 he was a sprightly 91. He talked about his advancing years and the impact a stroke, in 1996, had on his skills as an actor. "I couldn't talk at all," he told me. "So what does an actor do who can't talk? He waits for silent pictures to come back! That's corny joke," he chuckled. Douglas was particularly proud of his role in ending the Hollywood blacklist, when he defied the ban on working with filmmakers with alleged communist ties or sympathies. He said he drew on "the impulsive qualities of younger Kirk" in making his decision to give the blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo a screen credit under his own name for his work on Spartacus. We discussed his passion for working with young people. He had started writing a blog to encourage young Americans to vote in that year 's presidential election. Douglas and his wife donated millions of dollars to charitable causes and helped build hundreds of school playgrounds. He said their philosophy was; "Before you die, try to do something for other people." He is perhaps best-known as Spartacus, a Stanley Kubrick film which won four Oscars and was so popular that its iconic "I am Spartacus" scene entered the pop culture lexicon. Douglas was himself nominated for an Oscar three times - for Champion (1949), The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), and Lust for Life (1956). He eventually won the honorary award in 1996 in recognition of his 50 years in the industry.
  22. hope you all had a good christmas and a better new year been cancled on my end due to loosing my boy just before and going into hospital for my cancer treatment on teh 18th can not really celebrate anything with a hoohaa that looks like its been slammed ina car door or after just loosing aprt of the furry family But with luck in the new year things will look up, might even get around to looking for a new dog
  23. normal looking puppies can take months to decide on a true color at the pups age they are still developing so wouldnt worry until about 6 months next time you take pup in for vacinations get vet to have a quick look if you are really worried
  24. my dogs used to be fed on a dry food, they did lots of soft poops that filled two or three bags had stinky gassy butts bad breath and dirty stained teeth I then switched to raw food diet they have great coats do tiny poops that are like stones and do not smell much, i would guess that they digest 80% of what goes into them on the dry food i would guess most of what went in came back out. the farts do not really smell any more, no stinky breath teeth are clean I got a puppy last year and he has been fed raw from birth and is doing great
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