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  1. Just go into Google and use any one of the following terms in the search. Husky kills Husky kills sheep Husky kills livestock Every year people let off thier husky and it ends badly for the dog and some poor farmers live stock In the UK now farmers are able to shoot the dog or have it put to sleep by police, they also now sue for damages and loss of income from lost live stock so you bill could end up costing 70 or 80 thousand plus farmers legal costs Husky's have a high prey drive, every time some one lets one off and it ends badly it puts out a bad image for the breed its ok to let a husky off in a fenced area but in open woodland or farm feilds don't simple rule never let a husky off lead , do not do it, nope, never, never ever just don't do it
  2. Been delt with ], i found a cell number on another thread here, called and they resent the invoice that had the link this time with luck new belt should be in the post next week lol got it sorted and thanks
  3. As i said i placed an order last week for a walking belt and as i do not have PayPal i used the credit card option and was told i would get a link to make payment I have not gotten that link yet checked email and everything
  4. have you tried a chicken and rice/noodle soup, yes soup put it in a liquidizer so no lumps and he might drink his dinner (you may have to add chicken stock if its too thick to thin it out)
  5. PaulG

    Online businesses

    unless you understand stock trading DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME Stock trading is a gamble. you need to understand global markets how news from around the world affects international exchange rates and a lot more you need to get all the news on weather, business take overs trade reports and the online get rich quick with our stock trading software adds are all a rip off. if it was really so easy there would be no stock broker companies with experts who get paid huge wages giving people addvice and managing there portfolios of stocks My addvice go speak to your local bank manager they will have people who can addvise you on stocks, but you will probably be better off putting your money into a high intrest savings account
  6. well the dog its for is my Service dog and i pay roughly £15 a month for complete service, all worming Vacinations health checks etc over the year. They started the new thing as a one hit monthly treatment that will protect nearly all worms etc in one thing instead of the hand full of pills and drops to go on back I was told when i said i tried him on a flea and worm mix tablet last year he had upset tummy (was not same stuff) my new vet said if there was any problems i would be able to get a complete refund and go back to old style
  7. Took one of my dogs to the vets today for his boosters, and he was perscribed Nexgard Spectra Being nosey i did a google on the new pill and have found a lot of negative info about it, Has any one here used it and had any problems with it as right now packet is sitting on the side
  8. PaulG

    RIP Rutger Hauer

    Something i just found out, in Blade Runner Roy Batty died in the year 2019
  9. PaulG

    RIP Rutger Hauer

    you forgot Lexx,
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49098435 Star of many films and the Guiness addverts
  11. Will not work ok Thick Long coated dogs on short coats like labs Jacks etc it will get some skin contact and cool them, but on dogs like husky malamutes shepherds etc they have thick coats that will hold the coat away from the skin
  12. Personaly i will stick to my raw diet. ok its a huge out lay at first buying teh big freezer etc but once they are on it my dogs love it 2 of my 3 started off on dry food the cahnge took them as a bit of s shock they were like what is this mess once took a couple days to get used to it my husky took him a couple weeks to really get into it at first he refused to touch teh raw chicken food but now loves that My Malinois puppy was fed raw by his breeder and has never eaten anything but raw I know exactly what they are eating as i buy from a good place with full tracking on teh food. watch the netflix show PetFooled it is a coulle years old now but they were discussing these problems and others with the pet food industry and some fo teh down right lies they get away with on teh food lables. and the loose rules on addvertising and qaulity laws
  13. Let me know how it goes if you do name him that might take a lot of talking to get her to like it
  14. get used to the shed fur your going to get it twice a year
  15. Take them to small claims court any real proffesonal groom knows you do not clip/shave a husky or any breed with dual coats also report them to local paper/radio/local trader reporting site to get the word out that they are not a place to use
  16. How about Lucifer ..... the pics with him sitting and looking at the cam and in your arms has a devilish quality could go the whole way and call him Lucifer Morningstar
  17. Yes i buy bags of frozen Sprats they are mostly loose in teh bag so you can drop in a handfull of frozen fish sticks and they crunch them just be careful too much fish can cause the squits all the oils
  18. an old tried an tested rule of thumb for dogs weight is you should be able to see/feel the last 3 ribs, run your hands down his sides from his head towards his butt he should have a good layer of meat along his sides until you get to the last 3 where you should clearly feel the bones. if they are covered in meat/fat and you cant feel them he is over weight, if you can feel more under also get him used to going to the vets, go in get them to feed him treats and pop him on the scales and you can pop in once a month or couple of months and keep an eye on his weight Dont get too caught up in it as dogs will go up and down over time, time of year exercise etc can make weight changed a few lbs up and down just aim to get a good base weight and do not worry if he is few pounds over or under
  19. I feed raw and have a standing order once a month they deliver frozen i just had to get a chest freezer to store it, in winter i make my order a little bigger to allow for snow and bad weather delaying a delivery
  20. some addvice find a small room go sit in it take your tablet or a couple books a flask of tea/coffee have a bowl of water in the room and a bag of dog treats just lay back read book use tablet and ignore the dog every 5 mins toss him a dog treat a couple lumps of his food do that for as long as you can 4 5 hours without a break and no one else coming in to see you him etc just ignore him mostly other than a quiet good boy, want a treat but stay on the bed couch what ever with your book
  21. PaulG

    PD Finn's Law

    What some people may not know is that the criminal that attacked them was charged but he was only given a hand slap punishment for the attack on PD Finn. At the time service animals had no real protection under the law, so they were seen as soft targets for abuse. Infact most police departments did not even bother to record or charge people with the attacks as they were hardley ever prosocuted for them. Police dogs are used to check rooms for bombs and hidden attackers Drug dealers are known to keep dogs that when a police raid happens they let out, dogs that will attack anything that moves man or dog, The criminal runs leaving The police to deal with the dangerous dog in the hopes it gives them time to escape. In the UK until this law those service animals had no real protection or recognition under the law, people tried to get them this protection but the new law was blocked Several times, But Finns handler and now owner fought hard with the help of a group of people to Force the goverment and law makers to give these dogs protection they deserve and now we and they have it,
  22. PaulG

    PD Finn's Law

    It has been a long time comming but we won and now its law, Service Animals that means Police dogs and horses, Search and Rescue dogs, and even Service/Assitance/Guide dogs now have recognition and protection of law, personaly I think they should have used the American modle that saw the dog as a full officer but it is a start https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-48510975
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