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Ordered new leads and collars for my Pack from Sid at  Indi-Dog


Feast your eyes. . . . :up:


(Click on pics to make 'em bigger)


3 Police Leads and Collars



Darwins Lead close up



Darwins Collar Close up



All connected for Walkies.



Close up connected



Thanks Sid Awesome job :wave1:

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Blue flame on Red for Darwin

Red Flame on Pink for Daughtry

Red Skulls on Green for Echo

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Ooh them be mighty fine! Always wondered what a police lead was exactly and now I know. You have taught me something new, teacher Andy!

and so my fine student you must also make the purchase of the most excellent police leads so that you also may have the padded handles and many and multiple hoops and rings through which you may connect your Husky onto.

Make it so !!! :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

just seen this :) glad you're pleased with them Andy :)

Yep thanx Sid, they are top notch :wave1:

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