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  1. Im so sorry. I lost my angel 4 weeks ago.😔
  2. I know I don't come here really but I know a lot of older members will remember Angel from husky camps etc. Im sorry to say we had to help her on her final journey on Monday. 🥺 I'm utterly broken and Storm and Aurora are a bit lost as well. We feel like we have lost a part of ourselves, the pain is unbearable. Her ashes were delivered this morning, so she is finally back at home where she belongs. Hug your babies tight.
  3. She's okay guys. She came home last night and we slept downstairs last night. She's sore and tired. And looks like crap lol
  4. Hey guys, long time no see. Angel has an operation on monday. She has a condition on her eyes called entropion. Usually its something that shows up at a young age, but hers for some reason has started at 8 years of age! So an operation is booked for monday which will reduce the loose skin and stop her eyelids rolling inwards. Its classed as a major surgery according to the vet and the poor girl will have some patches on her face and be sore for a while. BUT considering her eyes at the moment are so sore she can barely see on bad days I think it will be an improvement for her. So naturally I migrated here, somewhere I feel safe to share my concerns and worries amongst people that will understand. Ive added an old photo of her because I dont want anyone to see her with her awful poorly eyes. Lets preserve her dignity bless her xx
  5. storm wave jumping with daddy lol angels not keen on the water lol best i have shaking it off and Aurora hates the water her first trip to the beach ended up with her running back to mummy lol
  6. My girls do scrap and when they do I usually have to part them resulting in myself getting hurt!!! Nice scar on my hand, thankfully the tissue damage healed in time. And that was just a tooth scrape!!! With mine I put it down to being bitches and the fact that they are both wanting to be in charge.
  7. Storm and Angel got on perfectly when we added aurora. That was never an issue, Angels insistence to not have another dog in the pack was a huge issue. The girls even now years on have fights, proper fights over food. I have to be so careful, so careful. I have several new scars from breaking up fights. Would I get rid of anyone? No of course not. My kids are old enough to know to not interfere if they do fight and we manage them perfectly. Integrating a newbie especially a pup is very hard. What we did was basically make pup bottom of the pack BUT ensuring the dogs knew she belonged to us. A lot of claiming her as mine happened. Treats went in order and still do now, storm, Angel and then aurora. Everyone sits and paws. Its not undo able. But don't think that a pup will fix issues already underlying. Hope I've given some help lol x P.s. Are you sure you want a red???? You know they're crazy right??
  8. best place to sleep in the sun. In the pool of course!! Silly storm lol
  9. Doesn't matter what type a pet is a pet and they steal our hearts whatever they are. Sherlock wasn't a dog or a husky but everyone knew who he was. Rip little man x
  10. happy birthday to my boy who is 5 today!
  11. what an awful ordeal to go through. Im sure two of mine would kill a cat if they got hold of it. Lots of cats in my area too, thankfully most are sensible. so far.............
  12. my inlaws dog is a rescue collie he drives me nuts hes always barking hes not friendly to outsiders, did i mention he barks a lot? i can hear him now! I have three dogs and my three make less noise than him!
  13. anyone that thought that wasnt true hasnt been to camp!
  14. ive never done that either lol
  15. its so awful. so was the winner picking up the dog by its tail and neck!
  16. I was a bit like that at crufts lol. way too many treats for the dogs
  17. oh liv how horrible. Yes you are right it can happen any time which is why we should always live in the here and now. But try not to worry and panic too much about the what ifs and what coulds or you could make yourself ill. xx
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