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  1. She's okay guys. She came home last night and we slept downstairs last night. She's sore and tired. And looks like crap lol
  2. Hey guys, long time no see. Angel has an operation on monday. She has a condition on her eyes called entropion. Usually its something that shows up at a young age, but hers for some reason has started at 8 years of age! So an operation is booked for monday which will reduce the loose skin and stop her eyelids rolling inwards. Its classed as a major surgery according to the vet and the poor girl will have some patches on her face and be sore for a while. BUT considering her eyes at the moment are so sore she can barely see on bad days I think it will be an improvement for her.
  3. storm wave jumping with daddy lol angels not keen on the water lol best i have shaking it off and Aurora hates the water her first trip to the beach ended up with her running back to mummy lol
  4. lol im so crap at this! your turn
  5. damnit that was too easy! your turn
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