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    tattooed awesome mum of one 2 legged kid and three 4 legged kids
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  1. The two amazing, delightful and caring children in the video Yes one of them is mine have been brought up with multiple huskies since birth, they know to ask before stroking a strange dog amd are well aware to stay away from reactive dogs. They have not been an issue in the 4-6 years of the camps they have attended with any of the dogs both at camp and those we meet on walks.
  2. Kells, eden-willow and my dad Andy and darwin xx
  3. and a pic of the ring please xxx
  4. plans are afoot.. you sound like a disney villain dad
  5. Everyone has mellowed out now... Just us young uns staying out till 5am x
  6. Does anyone have videos of my dad walking like a monkey and dancing with eden-willow at loggerheads Everyone would get a laugh of out that xx
  7. Has anyone lost a husky... This gorgeous one was found in Dorset and with the dog warden Shared with me on Facebook so I thought I'd post in here just in case xx
  8. I saw this on Facebook and I must do it for next year!!!
  9. i hope she is found soon... do ring the dog warden to see if they have her daily if needed...and vets etc
  10. im sorry to hear about odie peter
  11. starting slimming world tomorrow so i will be posting in here and having you guys kick my butt and keep me going!!! excited
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