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New to the forum!!!

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I'm new to the forum. Really I just joined because I really need some help figuring out the food situation for my husky, Kai (Picture attached). He is a 35lb 19wk pup who is full of energy, loves rough play, hiking, cuddles, and currently has explosive diarrhea, lol. 

That being said, I'm excited to join the community and learn more about this amazing breed.


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I’m new to this two just adopted a 2 year old husky about three months ago and I think husky to have sensitive stomachs is very common thing so I’m told. We told to use sensitive food which we tried didn’t work to great for us it just one day we couldn’t get his food and had to go for lamb and rice Harrington’s and he has had soil poos since! I think maybe be wise to try him on some sensitive food. See how he gets on for a start?

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Sorry, this got a chuckle on my end: "Hi, my name is Kai and I have explosive diarrhea!"  🙂
Anyway he's very cute!

On the diarrhea...you could let him just fast for 12-24 hours and let his system calm down.
Then begin on small meals of white rice + plain boiled chicken few times a day.
When poops get solid, switch slowly over to whatever you plan to feed him permanently...
works on our dog whenever he eats something weird! 
If his diarrhea is very frequent/very watery, you may want to call in to the vet...

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