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  1. I switched him to boiled chicken and rice... It did the trick, however, I know this is not nutritious enough and I really won't be able to keep on cooking for him... So, I would really benefit from finding the best kibble that would be good for him nutritionally and for his stomach. Any ideas?
  2. So, I have him on a boiled chicken and rice diet and his poop is getting better. I need to figure out what the next kibble that I will purchase will be. I would love your recommendations.
  3. Hey guys, Kai is having some serious GI issues that are due to food. I used to feed him TOTW - High Prairie, but the vet asked me to switch it due to concerns over new research suggesting that grain free foods (specifically, those with peas) are leading to dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs that are not prone to it. Now I'm feeding him Purina ProPlus Focus - Large Breed (Chicken and Rice). This has not been going well, and I need to find something better. I've considered going RAW. Unfortunately I can't afford it both financially and logistically. I'm a medical student, so time and money are at a premium. I would prefer to spend time exercising Kai. So, I'm coming to you guys for help. What do you recommend that I give Kai? I read a lot of the food forums here, and I would like to not ignore the DCM concerns. So, if something is going to be grain free, I would like to avoid peas. Thoughts? Also, since Kai is super cute... here he is!!!!
  4. Hi! I'm new to the forum. Really I just joined because I really need some help figuring out the food situation for my husky, Kai (Picture attached). He is a 35lb 19wk pup who is full of energy, loves rough play, hiking, cuddles, and currently has explosive diarrhea, lol. That being said, I'm excited to join the community and learn more about this amazing breed.
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