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What series?


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So, we're at the end of our latest series, and looking for something new to watch. Let us know which series you are currently watching, or recommend one you have watched!

For us, its been greys anatomy lately, and its spinoff series Station 19. If you haven't watched these, have a watch. Greys anatomy specifically is really addictive. We've not watched the last series yet, as we're waiting for it to finish before watching so that we're not waiting from one week to the next lol

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I'm addicted to Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean!! Love these shows!!
Gotta love Captain Lee as they call him ("The Stud of the Sea"[emoji23])!! He cusses like a true sailor[emoji569]🤣!! I love the HONOR and VALOR yachts in the St. Maarten area!!
And Captain Sandy Yawn is such a sweet "Bad Ass" captain as they call her!! It gets pretty hilarious at times with the crew!! But I love that cruisin' scenery in Croatia on yacht "SIROCCO"!!
If you are desperate for a vacation and can't go on one, just watch the shows!!
#Below Deck[emoji572][emoji568]
#Below Deck Mediterranean[emoji572][emoji568]

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I’ve watched greys anatomy since the first series and I’ve loved all of the series apart from the last one, story lines are stale and predictable, very disappointing ☹️
The affair starts a new series this week and I’m waiting for Ray Donovan to come back on[emoji3]

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Love Ozark!  I have been watching quite a few shows:

I'm Sorry is very funny.  Plus you have the favorites like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and the NetFlix shows Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Sense8, Grace and Frankie, Bloodline, Stranger Things, The Crown, The OA, 13 Reasons Why, Mindhunter, Santa Clarita Diet, Dear White People, On My Block and American Vandal (very funny!)


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Trying to think of some not already mentioned....[emoji848]

Mr Robot was great (it’s about computer hacking amongst other things so you will either love it or hate it, not sure which). It’s on Amazon though, not Netflix


Handmaids tale. Addicted to this but it is pretty messed up at times.


Big little lies. A big name cast like Nicole Kidman and Rees Witherspoon, starts off a little slow but soon picks up.


Brooklyn 99. Paul and the boys love this. It’s a comedy and i do quite like it actually. But I still prefer ‘Friday night dinner’ [emoji23]



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