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  1. at 9 months he's probably doing too much actually. " A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is fully grown, i.e. 15 minutes (up to twice a day) when three months old, 20 minutes when four months old etc. Once they are fully grown, they can go out for much longer. " You can risk long term injury or issues with their growth if you over exercise at that age. I think though what you have is pretty typical husky behaviour and you need to secure your yard. Mental stimulation is the key and target training which others on here can tell you more about.
  2. She's stunning thought the long fur would stay but she is really a good looking dog! Our's also lost some colouring around her face when she turned 1 or there abouts it's quite incredible looking back at photos of them
  3. I'd be wary of feeding cheese as it's generally high in fat and can cause stomach upset. As wolfpup above has stated it's important to ensure they are on a balanced diet. Mine gets 150 grams kibble in the morning and 150grams kibble at night with a tin of sardines in springwater. Occasionally I'll top with a good quality olive oil. Ensuring the kibble is high in protein with the main ingredient being meat and with less fillers (avoid pea and potato fillers, they aren't bad but they definitely aren't needed or ideal). Keep his diet simple that should hopefully help with the farting and stomach upset. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  4. It's unfortunately the same as shops selling cigarettes, everyone knows they are harmful even in low/incidental exposure but doesn't mean they can't sell the shit. It is great that you are so proactive and altering the appropriate authorities but as they say someone else to blame or some other departments problem no one wants to know [emoji849] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  5. Came across this article and good advice that we all preach. The poor dogs though[emoji17] Luckily these breeds are not readily available here so less common but still the number up for adoption is quite alarming. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8916074/game-of-thrones-abandoned-pet-wolf-dogs-are-on-the-rise-thanks-to-hit-series-game-of-thrones/ Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  6. When we camp and sleep in the tent I just keep Harlow in the tent she sleeps at our feet. If we sleep in the back of the ute I lift her in and again sleeps at our feet. If we stay on the farm it has a caravan so she sleeps on the floor near our bed. She's not crate trained but does travel in the crate without issues just doesn't like sleeping in it. At site I've made a steel wire plastic coated 20m line that can be tied to a tree, my ute or something very strong Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  7. We've got hardwood floors so our $99 hoover works just fine [emoji28] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  8. petertmartin


    So sorry for your loss I can't imagine how painful this must be and poor Marley. No idea what you could do to help him [emoji20] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  9. We transitioned off the breeder food (royal canine) after 2 weeks onto taste of the wild for puppies up until around 8 months then switched to normal taste of the wild so it wasn't a drastic change and she seemed to be fine with the switch. We did struggle to ensure she had a solid poop for a while but that was due to over feeding so had to constantly weigh what we were feeding. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  10. Ours whimpers every morning before we go walking, or when people come over. She also sometimes whimpers when in the crate in the back of of my ute. I think it's an impatient thing she does. You could try giving a long lasting treat to help positive reinforcement for when in the car like a kong with peanut butter or beef ears etc. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  11. Welcome! Ours was difficult to train as well sometimes she'd go on the potty pad and other times she'd stare at us as she pees on her own bed (this happened a lot). She eventually used to poop on our spare sofa (luckily it was leather) every day for a while. Think by about 6-7 months it eventually clicked and she just got it one day and went on the lawn, we've since moved house and had no issues she just gets where is and isn't appropriate to go toilet. He will get there keep it consistent and when he goes in the right spot lots of praise and reward Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of husky ownership! I'm sorry I don't have any experience with this but hopefully someone else has Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  13. As others have said but in puppy school they got us to hold our dog by the collar and reward and stroke them where the collar is to get them desensitized to the feeling of being held by the collar. Mine still bites me when I have had to grab her urgently by the collar and pull her back. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  14. We leave ours from 7am to 5pm on her own no problems. I walk her from 6am to 6:45am, water the garden etc then leave. I think because it's quite hot here she doesn't need as long a walk. When we bought this house it came with a built in sandpit which is where all her toys are and gets to dig in the sand pit. Different sand to the garden and generally digs here although I have found the odd tree she's tried to dig up hence the dog proofing around the yard. I think reducing the boredom and walking will help. I also use frozen bones as a distraction tool mainly for when people come over or if we aren't able to give her enough attention/walks Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  15. This sounds identical to our girl who's 2.5 and have adjusted our garden to suit her as she digs things up I've had to dog proof plants and have installed large planter tanks to grow veggies and herbs. Newly planted trees I surround with a fences. At our old house her dog door opened into the living room which she was locked in when we weren't home and she would chew couches and destroy things for the sake of it. I'd have her out for an hour at a park off lead and she'd still get bored and rip things apart. Currently I walk her morning only for 45 minutes and it requires lots of training to get her walking loose lead. We are at about 80% loose lead on walks now but it has taken lots of time and patience with her. As Rachael said you need to figure out whether a husky actually suits your lifestyle because at that age they need lots of work and will continue to destroy things because they are not being stimulated enough. You have a highly intelligent working dog which is born and bred to achieve a task Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  16. Yep as Bing says, I've never fully crate trained mine but imagine not being sure where to pee or poop and then locked up for a long time you just go wherever and whenever you can. Start treating when he goes toilet outside Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  17. Ours is 2.5 and has always been a complete psycho and can see why so many people have them up for adoption. You're very lucky Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  18. petertmartin


    Came across this very sad and not new news I've read of a few dogs passing away during transportation https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/husky-dies-in-cargo-hold-of-air-franceklm-plane-after-running-out-of-oxygen-during-11hour-flight/news-story/f9b016b9343bbb061905f6ba20f1d36b Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  19. Ours is a real pain when washing I normally just drop her off at the groomer and let them deal with her. Last time I was there I stayed and just let her luck a frozen peanut butter Kong which eased the noise and fuss. I liken the noise to a dying seagull [emoji23] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  20. Welcome people always think it's cruel here in Australia to have a husky because it can be quite hot but they manage and mine comes from a long line of huskies bred here. Generally if they drink too much they just vomit so without running pathology tests on the deceased dog you wouldn't know for sure. As for the husky drinking lots it could be from food intake which is high in sodium. Ours at times will drink a lot at one time or at the park would drink more water than other similarly active dogs Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  21. Ours is 2.5 and much the same as others have said. They're very independent dogs, she respects my wife more which is interesting because I walk her and spend more time with her. You'll learn that they show their love in different ways to other dogs. Ours never really showed much care until 1/1.5 and she comes and lays near us and wants to be patted on her belly when she's laying Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  22. Glad to hear he's recovering and it's sweet the doggies were so helpful in this process. I've also noticed photos not showing up through the app Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  23. I have to lift Harlow who's now 2 into the back of my Ute because it's really high and she can't jump in. She usually lays down and refuses to let me lift her. She generally doesn't like being touched so can understand her dislike of being picked up as Rachael said Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  24. Yep ours has been going since before Christmas. This morning on our walk I was clawing at her back legs pulling massive clumps off her. Unfortunately can't get to our groomer until end of February but try and rake her a bit at home Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  25. We haven't crate trained ours properly, she travels in my Ute in a crate with trips up to 3 hours long. Others on here have crate trained and would be best to advise. It sounds like you have the right idea though and not forcing her in or keeping her in there for long periods. Feeding in the crate and treating/rewarding can make it easier too Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
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