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  1. Thanks, that's one other thing I was going to mention - she doesn't really play at all! We think she's about 4 or 5 but doesn't seem bothered with toys or balls, and our niece said she has never really. Some people say she's like a zen dog - calm and meditative!
  2. Thanks for the replies, I thought I had replied last night on my phone but looks like it didn't go through. I am ordering a harness and also a gel cooling mat, anyone tried those? Apparently she is very stubborn with food, will not eat for days if she thinks you will just keep feeding her treats! The Harringtons dry food looks bland so I don't blame her but at this stage we don't want to rock the boat what with her being in a new home. Also she used to jog with her so I may try that when the UK heatwave has subsided. She is beautiful, just trying to suss her out gently. I've heard reiki can be helpful for dogs so I might try a session of that with a local practitioner.
  3. iMac in the day and iPhone/iPad by night
  4. SkySky

    What series?

    We're loving Dexter at the moment, and can recommend Peaky Blinders too. Blacklist is one of my favourites with James Spader - what a good actor. And Breaking Bad was very good too.
  5. Hi folks we have had a surprise new dog and have a few questions about her. She was our neices but have taken her in as her toddler was winding her up too much. firstly, what type of husky is she? our neice says not to let her off the lead on walks, can they be trained well? Harness or collar lead? Apparently meat makes her go bonkers, is that usual? Any tips for newbies? Thanks!
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