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Thinking of getting your 1st husky? Read this!

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Yeah I realize that lol thanks though!! only about 7 more weeks until she can go to the park!! 

Worth the wait, and then we insist of lots of pics to commemorate the event. :up:

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Mishka was my first ever dog too!!! I grew up with a staff, but of course all the responsibilities fell on moms shoulders.

It's safe to say she hit me like a whirlwind!


I definitely agree with 'We always say to people thinking of getting their first sibe, don't think of it as getting a dog, think of it as if you were making the decision to have your first child. It will change your life that much!' I've never wanted babies, but somehow I've now got 3! This is defintely what up coming Sibe owners need to think about!!!


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I'd like to drop a note to say thanks - the advice here is really useful.


My partner and I are looking at getting a dog - we've been to a rescue centre, and have met a lovely lady that we're considering. She's both a stray, and something of a crossbreed - but there certainly _some_ husky in the mix. 


I'm a little apprehensive, as I've never owned a dog before - however my partner has, and she's had a rather difficult dog last time around; Also a rescue - a GSD/rottie/some other stuff crossbreed, but with a clearly miserable past, because would react to all sorts of things - some of which were clearly signs that he'd been abused. 


So she's definitely got experience of 'difficult dogs'. 
I've next to none, and so am doing my homework - I've little in the way of expectations, barring 'this will take some real work and adjustments'. 

Our new family member will be about a year old, and - may - have all sort of bad habits. Training is very much on the to-do list, both for my sake and hers. 


On a related note though - is there further reading on expected behaviors and psychology - specifically of huskies - that it'd be worth me looking at. And that's accepting that with a crossbreed, that may well favour one line of ancestry over another - we really have no idea of much of her history or breeding, but she stood out at the rescue, and was friendly and polite when we 'met'. (She would also 'sit' when requested, although seemed rather inclined to be bribed with treats).


Are there things I should be looking for, before we take her home? We're going to be visiting again at least once to make a longer introduction, and have a 'new owners briefing' - which will be more specifically oriented to huskies and their more specific needs over other breeds. I'm a little apprehensive, having not owned a dog, but I'm taking the view that I need to be prepared to put in several hours each day, and some time spent with training (although I may be pleasantly surprised).

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Welcome to the best place for experience and advice. Both our boys are rescues, my advice would be to take your time to get to know your new furbaby but start on the right note I. e you're the boss. Didn't take either of mine long to settle in to our rhythm. Solo is our first husky and he entertains us every day. Enjoy your experience and remember that they can completely exasperate you but life will be fun. X

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I have done 8 months research on Husky before I got mine because I want to make sure I know what I am doing. 
Mishka is my first dog and I got him when he was 2 months old. 
He is very quiet and do very well on the leash ( I don't always let him off the leash ) and not as hard to handle as I thought but obviously things might change. 
He is such a well behaved dog, pick up tricks so quick, loves everyone and listen to my command ( sometimes stubborn).  :lol:  :lol: 

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