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  1. Although we live our boy, not sure if I can face dealing with 2 so today have sponsored Harper, a boy at dogs trust in Liverpool. A perfect solution for us as we can help and not have extra fur x
  2. We got Solo as a 2 year old and have trained him to walk nicely on lead (at least with me gets away with more with hubby and knows it) as well as other little things such as waiting for treats saying please and being polite not a bulldozer. You have to be more stubborn!
  3. Ours roams free he has access to outside but often my goes back upto bed (he'll go up whilst I'm still in house lol). We only use the crate for travelling in our camper for safety ahd he's not in it when we are parked up. We got him as a 2 year old he's now 9. There's no right or wrong done is best for you.
  4. goingsolo


    Time patience and love and favourite treats X not knowing why she's fearful will make it hard but try and make being in a fun thing she wants to do x
  5. A good vacuum X solo prefers the vacuum to a brush lol (we have a special brush tool)
  6. Our grey Solo"s nose is getting pinker as he gets older I'd add a photo but he's gone up to bed lol.
  7. I used a head collar on mine he's stubborn and it took nearly 3 years of hard work but we got there.
  8. Beautiful xxxx welcome Storm. I'm sure it will settle just takes time for them to adjust to each other.
  9. Oh she is beautiful 💞 we got ours as a 2 year old so never done the puppy stage but know that stubborn wilful and an ability to argue are all endearing qualities that us husky people get to know and love xxx
  10. Poor Marley xx and poor you horrible to feel so helpless. Hope it starts to heal soon xx
  11. What lovely photos. Great to see Conan grow xx. Loving the coon cat as well as i fancy havin one.
  12. Something's are just too tempting, at 8 Solo will still shred tissues and chew plastic bottles will even get them out of the re cycling have learned to live with it as he sneaks in behind our backs lol. He no longer side surfs but the noise of a plastic bottle is too hard too resist. Figure we all have our hobbies and it would be like me giving up reading .
  13. When Solo got out I only caught him cuz he's nosy and jumped in the back of a van!
  14. Panting is how dogs sweat , I walk later during the summer months .
  15. Testing boundaries all seems part of the fun. We adopted Solo when he was approx 2 yrs old and it has taken time, 3 years on a head collar with double ended lead to get him to be pleasant to walk with but we got there X he still has moments when he's a complete pain but mostly he is a lovable rogue with great personality xx it will get better x
  16. Solo was named by dogs trust we kept it because it's as close to a star wars name hubby is ever going to get lol. Charlie was named after a chimp in monkey world (his previous owners called him Thorn!!!!) We've also had a cat called calamity and one called soots who he wouldn't call lotus even though that paired with her sister's name of Elise (closest I'll ever get to owning fave car). You will find a name to suit your stunning boy and then probably call him by a nickname (Solo is called Soso more ).
  17. We've had Solo 6 years all we know of his history is that he was found wandering the streets and no one claimed him he was approximately 2yrs at the time. He's a big softie and we adore him x
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