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  1. We've had Solo 6 years all we know of his history is that he was found wandering the streets and no one claimed him he was approximately 2yrs at the time. He's a big softie and we adore him x
  2. goingsolo


    Sending love x
  3. Looks lovely XXX
  4. Sare you going to hire the field out ? It looks great well done xx
  5. goingsolo


    Welcome she is gorgeous xxxxxx
  6. 2 years on from original post I've lost count of how many times I've watched it lol
  7. we are lucky Solo only destroys bags lol he is forever re checking the recycling. He would love to pull the stuffing out of my bear collection so they are out of reach but he doesnt chew big things
  8. goingsolo

    Secret Santa 2018

    Lovely gesture and we appreciate it XXX not been around here much lately with Charlie being ill and passing so totally missed the call for this year. We have donated gifts to our local dogs trust (where both our boys hailed from) instead this year happy Christmas to all our precious friends.
  9. Our darling Charlie has been ill for a while and this morning crossed over the bridge XXX
  10. Firstly congratulations on baby x (I've not been around for awhile so catching up) seçondly you have been dealing with a very difficult situation whilst being exhausted and recovering from a major operation and you have seen that Astro is not happy and have taken steps to do what is best for him so please don't feel guilty. You love him enough to let him go XXX.
  11. Solo would call it "helping"
  12. Walk mine later during the summer months xxx
  13. How cute xxxxx you could turn the handle so it lifts up worked with our collie x alsatian though Solo can open it but might take a bit longer to figure it out. Beautiful babies x
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