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scooters for sale

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would need your scooter to make 1 and fix

How much would you charge to do that? Just trying to figure out how much it would cost for me to do as I'm in Birmingham and you're about 1 hour 40 mins from me. I can't use the scooter for a while as Aleu is getting spayed anyway so it's a suitable time to consider it.

Stacey xxx

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postage aprox £25

steer tube length 9"

Thankyou Pete, could you tell me where you measured from and to?

Ideally need to know from the lip of the bottom head set cup, to the top of the

Lock nut at the top of the headset if possible?

Many thanks again


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what kind of place would be ideal?

Where I go on the bike is a cycle path but we have two roads to cross and because its a cycle path there are other walkers and cyclists so for me to be comfortable using a scooter i would prefer somewhere a little quieter and with slightly more space :up:

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