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  1. around 40 in the uk at the most all the pups will only go to people my breeder recomends
  2. ye that will be why i will be breeding with the bitch not sure about the male also showing and racing them both
  3. zoran is the chocolate boy debranua the grey girl
  4. iv put posts up on here about them lol
  5. there is only a few hundred left in the world
  6. Removed #3


    you would have been best of sticking with your broom stick
  7. Removed #3


    i was being polite for once
  8. Removed #3


    lady drivers lol
  9. i will sort some pics of all of them
  10. the first of our pack is 3 today happy birthday ginger
  11. i picked there names they mean gods of speed
  12. as some of you may know i have been waiting for 2 litters to born and last week they were i have picked a dark brown boy and a white girl with a mask these are true pure breed canadian eskimo pups so i think i am the only HO member with an eskimo dog . there grandad was on top gear in the artic challange both parents are top show dogs and are part of a very good race team roll on picking them up zoran is the brown on the right and debranua on the left stunning soz for poor pics as they would not stay still
  13. after a long think about this i am stepping down as 1 of the forum mods due to now working around 14+ hours a day and still running around 6-10 mile nearly every night with the dogs i dont have enough time to do all post checks etc. I would like to thank sarah,mark,dunc and jos for there help and allowing me to become a mod on this the best husky forum in the world and for letting me tease you all by changing all your avatars
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