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  1. absolute radio classic rock. get in!

  2. sleeping doofs are good doofs

  3. watching the doofs play tug of war with a plastic milk carton

  4. hi mary. long time no see,, staceybob is your lady for the wydwl harnessess.. see you soon

  5. yooo hooooo Linda, just a quick note to say i got my raffle prize safe and sound,, it is ace, many thanks and i will get someone clever to take piccies and post them up. xxx

  6. Hi there Julie, wou;dnt mind entering the doofs into the show to make up numbers but not entirely sure how i can hold all three at the same time in order to be admired lol

  7. hi there. not sure if i'll br able to make sat. its our weekend to have step daughter and its her birthday tomorrow so i would imagine him indoors will have plans for us :( will confirm and get back to you if thats ok

  8. party at ours this sat birthday bbq

  9. Derrr! shows how much i take notice of things. i voted once and never since (till now) cos i didnt realise you could vote again the next day sorry lol
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