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My sweet girl

Reverend Wolf

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So this is my BEAUTIFUL girl.. 


Her name is Timber.  She will be 4 years old this summer and we rescued her as a pup so she's been with us almost her whole life.  She is pretty well behaved, a little crazy, but extremely loveable.  For most of the huskies I've known, she seems tiny but while I assume she's mixed with some Sheppard, I think there might also be a smaller breed in there somewhere.  Maybe Chihuahua with her long straight tail and big ole ears.  LOL.  Unfortunately, we sold our house last year because the market was just too strong and we needed to upgrade anyways, so for the time being we're in an apartment until the market self corrects.  We have pretty great walking trails here so she still gets good exercise, but she can't just run like she loves to do and I can't afford to get her "off leash" trained for the dog park we have.  During the winter we have a fenced in garden area that they let dogs run free but she doesn't run, just sniffs all the planter boxes in search of critters.  I feel like while we're all missing a house and yard but Timber most of all.  Thankfully she does seem to really enjoy our walks and is FINALLY not trying to chew her leash, but still refuses to walk loose leash and won't respond to commands so I have to yank on her leash.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated because right now my wife can't walk her as much as she pulls and the kids REALLY wish they could walk her as well.  

20210114_113159.thumb.jpg.5d245a565a32db8641275b444a5245ef.jpg20181209_172710.thumb.jpg.4b72b703f02c95de62d8fb484bb7f5a6.jpg20171206_133222.thumb.jpg.daa52d99db351e40d222b3d16e4824e7.jpgNot sure why this is upsidedown.  LOL.  but yup, she's a self proclaimed lap dog.  LOL

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Shes gorgeous   definitely looks like she's got something else in there 

Have you looked at walking belts to help with the pulling , even a non pull harness might help so long as you put the work in to help train as they should only be used short term not as a long term/permanent fix 

I used a walkyourdogwithlove non pull harness to help me train my boy 

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So did I   - unfortunately they don't work with my boys.   The thing I foundmost useful takes time  - but if I am walking Marley and he pulls  (all the time)  then I just stop and stay still until he either comes back to me or sits  - then we walk a couple of steps and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

Sometimes I will mix it up by walking in the opposite direction  - but it amounts to the same thing  - pull me and you dont go anywhere.    Eventually  he will walk (almost) without pulling.

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My wife broke down and bought one of those metal collars so she can take her for walks.  Seems to work great for her but I can't bring myself to use it because I like to let her run around occasionally, just not while walking down the road.  She still has a tendency to forget she's on a retractable leash and run out of line at full speed.  LOL  I know I shouldn't laugh but it's pretty funny when she does it.  Not sure I've ever successfully trained a dog, just owned quite a few well behaved ones that might feel the urge to sit when I asked them too.  LOL  If I had an extra $3k I might pay to get her off-leash trained because I just know she'd LOVE to run around in the big park, but I'm old enough to not be able to catch her if I can't get her to come to me willingly.  

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A basic obedience class? That's where we learned how to train "looseleash walking".
But it didn't work for us exactly the way the trainer predicted...when my dog saw/smelled something exciting, he would pull no matter what treat I was waving! 

The "we only walk when the leash is loose" game worked for us...I pretended to be playing Red Light/Green Light with my dog to keep from getting annoyed.

Another method I used was, when he forged ahead and pulled, I would just make a sharp 90-degree turn. He'd have to correct course and follow me. Of course you can't do this on a sidewalk beside a busy street, so the first method was used a lot more...

If the dog is beside you and leash is loose - act rejoiced, praise, give treats!  (Check out YouTube for "loose leash walk" training videos?)

And I think having enough exercise, in general, helps with the pulling (like being able to run flat-out somewhere, regularly...)

There are no-pull harnesses or prong collars (prongs are banned in some places?) 
( If using prong collar, need to fit it properly (high on neck, not at base) and learn to use it properly/humanely...I've never tried one, but my neighbor stopped her dog's crazy pulling when she changed him to a prong collar.)

She is pretty! Love her markings and coloring.


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