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Walking Two Huskies At The Same Time

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Now this may sound daft but are there any easy ways to do this?

I've just offered to help out a lady near me by walking her husky with Aurora as she currently has health issues and was likely to have to rehome her boy due to not being able to walk him as much as he needs.

So any tips? Best leads to use? Training methods? Advice I. General so I don't end up on my backside?

Thanks :) x

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I used to do this with my neighbor's four-month old. It's been too long ago now, though. How's Aurora on loose-leash walking? Mine walks flawlessly. But the four-month old, obviously, made it his mission to pull my arm off its socket. What I did was keep each dog on their respective sides, and not even an inch in front of me. Because the moment they got ahead, what happened was a full-on wrestling session. It's only fun when the dogs aren't on-leash, really :( keeping Dime right next to me was easy. But the other dog needed his leash wrapped around my arm six times so he won't even be able to get ahead. I came home with a numb arm every afternoon, but the worst thing about puppies is that they're so cute they get away with anything :) good luck! x

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Auroras not great tbh. She was walking perfectly but all that seems to have gone out the window since she had her first season strangely!

I was tempted to use the runs at work for them and avoid walking but realistically I won't manage it every day.

Ha already thinking I must be completely insane but also thought it would be good practice for the day I add another to the pack! x

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i use harnesses keep both right by my side. i have a 30 pounder and a 60 pounder. i cant imagine waliking 2 full size huskies. i notice mine pull way more if they havent been in a couple days because of weather. when we r walking every day its not too bad

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