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  1. Hello Everybody Just checking in as I've been away from the site for ages. Hope everybody and pups are well and behaving themselves My lot are doing ok though a little older, I mean Snowy will be 6 years old this summer, where did that go! I'm also happy to say he is now a full grown adult and does not show any signs of being a puppy anymore, only took 5 years Anyway, looking forward to catching up on old members and new alike. All the best Clare, Harry, Snowy and Maiya
  2. Is the breeder well known? Does he have papers?
  3. My lot love small dogs but all dogs are different. Ask the shelter if you can bring your dogs along to meet the husky and see how they get on.
  4. Hello I make my own dog food from meat from my butcher, plus home grown veg and rice. I give them pro biotic yogurt and powered egg shell for calcium. It works out a lot cheaper and I know exactly what they are getting. Biggest draw back is the time it takes to make as I have 2 huskies and a malamute.
  5. We had this problem with Harry, though he was older than 6 months when we rescued him. We tried 'time out' and ignoring him when he mouthed us, it helped a bit but only fully stopped once we got Snowy (4 month puppy). Snowy has never mouthed us, I think it's because he has always played rough with Harry. You have to remember huskies are pack animals and they are playing with you like they would a sibling or another dog, so they aren't being aggressive.
  6. My three have a play area of 450m2 and there is fencing of 2 metres high around it. I personally never leave them unattended, could you not surpervise whilst your dog is outside?
  7. Haven't been here in ages so thought I'd better pop in and say hello Hope everyone is well and the pooches are being good Going to have trawl through the site now and see whats what.
  8. Dave, been away from the forum for a while now and sadly this is the first thread I've read. It saddens me so much to have caught up with Eisas illness though it must pale to how you must be feeling right now. I'm struggling to find the right words to say so probably better I say nothing. Sending out a virtual hug to you and your family.
  9. Oh Dave, I wish I were close to where you are. I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling right now and what lays ahead. Sending lots of hugs X
  10. Oh Dave I've just read through this thread, I've not been around much lately. I'm so sorry for Eisa and I'm so sorry for you too. It is evident how much you love your dogs any one can see that. I really don't know what to say, I have no advice to give. Just sending lots of gentle hugs to Eisa and a great big one for you. Much love Clare, Harry, Snowy and Maiya.
  11. In much pain after biking with Harry and a rabbit ran out in front :(

    1. Emma


      Will a hot bath and some ibuprofen help?
  12. Clare70


    This is me last month when I visited my daughter in Granada, Spain
  13. Clare70


    Wow you kept that quiet Congrats
  14. Thanks Sara. I used it the other weekend when I placed my order.
  15. We are lucky to have quite a lot of land, last summer we made a secure dog run with fences of 2metres high and covering an area of 450 metres squared. My three love running around out there, loads of space to zoom and love chasing each other. However they still need their walks, Harry gets really depressed if he doesn't get out for a good old sniff, he needs new suroundings otherwise he gets bored. I used to feel guilty not letting them off lead, watching them run free and now I'm fortunate to be able to let them to do that. Sadly we don't have any off lead areas around here so we had to build our own. But for those (Rob) that don't have that option, you shouldn't feel sad. Dogs need new sights and smells, they get just as much out of a 30 minute walk in a new place as 30 minutes running around a secure park. Believe me I know from experience
  16. There are times I think about using an e collar but know I never would. I get frustrated with Snowy as after a year of training he still won't come to me unless he decides he wants too. I know with him it's going to take longer, partly because I think he's not wired up properly, though this week he is showing signs of improvement.
  17. Two of mine were already adults when we got them so didn't really have issues of toilet training, Snowy was 4 1/2 months old. None of my dogs are crate trained but we have a very large conservatory which is basically the dogs room. In the summer the door to the house from the conservatory is left open so the dogs can roam where they like though they prefer to be indoors as its cooler. Now that its winter we keep the door closed so they have to make a choice before we go to bed. The two husky boys prefer the conservatory, unless my eldest son is home from uni then they want to sleep with him. My Malamute always sleeps with me, either on my bed or next to my bed on the floor.
  18. I'm afraid I got all of my dogs as rescues, Harry was 18 months old and has orange brown eyes, they are georgeous! Snowy is a GSD x husky and we got him at 4.5 months old, his eyes haven't changed and are a deep brown colour. One day I'd luck a husky with blue eyes, watch this space
  19. That's a lovely post but I think you'll find most huskies would not respond like that and most members here would not risk letting their huskies off lead
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