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  1. Hello Everybody Just checking in as I've been away from the site for ages. Hope everybody and pups are well and behaving themselves My lot are doing ok though a little older, I mean Snowy will be 6 years old this summer, where did that go! I'm also happy to say he is now a full grown adult and does not show any signs of being a puppy anymore, only took 5 years Anyway, looking forward to catching up on old members and new alike. All the best Clare, Harry, Snowy and Maiya
  2. Is the breeder well known? Does he have papers?
  3. My lot love small dogs but all dogs are different. Ask the shelter if you can bring your dogs along to meet the husky and see how they get on.
  4. Hello I make my own dog food from meat from my butcher, plus home grown veg and rice. I give them pro biotic yogurt and powered egg shell for calcium. It works out a lot cheaper and I know exactly what they are getting. Biggest draw back is the time it takes to make as I have 2 huskies and a malamute.
  5. We had this problem with Harry, though he was older than 6 months when we rescued him. We tried 'time out' and ignoring him when he mouthed us, it helped a bit but only fully stopped once we got Snowy (4 month puppy). Snowy has never mouthed us, I think it's because he has always played rough with Harry. You have to remember huskies are pack animals and they are playing with you like they would a sibling or another dog, so they aren't being aggressive.
  6. My three have a play area of 450m2 and there is fencing of 2 metres high around it. I personally never leave them unattended, could you not surpervise whilst your dog is outside?
  7. Haven't been here in ages so thought I'd better pop in and say hello Hope everyone is well and the pooches are being good Going to have trawl through the site now and see whats what.
  8. Hello, look forward to the pics
  9. Was dry and sunny until just after xmas, been pouring down since! Seems to have dried up a bit now and with that comes the really cold weather
  10. Hello, she's so pretty. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to
  11. Hello! One of mine is called Snowy
  12. Happy New Year to everyone! Here are a few pics of the dogs, family and me
  13. Oh that poor baby, at 7 years of age it's just not right to be pulled from pillar to post! I do hope who ever has her now gives her a proper home and all the love she deserves.
  14. Oh wow, I didn't realise you had given up too, I meant from a weight loss point of view Good luck to you both X
  15. I nodded off just before the end, typical!
  16. Well done! Maybe take some inspiration from your wife, that is one strong headed lady
  17. Hello and welcome. He is such a beautiful pup
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