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    Hi! I'm Liv, a first-time husky owner from Indonesia. I am "mommy" to a rescued male husky called Diamond. He's my first and only dog, so I still got a lot to learn. I joined H-O in 2010 when I first got Diamond, and have loved this place ever since.
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    Literary, music, different languages and animals; dogs, especially.

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  1. I see! I apologize for that and I do see it from your point of view. On that note, let's agree to disagree.
  2. Yes, and no one's blaming you for doing that. I was putting your opinion to contest, not telling you to not say anything. You are free to argue back as long as we keep it civil. Please keep in mind that this is not about who's right and who's wrong. I'm going to drop this now. I apologize if I've offended you. I really only care about the dogs' well being.
  3. I'm not focusing on just Huskies. It's like that for every dog with a high prey drive. I'm not telling you how to raise your dog, honey, it's your choice. But at the same time, I disagree with you telling this new member that as long as you train in a secure area he/she will be fine. That's not true. Like you said, the gamble is still there. This member has the right to know that *no matter what he does*, said gamble will always, always be there. Your post was hinting that if he does certain things then all bets are off. That aside, please consider taking a step back and see the forest ins
  4. I hate to snap back, but no amount of training can ever overcome instinct. Your dog is only 16 months old. The gamble is still on until the day she passed on. There is no "you should be fine, we've always been". The question is still on for you too: do you want to find out?
  5. I'd just hug him see, Benjamin? Send Bigby to me instead!
  6. Aw okay I had the impression that they're past due so I was like EEEK!
  7. That's a bit worrying IMO how long have they been past due?
  8. LOL that would be "he's constantly laying around" but then again I don't know how to take action shots!
  9. 100 days and counting x RIP True Blue x

    1. Emma


      RIP True Blue. xxx

  10. Nobody makes good movies anymore, I see.

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