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  1. So, my wonderful Husky family, as the title suggests this will be my last post before i go off to get married. Its been a bit of a stressful time over the last few weeks what with my job (i got a new one by the way!), my step daughter (she's hopefully moving back to her mothers once we are back from honeymoon), having to change the honeymoon from Tunisia to Morocco (nothing to say about that other than bloody terrorist!) and the rest of the wedding shenanigans (including the fact that my dress still isn't ready!) but i am feeling calm and happy and i am very much looking forward to the big day. Funny thing is that the OH is now having a panic because he's suddenly realised that its only a few days away, its quite funny actually! Anyhoo, i will wish you all very well until i'm back on 18th - stay safe hoomans and pooches and i'll see you all on the other side
  2. 10 days until the big day....

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    2. Carly


      i know, we finalised everything with the venue yesterday so there's nothing more i can do there....and we collect my dress on saturday (thats been a nightmare in itself as it was supposed to be ready last week!) and then thats it....soooooo excited! xxxx

    3. goingsolo


      I will be away on the big day so offline. Remeber to breathe and enjoy the day, you will look fab and I look forward to seeing photos when im back xxxxx congratulations and I hope you are as happy as we are xxxxxxxx

    4. Carly


      thank you Tina, your words are much appreciate they really are! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Same as Emma, although Holly has two padlocks (yep, 1 doesn't hold her!) on hers as she can open the locks and gain freedom (she chewed the zip ties off!)....last time this happened the house was trashed (upstairs and down) she wreaked a load of my wedding stationary and she ate 2 whole bags of both human and doggies chocolates, suffice to say, she was a pretty poorly pooch!
  4. So sorry for your loss, RIP dear Eisa
  5. 2 weeks to go.......

  6. Congratulations and Good Luck!!!! x
  7. I know what you mean about people matey, it's just horrid how some people can be, she is just super though isn't she? After all that and still just wants to love everyone.....
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3196971/Horrifically-abused-discarded-pit-bull-HALF-face-wags-tail-nonstop-loves-people-s-loving-new-life.html
  9. wow she is sooooooooo cute!
  10. Hello and welcome Congratulations on your new arrival and good on you for rescuing him, he looks lovely!
  11. Watching a White Fang with Skye

    1. Emma


      Ooh! What channel is it on?

    2. Carly


      Channel 5 matey :)

    3. Emma


      Thank you. Xxx

  12. Carly

    rip Cilla

    So sad, also only just heard....loved Cilla....RIP Ginge!
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