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  1. It's not even sunset yet here I'm sad LOL Happy 2016 folks let's make the best that we can out of this year
  2. Oh is that so? I thought people apply for a specific dog and then they'll figure out if you're a good fit. If not you get rejected. edit: and most rescues don't see apartments as the best living space too =\
  3. Which is why I so want another LOL can't decide if my next rescue should be a Husky or a non Husky. Technically once Dime comes over if I have the time and $, I'd have room for a second. That being said it felt sorta intimidating to approach a breed-specific rescue being a college student living in an apartment. Felt like I'm gonna get rejected right away
  4. Aaww he's adorable! Love how he looks a lot more confident on the "today" pic
  5. Diamond could care less never heard of this before TBH
  6. mydiamond


    That's interesting. So basically don't say the command unless you know the dog is attentive?
  7. mydiamond


    Can you explain why you believe you're not allowed to repeat the command? With mine, I keep an eye on whether or not he's listening. If he's obviously not focused then I'll happily repeat myself. Why not? He didn't hear the first one anyway. If he's listening and focused but not doing what I say, his understanding of the command is off and must be re-worked from scratch. If he's listening but obviously not in the mood to do tricks... Well, I have homework anyway LOL I'm not saying I guarantee 100% your dog will never have flawless consistency in performing commands. I just want you to know where to set your expectations because you can't change a breed trait that being said each individual is different. If you want him to pay more attention outdoors, though, carry high-value treats or his favorite squeaky toy (if he's toy-motivated).
  8. I was promised rain and got snow. Not happy about it as I have to take the bus to the post office 15 minutes drive away. Technically anyway. The bus that goes to the post office only comes by every half an hour! Try sitting in a bus stop for 30 minutes under subzero temperatures
  9. Can somebody edit my post I misspelled "facilitate" and it bugs me to no end LOL and yeah... I can't really leave now as I need to update my foster's forever home on how he's doing, but once the fish leaves I would too.
  10. mydiamond


    Looks like Nix and Jaimie got you covered on the training tips. So I'll just say this: be aware that this breed is not like any other. There is good chance that he will never sit whenever you say "sit", or come back when called. They're highly independent and almost too smart for their own good. They're unlikely to do things just because you tell them to. Unless there's a very good (edible) reason why!
  11. I don't mind the fact that they're giant TBH we've had giant breeds since forever. But I do wish they'd keep these dogs for the original breeders only. The public can barely be trusted... and that's putting it nicely ._.
  12. I wonder if we can make a list of terms that we often use within conversation with fellow Husky owners. I do believe that each community has their own set of lexicon that may or may not puzzle the ones that just joined, so let's see what do we have feel free to add to the list, too! "Mals" or "Mal" : Alaskan Malamute. I imagine it means "Belgian Malinois" in another community! AKK: Alaskan Klee Kai Coat : the dog's fur, not the one you need in winter! TOTW/TOW: Taste of The Wild, a popular grain-free food brand WYDWL: Walk Your Dog With Love is a brand name of a front-leading harness which helps with loose leash walking Kong: officially called "the classic Kong" by the company. It refers to the cone-shaped chew toy we fill with treats. If it's another product I find that we often say it's Kong something instead of just Kong. Wooly: one of the three Husky coat types. This one is fluffy, soft and lacking in guard hair Withers: the dog's shoulder blades Muzzle: the dog's snout. Within context may also be an actual muzzle. Parti: a parti eye is when one eye is split into two colors in any ratio. It is not unique to the Husky breed. Spitz: the Spitz dog breed group includes all dogs with erect triangular ears, conic muzzle in medium length and curled tail. Run: if somebody says they want to "run" their dogs, it means they're looking to train their dog to go scootering, bikejoring or mushing Recall: refers to training a dog to come back when called Husky-proof: the act of making a crate/back yard/house/anything Fort Knox enough so the dog won't be able to escape. Again.
  13. That's interesting, and that dog right there is definitely gorgeous. But I guess my question is why do they need this dog? If their one and only goal is to create a dog that looks like an extinct species, then what sort of purpose would this dog serve? If the answer is "IDK", then which breed's behavioral traits will they inherit? Is it the strong guarding instinct from their GSD side, or the tendency to same-sex aggression on the Malamute side, or... you get the idea. The list goes on. Keep in mind that all the dogs we have today are designed to fulfill a certain purpose back when they were first "created". That is why each breed needs a different set of training, and suits different kinds of people. I understand that "preserving the sheer beauty of the dire wolf" is good enough of an excuse to breed, but they must remember that they're planning to throw these dogs into people's homes. I wonder if they give that much thought? How will these dire wolf look-a-likes act as a pet?
  14. Sometimes I forgot that I practically grew up in H-O, which clouded my judgment towards internet forums in general. I have always told people if you're unsure about something, there should be a forum for that. But sometimes I forgot that not all forums are as great as ours. Sometimes I forgot that the online world is full of mean, mean people saying mean, mean things. Sometimes I forgot. When we join forums such as this one, the rule doesn't state you must be an expert. The rule will never state how many years of experience you need to hit that sign up button. The whole point of forums is to facilitate discussions so everyone can learn something new everyday - seasoned hobbyists and newbies alike. Sometimes we would have an opinion that we always thought to be true. But apparently once we throw it in people say it's inaccurate. That's fine, there's no harm in discussing it. And then there's the learning part again. But when someone gets a full-blown "wherever did you get that from?!" to a piece of information they threw into the discussion, nobody's learning anything. When the seasoned members threw thinly-veiled snide remarks to the new members because they apparently don't have a good grip on the forum rules just yet (what happened to clear communication?), nobody's learning anything. I joined this forum to learn. I join many others with the same intention. Nobody joins a forum to be yelled at for not being an expert. No forum should be yelling at people for not being an expert. Everyone should learn something new as they go, no matter how experienced or knowledgeable they are. But apparently, in most forums out there, you're not allowed to learn as you go. You either walk in a completely clueless noob, or an expert that is unable to say anything wrong. If you're in the middle, apparently, people will yell at you until you fit into one of either extremes. I never minded being corrected. That's how I learn. But there is no need to be mean about it either =\ end of rant.
  15. It's completely normal. Don't worry you'll get there. I suppose clickers are more consistent of a sound so dogs would learn better that way. With praises even the same word can be said many different ways in tone, volume or just pronunciation
  16. And you would not see results until a while! Training takes time, it's not gonna happen in one day
  17. Full recovery is what I'm aiming for alright! Judging by bone structure on his tail and what was left of his dorsal and anal fins, this boy was once a looker. There's a promise of a well-structured fish with a perfect half circle caudal hidden somewhere behind this paper thin body swimming in front of me right now. My question is, will he ever be one again?
  18. Hey there. I feel your pain, you're totally not the only one on this. So firstly, when you say you have looked up "countless methods", does it mean you tried all of them? Then that's probably why he's not learning. He needs one consistent method that gets enforced the exact same way each time. Secondly, have you tried a non-pull (front-leading) harness, semi-slips or any of those tools yet? Training is best, but a tool to fast-forward things never hurt either good luck! edit: I don't know how people feel about this but I actually don't praise for loose-leash walking. The dog is probably way too focused on that bush over there to notice anyway. Plus, when you sound excited, he'd pick up on that. Some trainings, IMHO, doesn't need verbal or edible rewards. The walk itself should be the reward.
  19. Actually, I'd say they're all done growing at 2. Feel free to venture for longer if you like mine gets a 60-minute in the morning, 45-minute in the afternoon and if the weather allows another 30-minute in the evening.
  20. Good news, Merah found a home! now to make him healthy enough to travel! And don't even get me started on pet stores I don't get why they can't sell puppies and kittens but totally allowed to sell parakeets, guinea pigs, fishes and all the other critters. Even the most caring store can't possibly care for 25+ new animals that come in the door each week - on top of the ones they already have!
  21. Never heard of that brand TBH but with a combo of flea bath, house disinfection and advantage you should be all set
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