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Huskies Off Lead

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I agree Paul, when we got Luna she was six and had lived in a town all her life and latterly I don’t think she was walked much. Her owner said that of the two huskies she had she would trust Luna more to come back when called than her brother Zeus. I was very careful with her for months, I had been letting her off, round here there are sheep in the winter months but in the spring they go back to the hill farms. I started to walk alongside the brook by our house, Luna was off lead as she had been and then suddenly she was gone. I got to the fields, I could see her in the distance but she took no notice of me at all.

I followed her across 3 big fields, shouting like a loon, totally ignored me, she stopped to sniff a couple of times but kept going until she came to a fence, on the other side were sheep, lambs, cows and calves, I’ve never been so frightened in all my life. She didn’t seem able to get through the fence, she went and had a look at the gate, then from one side of the field a farm hand appeared and stood in front of her on the other side of the fence. I was almost hysterical by then. She made no attempt to get over the fence and she wasn’t looking as though she was desperate to get in but I know if there’d been a gap she would have been through it, the stock would have bolted and she would have chased them. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, the farmhand just said did she run off and I said yes, we were the other side of the brook.

You learn a very object lesson when something like that happens, it’s not an experience I ever want to repeat.

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I read recently that Huskies put the "H" in Houdini.



I beleive it.

I have a trolly between two trees in the pen, and my FIRST husky was on the trolly for 17 of his 18 years. I only let him off it very reluctantly.


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